Wednesday 29 April 2009

Rais Yatim: A Political Chameleon

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Chameleon: A distinctive and highly specialized clade of lizards...and the synonymous ability to change color.
- Wikipedia


Rais Yatim on the ISA, in 1995, when he was in the political wilderness :
“The ISA does NOT speak well for the future of the rule of law in Malaysia.

In fact, it is the main adversary of the rule of law.

The abolition of the ISA is imperative.”

Rais on the ISA in 2009, as Minister of Information and long out of the political wilderness, in an interview on BBC’s Hardtalk :
“The mechanism that we have under the ISA, specifically Section 8 and 73, can be challenged through the process of habeas corpus, which system is also prevalent here, and therefore, to SAY that the ISA is NOT up to the standard of humanity is WRONG.”
Oh, how THY complexion changes with THY fortunes!
-Haris Ibrahim of People's Parliament Blog

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Unknown said...

That is why he was able to be in the cabinet so long. He is the most disgusting tpyr of the human kind. He has no morals,no integrity and no principle. He just sails with the wind to nowhere.

Najib should have never retained him as a Minister' He is an old parrot confused qith his own vocabulary of words.

He is a sly fox who always know where the chicken are kept.