Monday 24 November 2008

National Fatwa Council Ticked Off by Selangor Sultan on Issuing Fatwas Without Clearing with Council of Malay Rulers

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Before banning Muslims from performing yoga, the National Fatwa Council should have first consulted the country's nine hereditary sultans who are considered upholders of Islam here, Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah said Monday.

The Agong is seen as the supreme upholder of Malay tradition and symbolic head of Islam, while the sultans occupy that position in their own respective states.

The unprecedented comment bordering on rebuke by Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah exposes the deep divisions caused by the Fatwa Council's edict in this Muslim-majority country against yoga, a form of Indian exercise, breathing technique and mind control popular worldwide.

It is the first time that a Fatwa Council's decision has been criticized by a state sultan — a sign that the country's Malay Muslims, who are 60 percent of the 27 million population, have not accepted the fatwa uniformly.

The Selangor Sultan said he hopes "that in future, any fatwa decision that touches on issues involving the general public should be referred to the Conference of Rulers to be approved first before it is announced. This is to ensure that the process of channeling the fatwa decision is implemented wisely to avoid any confusion and controversy. "

The National Fatwa Council headed by Abdul Shukor Hj Husin said Saturday that yoga is rooted in Hinduism and its practice could corrupt Muslims. The edict angered many ordinary Muslims who said they have been performing yoga for years without losing their faith.Decisions by the Fatwa Council are not legally binding on the country's Muslims until they are enshrined in national laws or Shariah laws of individual states.

The fatwa on yoga reflects the growing influence of conservative Islam in Malaysia, a multiethnic country where minority ethnic Chinese and mostly Hindu ethnic Indians have been clamoring for more rights.

Recently, the Fatwa Council said girls who act like boys violate Islam's tenets.

The government has also occasionally made similar conservative moves, earlier this year banning the use by non-Muslims of the word "Allah," the Arabic word for God.


Anonymous said...

Not at all surprising. When you endow some people with some authority, they would think they have absolute authority. And they do not even exercise this authority with any sense of wisdom. More so on issues like spending public funds, religion and skin colour. Especially in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Melayu apa ni??
Melayu Umno lah....
Nampaknya Melayu Umno lebih kuasa dari sultan , ingin derhaka sultan?? Balik baca rukun negara lah

..oooi Kurang ajar !
Balik baca al quran ,,,,diam diam study lah, jangan tunjuk pandai! Paham?

Anonymous said...

I think our man Abdul Shukor will not object to Belly Dancing, after all it originated according to google wikipedia from ancient upper Egypt. We should call all our Yoga center to change and start teaching Belly Dancing. And our man will be the first to joint the class.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA!!! Kena ticked off!! "Don't question the fatwa, says the Council".. what Big Chief of the Fatwa Council ?? Your Fart-Wa has been questioned. In fact questioned many many times over. One thing for sure that is not questionable.. the sheer stupidity and glaring confirmation of low IQ of the Council. We are more than convinced and will not question that fact.
Action only..telling us not to question. Now nothing to say.

Anonymous said...

Oh ma gawd! This Fatwa chap wears a neck tie - surely it's haram, an ancient Chinese invention during Emperor Shih Huan Ti's era!! Also known to be a phallic symbol in modern times..!

Anonymous said... this country. Always focus on not important things only. Where is our piority? How to progress when you guys always talk about religion, religion,religion. Hai..ya.. without religion life still goes on la. m\Maybe less problem.

Anonymous said...

Fuckwa oooi Fuckwa:
Pakai songkok tunjuk alim
Haramkan Yoga begitu zalim
Kononnya demi kepentingan muslim
Matalamatnya UMNO jadi supreme

Haram sini dan haram sana
Berbadan manusia berotak unta
Yoga bukan tersangkut apa apa
Hanya Fuckwa yang bawa bencana

Fuckwa semakin hari semakin gila
Malukan Malaysia hancurkan sejahtera
Rakyat Malaysia mula bijaksana
Berstau hati menolak Fuckwa

Anak Malaysia cinta rukun negara
Taat setia kepada raja dan negara
Kini Nampak Fuckwa makin derhaka
Rakyat bersatu Fuckwa binasa

Anonymous said...

another hijack attempt by overzeolous FatWat body I pity more on muslim particularly muslim women who just got robbed off their fundamental human right in the process of upholding an religion-politic agenda .Liberal Malay please stand up for your right and voice up .We do not need taliban to rule our mind and soul without no costs!!

Anonymous said...

Fuckwa suka main jilat jilat
Jilat selatan hingga utara
Haram Yoga suatu Muslihat
Fuckwa sendiri tak kenal dosa

Jilat Umno macam ice cream
Haram Yoga Fuckwa naik steam
Pak Lah jelas di mainstream
Fuckwa malu hingga jatuh steam

Abdul Shukor Nak jadi pahlawan
Haram Yoga rakyat mula kesedaran
Fuckwa dihentam jadi macam haiwan
Telor hilang Shukor jadi pondan

Mana pigi oooi shukor?
Malu sudah kena cukor??
Mufti Perlis sudah tegur
Muka hilang sembunyi ekor!

Anonymous said...

Bebawak lah mengucap..... taubat... belajar isi kandungan al-quran... kalau sakit jantung rujuk pd doktor jantung... kalu sakit pinggang rujuk pada doktor sakit pinggang.... kalau hukum agama maka kene rujuk kepada yg arif tengang agama.... oleh itu lebih baik diam dari kamu komen apa yg kamu tidak fahammmmmmmm.............. mengerti.... baca quran x guna kalau x faham maksud......