Friday 24 April 2009

Zaid Ibrahim to Rais Yatim: "You Wanna Have a Debate? Bring It On...Any Subject, Any Time, and Any Place !"

Read here article by Lee Wei Lian in Malaysian Insider for more

Datuk Zaid Ibrahim has picked up the gauntlet thrown down by Datuk Seri Rais Yatim today and says that he is ready to debate the new Minister of Information, Communication and Culture.

Zaid's only conditions are that Rais has to specify exactly what he wants to debate and that it has to be televised.

Zaid said:
"Yes, I will debate Rais on any subject he wants, anytime and anywhere.

But RTM must show it otherwise it is a waste of time."
Rais Yatim had challenged Zaid to a public debate over his allegations against Najib, as the former minister has been often quoted in the foreign media. Rais also accused the foreign media of trying to topple prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

"However, we must study (the situation) and if I have the chance, I want to have a debate with those trying to implicate our leader with unbecoming and nonsensical words," Rais said.

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Ramesh said...

Sudahlah Zaid Ibrahim,hang pi lah buat kerja hang!
Jangan buat kacau kat sini Mr whisky!

Seluruh rakyat tahu hang ni kaki mabuk,malahan gambar awak tengah minum arak pun dah ada dah.

Sudahlah zaid ,dulu hang kaya pun sebab BN juga !he he he he he