Sunday 30 November 2008

"Ketuanan Melayu" is a Myth Concocted by UMNO and Has Become a Sick Joke Among Malaysians

Read here the offending article "Syed Hamid: Bukan 'jenaka yang boleh dipermainkan'" in Mingguan Malaysia

The Umno-owned Mingguan Malaysia (the weekend paper of Utusan Malaysia ) ran a banner headline (30 November) with the words "Do not question" (Ketuanan Melayu).

Umno leaders (particularly Home Affairs Minister, Syed Hamid Albar, a wannabe-Malay but who is essentially of Arab descent ) said Ketuanan Melayu was not a joke to be taken lightly in reference to a comment by MCA Deputy President Dr Chua Soi Lek. Read here for more in Malaysian Insider . Mingguan Malaysia reported:

"...Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar menegaskan....bahawa perkara berkaitan ketuanan Melayu bukanlah 'jenaka yang boleh dipermainkan'...."

We say to Utusan Malaysia and to UMNO, "Why NOT ?"

  1. Firstly, the phrase or the very idea of Ketuanan Melayu does not exist in the Federal Constitution, and thus has no legal standing or force.

  2. Secondly, Ketuanan Melayu is a blatant racist concept that has no moral justification to be injected into the national psyche. It goes against basic human sensibilities and an affront to our decency as citizens of a multiracial society. The concept of Ketuanan Melayu is synonymous with the abhorrent and rejected concept of APARTHEID (a separatist structure based on the supremacy of the whites over the blacks of South Africa).

  3. Thirdly, Ketuanan Melayu is NOT an Islamic concept, and totally out of sync with the teachings of Islam. As a matter of fact, it is un-Islamic for the Malays, as Muslims, to claim RACIAL supremacy. The "Ummah" has NO racial divide. Thus it is hypocritical for the UMNO ultra-Malays, while at the same time to claim themselves as Muslims, to propagate this morally offensive myth.

  4. Fourthly, Ketuanan Melayu was never devised as a constitutional mandate for the Council of Malay Rulers. The protection of Islam and the the Malays' special position under the Constitution have nothing to do with UMNO's racial supremacist ideology wrapped in the Ketuanan Melayu myth. Any attempt by UMNO ultra-Malays to link Ketuanan Melayu myth to the role and function of the Malay Rulers and the Agung, as the royal heads of state for citizens of all races, is political mischief and a direct insult to the respected status of the Malay Rulers.

  5. Fifthly, never in the history of the great Malay race in this region has this arrogant idea of Ketuanan Melayu embedded in its culture. It was never part of the refined culture of the Malays, then and now. Certainly it has NO place in the Malay culture. No decent Malay individual in the country today, in his/her heart of hearts would even countenance such a culturally arrogant and offensive idea.

    What Malaysians are finding it absurd (and surprising to ethnic Malays and other Non-Malays) is that this harping of Ketuanan Melayu comes from someone in UMNO of Arab descent such as the Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar, as well as some UMNO Indian Muslims, such as the former Bukit Bendera UMNO Division Chief Ahmad Ismail, who, claiming to be a Malay, subscribe to this racist Ketuanan Melayu idea.


    Indian Muslim-descent from India

  6. Sixthly, Ketuanan Melayu is a political gimmick created and propagated by UMNO to hem in the Malay populace so as to remain in power at all costs. A myth concocted by the UMNO-ultra Malays during the years of the Mahathir regime when UMNO thought it is the one and only saviour of the Malay race in Malaysia.

There is nothing in the concocted myth of Ketuanan Melayu that is sacrosanct and thus it is par for the course for Malaysians to have discussions in the public domain. What it means is that UMNO ultra-Malays simply have to deal with their own emotions and come to terms with their self-inflicted sensitivities if they cannot handle the debate/discussions on the worthlessness of Ketuanan Melayu to the general wellbeing of the Malay community and to the social fabric of our nation. As they say, "Go sulk in your own little corner."

Thus, it is within every right of Malaysians to question Ketuanan Melayu since it is a concocted myth by UMNO to enhance its negative racial politics to divide and rule multi-racial Malaysians.

We re-emphasise our view: Ketuanan Melayu is a mirage created by UMNO that is devoid of any factual basis, and without any legal, moral or religious standing. It should rightly be treated very lightly, or better still, as one of UMNO's many sick jokes to hoodwink the Malays and other Malaysians.

No amount of intimidation or threats by Utusan Malaysia or UMNO leaders will prevent rationally-minded Malay, Chinese or Indian Malaysians to debate or even question the concocted myth of Ketuanan Melayu of UMNO.

Kelantan Menteri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat had said Islam was a religion above race, so it was wrong to identify Malays with Islam as there were also Chinese and Indian who were Muslims. It was for this reason, he said, that he disagreed with the Ketuanan Melayu (Malay supremacy) ideology because in Islam there was NO emphasis on race. Read here for more

We DO NOT normally subscribe to the politics of MCA, but in this case, we agree fully with the views of MCA Deputy President Chua Soi Lek.

We share the same view as Dr. Chua Soi Lek that , firstly, Malaysians of all races have generally accepted Malay political leadership but that does not mean acceptance of the obnoxious supremacist idea of Ketuanan Melayu. Secondly, the ruling parties in Government should focus on NATIONAL issues NOT RACIAL ISSUES.

The problem today in the country is the entrenched tendency of this UMNO-Government to have public funds and services sorted by column headings of Malay, Chinese, Indian,Ibans, Dayaks, etc.

The MCA President Ong Tee Keat has shown he is a spineless and a self-indulgent leader in not supporting his Deputy President when the latter is being harassed unfairly by UMNO and the Mingguan Malaysia paper for speaking out what most Malaysians and particularly MCA grassroot members are saying about Ketuanan Melayu.

UMNO has not learnt the lessons of March 8 election, nor has Ong Tee Keat fully understood the frustrations of Chinese voters against the previous MCA leadership and its dominant partner, UMNO.

We ask, why shouldn't Malaysians question UMNO's myth about Ketuanan Melayu? Why should Malaysians fear the threat and intimidation? Another UMNO-inspired riot? ISA?

Malaysians have moved on to seek a more inclusive national agenda since March 8, 2008.

We say to UMNO, STOP this crap about Ketuanan Melayu. It is a myth and YOU know that.

For as long as UMNO leaders persist on harping on Ketuanan Melayu, we and ALL decent-minded Malaysians will continue to question its existence and its worthlessness to nation-building.

Here are what Malaysians think of the myth of Ketuanan Melayu

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    Posted by GRADUAN MELAYU (1st December 2008)


    1st December 2008



    So What????

    Cina makan babi....

    Keling makan biawak........

    Catch me if U can!!!!!
    Posted by Graduan Melayu at 11:25 AM


  • "BABI PUNYA CINA!!!!!!!!! "
    Posted by Graduan Melayu at 1:05 PM Saturday, November 29, 2008 Read here

  • "Cepat...Cina keling makin kurang ajar......"
    Posted by Graduan Melayu at 3:40 PM Friday, November 28, 2008. Read here

  • Cina makan Babi.....Berak silit pakai tisu....Melayu bangsat lap muka dengan tisu tu.....

    Keling makan Biawak.....Kulit hitam macam arang....Makan sirih ludah sini sana...Melayu bangsat pergi jilat ludah sirih keling tu...

    Melayu GGMM baik....Melayu bangsat tak sokong GGMM...

    Kami meluat melihat gelagat pemimpin Melayu sekarang. Bila cina dan keling kurang ajar dan mencabar Perlembagaan Persekutuan, selain dari berhimpun dan menghantar memorandum, hebat sikit kita buat laporan polis. THEN WHAT?????

    Adakah cina dan keling takut? adakah mereka menghentikan serta merta cabaran mereka terhadap bangsa Melayu??? Jawapannya TIDAK. Malah mereka mencabar lagi....dan lagi.........

    Jadi GGMM ingin memperkenalkan satu budaya baru di kalangan orang Melayu.Kita heret mereka ke mahkamah.

    Panel peguam GGMM terdiri daripada 8 orang Peguam berpengalaman dan 5 orang Pegawai Penyelidik yang 3 antaranya memiliki ijazah sarjana Undang-undang Perbandingan dan Syariah serta turut di sertai dan di sokong oleh 4 orang Pensyarah Undang-undang IPTA yang kesemuanya memiliki PhD.

    Terima kasih kepada yang telah menyumbang. Kempen RM1 seorang untuk Tabung Undang-Undang GGMM kini mencecah angka RM562.80.

    Posted by Graduan Melayu at 2:43 PM Read here GGMM RASIST Bab 2 and here


    Yap Chong Yee said...

    Are we Chinese Malaysians "all women ?" We have already lived under the UMNO yoke of political oppression and we have lost all our balls in the last 50 years because Chinese Malaysians were led by eunarchs in the MCA from the 1st days of Tun Chan Cheng Lock up til today. For the first time in all of Malaysian Chinese history we have a resolute Chinese leader who has the brains, the valour and the strength to truely lead our Chinese Malaysians to be a truely meaningful COMPONENT OF THE GOVERNMENT; although from my perspective I would have liked if all Chinese Malaysians had the courage to openly throw our support for Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim.
    Our Chinese people have been led by weak spineless WORMS IN THE MCA and since we are not able to pull all Chinese from MCA and by that association from the Barisan National, we need to throw our 100% support for this charismatic Chinese leader Dr. Chua Soi Lek. I hail Dr Chua Soi Lek as a worthy leader for the Chinese people. Our Chinese and Indian Malaysians must have the common sense to realise that we are not now merely fighting Syed Albar or Hamid but IF WE ALLOW THIS SHIT, to become malaysian culture as UMNO wants for the Malays, then we have surrendered to the evil machinations of so called Malay leaders who are only interested to entrench their power base. REMEMBER THIS BULLSHIT KETUAAN MELAYU IS MERE FICTION AND BORROWED FROM THE NAZI PARTY OF GERMANY LED BY ADOLF HITLER. The idea of this shit SOCIAL CONTRACT AND THE SUPREMACY OF THE MALAY RACE ARE BORROWED IDEAS AND ARE THE WORST MEMORY OF eUROPEAN HISTORY.
    I call on all members of the MCA to show your courage and to PUSH FOR DR CHUA SOI LEK TO OUST THIS PIECE OF SHIT ONG TEE KIAT (I HOPE I GOT HIM RIGHT). and for Dr Chua Soi Lek to become PRESIDENT OF MCA and to eventually lead the MCA to join with PAKATAN RAKYAT to take government from UMNO. Do not fear and to openly lobby for the support for Dr Chua Soi Lek, this is the only way that our next generation of Chinese Malaysians can get the shit rid of this scurge of the Chinese and oppression by UMNO, a political party that is led by so called leaders who knows shit about anything and has for 50 years brught nothing meaningful to develop Malaysia into a modern nation. Malaysia is 3rd rate and this the Malays and UMNO will sure to deny !


    Yap Chong Yee said...


    It is straight talk to say that our Chinese community have from the very early days of

    Merdeka, realised that MCA has never ever sincerely and honestly represented the interests

    of the Chinese. "Leaders" of MCA treacherously fought mostly by foul means to gain

    leadership positions for personal aggrandisement and covert by fair means and foul, mostly

    by foul means to ingratiate themselves with UMNO leaders to obtain their "Tan Sri", "Dato

    Seri", "Tunship" as badges of honour. This is how shallow our MCA so called leaders have

    sought as an end in itself. What is so distinguishing for having the priviledge to wear such

    awards, after all these awards are very often been bought. It is the lure that UMNO keeps to

    enslave all those vain Chinese charletans in MCA to do the Malays' bidding. It is not a badge

    of honour for these MCA types to have to buy these awards by SELLING OUT THEIR OWN

    CHINESE CONSTITUTENTS. This is what MCA leaders amount to, just nothing that is worth

    talking about. The extent to which these MCA miscreants stoop to for personal gain is

    pathetic. All these years, generations of Chinese have come and gone and we Chinese still

    know what MCA amounts to (anything that is less than nothing) and we let this woeful

    situations pass year after year, and yet we do nothing to stop MCA from abusing the trust

    that the Chinese members give them.

    I say that the begining of this 21st century, we Chinese must wrest back from these MCA

    crooks our right to become honourable citizens of a true Malaysia, A UNITED MALAYSIA


    MALAYS ARE EQUAL UNDER THE LAW. For too long we Chinese had been led by an MCA that

    had sold out the rights of our Malaysian citizenship as DEFINED BY THE MALAYSIAN

    CONSTITUTION. This begining of this 21st century and especially the history making March

    8th general election, we have demonstrated that our Chinese & Indian 32% of the national

    voting strength is equal if not surpassed the strength of UMNO, because for the first time in


    PERSON OF OUR BELOVED DATO SRI ANWAR IBRAHIM, leader of the opposition. This Malay

    leader is the hope of all Malaysians regardless of race or religion. This small window of

    opportunity will not be there if we do not hold it open by wresting the government from

    UMNO and we under the charismatic & visionary leadership of Dato Sri Anwar Ibrahim, HAVE

    THIS OPPORTUNITY. We must hold this wndow open by rallying behind Dato Sri Anwar.

    However, the biggest obstacle in the way of all Malaysians to realise our full citizenship rights

    and our right to full freedom according to the LAWS OF THE LAND is the meaningless

    parnership of UMNO & MCA under the umbrella of the Barisan National. I say this partnership

    is MEANINGLESS because MCA does not represent the sentiments and true interests of the

    Chinese community and MCA truely disgraces the Chinese by their slavish obsequity, MCA is

    the ARSE-LICKERS OF UMNO. I am so ashamed that MCA claims to represent our Chinese

    represent our Chinese people.
    I read an article in Malaysiakini this evening, written by a Malaysian living in Britain

    and he had suggested that Dr. Chua Soi Lek leave MCA and form another party that honestly

    represent our Chinese people; BUT IT IS MY OPINION THAT THIS WILL BE A STRATEGIC

    MISTAKE. It is more convienient and easy to wrest control of MCA legally and under the

    provisions of the constitution of the MCA party. MCA needs a strong and honest President to

    truely represent our Chinese community. We reject charletans like this Ong Tee Keat fellow

    who from his performances these months since the last elections has shown that he is an

    arsehole licker of UMNO. We reject him for good.


    that a responsible group of MCA members call an EGM to debate the issue of MCA sending to

    UMNO a resolution that MCA, representing the interests of all Malaysians demand that UMNO

    by an UMNO resolution of the UMNO Central committee, make a public apology for insulting

    the dignity of the Indians & Chinese by their insensitive and arrogant claim to entrench the

    nonsense that Malays ARE KETUAAN MELAYU. Here is an issue that will polarise the general

    membership of MCA, and tis should be the ploy to ask for a vote as to who should be the

    Leader of MCA; and by this ploy we open the issue of the election Presidency on a more

    equitable basis because whether the Chinese will or will not accept this bullshit Ketuaan

    Melayu becomes the main issue.

    I plead to our Chinese brothers & sisters not to be so spineless to be scared of that little

    KERIS BULLSHIT. Throw your whole hearted support behind Dr Chua Soi Lek. Elect him and

    support a campaign to break away from UMNO and join with Dato Sri Anwar Ibrahim.

    Anonymous said...

    To all GGGM followers., racism is an outmoded concept in the advancement of mankind. In the UK institutional racial discrimination is a punishable offence. Just think carefully. Racial supremacy died with Hitler's demise. Of course one still gets racism masked as other forms of discrimination in todays globalised societies, as in Malaysia calling it Ketuanan Melayu. Apartheid is apartheid clear and simple. We are a mere drop in the ocean of the world. 26million Malaysians in a World of 6billion. What sort of supremacy are you talking about.? Remember the movie INDEPENDENCE DAY? When all humans and nations joined together to fight the aliens? The directors did not show Malaysian airforce right? They show the Russians, Chinese, Arabs, Japanese , Brits etc where were the Supremo Malays? Zilch ! because Malaysia is insignificant. Small minded people like you take take a long hard look, walk the deserts, swim the vast oceans and contemplate what you mean. Demanding this and that in the name of race is futile. Work together with your fellow Malaysians to advance the country then we can all be proud Malaysians.

    Salam, embrace diversity

    Anonymous said...

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