Wednesday 22 October 2008

UMNO Leaders Elected Based on Financial Greed of UMNO Supporters

What It Takes to be an UMNO Leader
at Grassroot and National Levels

According to a report by Star, UMNO supreme council member Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said Umno must admit it has a problem with money politics and if left to fester, the party might as well hand posts to the highest bidder.

He said,
“It would be just better for Umno to have a tender system so that anyone who contributes the highest amount can be a leader.”
Rais, who has so far obtained only six nominations, also lamented that the party was now “in the clutches of corporate personnel and businessmen,” judging from its culture of money politics.

Rais Yatim said he had been asked to pay for votes in the upcoming contest for top posts, and warned that money politics would destroy the party.

Rais, who is Foreign Minister said "the majority" of Umno members were more interested in making money out of the election than in voting for the right person.

"The majority of Umno people want to look for money and not for good leaders," said Rais, a member of Umno's Supreme Council who is vying for the vice-presidency.

"We have been approached under the cloak of assistance and cloak of contribution. (But) I'm not a player so you don't see my marks going up very high. If you want to be a good player, you have to say yes (to vote-buying)," he told reporters.

Rais, who has been with Umno for over 33 years, said the problem of money politics within the ruling party should be eradicated or it "will surely kill the party."

"If Umno cannot curb this practice, Umno's future is done for because this has been (talked about) for the past two decades and it has not been curbed," he said.

In July, Umno asked the country's anti-corruption agency to help it battle vote-buying ahead of the heated battle for top leadership positions in the party.

On whether he would lodge a police report on his allegations of money politics, Rais said he could not as he did not have enough evidence of such wrongdoing.


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Even at "cawangan level" money changed hands in thousands. UMNO members who can effort to depart with such an amount, no matter whether he is a good or bad leader he will be "ketua cawangan" in the end.

This money culture cultivated by UMNO will never end.

Remember how money played an important part that denied Mahathir from being a "perwakilan" for his Bahagian?

For that matter,the candidate that obtains the highest number of nominations doesnt mean he will be guaranteed of victory, coz, during the AGM millions of RM will be floating around in vote buying.

So Mukhriz, beware, though you might obtained the highest number of nominations for Ketua Pemuda, the so called underdog SIL (son-in-law) might edge you for the post, by the power of the RINGGIT.

Lets money politics destroy UMNO for good..........


Yap Chong Yee said...

YB Rais Yatim ! Tell us something that we do not already know. That said, the respone of Rais is in every way sour grapes.

On three sides of the Barisan National (forget Gerakan, they do not exist anymore)The Malays(UMNO), the Chinese (MCA) and the Indians (MIC)deserves those who control the party aparatus. On all three sides of this bogus cabal, those who lead the aparatus are no more than political charletans and frauds. These so called leaders of the Barisan control the parties honey pots. UMNO has a Rm.2 billion ringgit KASANA AND MCA has another Rm.1.5 ringgit honey pot. Every one of those who led Barisan Component parties has their hands in these honey pots. In the financial meltdown, I believe one of the Mahatir children lost something like 500 million ringgit and the son of Ling Liong Sik lost another 500 million pinggit. Where do these people get their money, PRINT THEM OR WHAT ?

UMNO perpetuates their iron death grip on power and they are dutifully support by MCA and MIC leaders of both parties licking the shit off the boots of UMNO. 50 years eating UMNO shit and we can expect this new crop of MCA so called leaders who will do the same for money, STILL LICKING THE SAME SHIT OFF THE BOOTS OF UMNO !

Year 2008 is the year that will save Malaysia for their citizens or go bust ! This is the first time in all of 50 years when politics in Malaysia can be salveged from the shit hole. There is a duty for MCA to join Pakatan and form govenment. I say to all those charletans in MCA that in politics there is no such thing as LOYALTY. You go with the alliance that will do the best for your constituents; and it does not matter if it is not UMNO. 50 years of licking the boots of UMNO and what are the Chinese in Malaysia other than being 2nd class Malaysians ? Pendatangs dogs of UMNO. Do you in the MCA not have any self worth ?


Anonymous said...

... it's citizens like you, Yap Chong Yee, that keeps Malaysians on edge... sadly, despite your observations, you're rather immature and have nothing constructive to comment... you comments reflect that you really have nothing substantial to contribute at all... if all Malaysians think the way you do, then our country is certainly doomed.... God-forbid....

Anonymous said...

I fully support Yap Chong Yee's comments about YB Rais Yatim. He is truly a sour grape. He doesn't know what he is actually doing in this world of ours. Have you ever really noticed and observed how he speaks to the Press.......? He makes me real sick.

He has made his millions and why now complain about others. They are in the same boat.

To these people....Power is Money and Money is Power.

Yap Chong Yee said...

Hello my friend ! Why is asking the MCA to do what is to the majority of Malaysians THE RIGHT THING immature ? It is because the majourity had rejected UMNO that the reality of March 8 had happened.

Do you dispute the reality that Chinese have been marginalised for all of these 50 years since independance ? Do you dispute the reality that Chinese are 2nd class "PENDATANG" and live in Malaysian at sufference ? Do you disagree that the national resources of Malaysia are mainly channeled to the Malays ? Do you disagree that at the time of independance (1957) there were 5 million Chinese and 6 million Malays, and that today there still just a mere 5 million Chinese and 22 million Malays ? Do you disagree that these differences in the natural growth of Chinese and Malay component of Malaysian society is the reflection of the increase in outward migration of the Chinese component to Singapore, Australia, UK, USA Canada etc tec ?

Do you disagree that the student population of Malaysian Universities reflect the UNJUST DENIAL OF PLACES TO THE CHINESE ?

WHAT HAS THE MCA DONE IN ALL THESE 50 YEARS AS A SO CALLED MAJOUR COMPONENT OF THE BN ? Where is the gain for the Chinese in Malaysia for supporting the MCA and for the MCA for licking the shit off the boots of UMNO ?

At least Dato Seri Anwar has openly and with courage and conviction declared that he will VOID THE NEP and that a fairer policy for the advancement of all Malaysians and that since the Malays are the ones that best need assisstance, the majourity of Malays will receive government largess. The Chinese have no problem with this formula because assistance is given on a needs basis and the poor need more help than those who already have too much as members of UMNO are already blessed by the crony politics of Malaysia.

I say to my brothers and sisters in the MCA not to allow the leadership of the MCA apparatus to hijeck the control of the party. I call on the general membership of MCA to put your strength in numbers to pro-actively debate the non merits of further remaining in the Barisan National. Force the MCA to leave the BN and join Pakatan and force change for the betterment of future of your children.

Anonymous said...

MCA is a real hypocrite......behind the backs of UMNO, every member is voicing out their grievances but the moment they face quiet as a sick mouse. In chinese we say.......bohlanpachi........

Are they willing to give up the comfort zone and be with the real Bangsa Malaysia ? Definitely not....they are enjoying themselves and trying to make as much as they can before the next government takes over and it will be very soon.

As for comments posted by "anonymous-23 October 07:57, have you contributed anything besides giving your opinions on the comments made by Yap Chong Yee.

At least he is "brave" enough to sign off as his name rather than your "anonymous"..... the only advice that can be given to you is... go fly kites and f #@#k spiders.

Anonymous said...

I 100% agree with yap chong yee about his comments on Malaysian Chinese. I am one of those talented & intelligent malaysian chinese working & living in Singapore. There are thousands of gifted malaysian chinese in overseas due to the corrupted NEP & quota system. They were denied their educational opportunities for further studies in M'sia. M'sia will be lagging behind thailand, indonesia, vietnam & other 3rd world countries in the next 5 to 10 years. I don't see any future in M'sia unless Anwar is the PM in the next few years.