Monday 13 October 2008

A Visit to Masjid Kota Damansara Exposes Khir Toyo is a Sickening Liar

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"Tulang Besi"

The Proven Liar

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to perform my Friday prayers at the Masjid Kota Damansara.

As I was entering the Masjid, I passed by the Masjid’s notice board. Normally Masjids’s notice boards are filled with advertisements of programs and events in the particular masjid.

But, this one notice board was posting something more special.

It contains the newspaper clippings and police reports pertaining to the recent controversy of Azan which lead to the arrest of Teresa Kok under ISA.

One newspaper clipping shows the statement of Datuk Khir Toyo from the Utusan Malaysia dated 09/09/2008 entitled "Ada Pihak Cuba Halang Laungan Azan".

To sum up the statement, basically Khir Toyo says that DAP has begun to take the upper hands with regards to limiting the practice of Islam in Selangor. He also says that PKR is not strong enough to resist DAP and PAS has chosen to remain silent. He cited the example protest to Azan in Puchong and Kota Damansara.

In another newspaper clipping contains statement from the “Nazir” of the Masjid of Kota Damansara. His name is Ustaz Hasan Basri.

Hasan is quoted as saying that there has been no instructions coming from anyone to stop Masjid Kota Damansara to use their PA system. What has happened is that the new PA system was stuck by lightning and they had to operate for a few days without using a PA system.

There is also a copy of police report from Hasan Basri denying any form of interference from any party in the practice of Islam in Masjid Kota Damansara

Later after the prayer I ran into an old friend of mine. I came up to him and deliberately ask him:

“Why did the Masjid committee bowed to Teresa Kok’s demand and stopped using the PA system”
My friend, name M, grinned and said:

“It’s Khir Toyo that’s supposed to be arrested under ISA and not Teresa Kok.

I am a member of the Masjid committee and I can assure you that Teresa is innocent."

M is an Islamist and he wears “kopiah” (skullcap) all the time. His wife wears “tudung” and he is one of those that is easily categorized as an Islamist.

If only the Non Muslims in this country can see M utter the words above, I can assure you that any fears against PAS will be wiped out.

On my way back home, I thought to myself, as long as it is UMNO, it’s always a lie. I recalled a former UMNO man telling me that:

“ Even if an UMNO man tells you that “God is one”, don’t believe him. Not because the statement is wrong, but because the person uttering it is an UMNO man.”

Tulang Besi


Pluboy2 said...

It's always UMNO. When is it not been UMNO?

Like it well said, dont believe an UMNO man.

Anonymous said...

Khir Toyo is a sickening liar...... frankly he is very,very very desperate and frustrated. Just imagine his comrades in Parliament enjoying themselves here and there chatting away so very happily. He is a total loss to society, stirring up racial issues for his own shit agenda.

He must prepare himself for a RM100million suit against him by the person he has accused in this issue... " Azan " !

This is we called " Hykofluturn ".