Saturday 5 September 2009

UMNO Leaders and their Lembu IQ : Short-Sighted or Totally Lost the Plot for Malaysia


"... Sepanjang tempoh Malaysia di bawah pemerintahan regim zalim UMNO/Perikatan dan kemudiannya UMNO/BN, berjuta billion wang rakyat dan harta negara telah samada terlepas atau dilepaskan, tergadai atau digadaikan, terjual dan dijual kepada bangsa dan negara asing.

Pemimpin UMNO dan sekutunya telah jelas memperlekeh dan meremehkan segala kepercayaan dan pengharapan yang telah disandarkan oleh rakyat kepada mereka selama ini.

  • Singapura hilang dari peta negara

  • Pulau Batu Putih diberi percuma kepada Singapura

  • Hasil balak dirompak ikut selera mereka

  • Hasil minyak dijoli ikut nafsu mereka

  • Anak-anak hilang dipandang enteng

  • Pendidikan dan perubatan diperdagangkan oleh kroni mereka

  • Rakyat dicukai, wang Rakyat mereka tibai..."Read here for more
    -"Kerajaan Rakyat"

UPDATED: 6 Sept 2009

Viva UMNO-Kepala Lembu !!



Art Harun

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The content of my stomach flew out of my mouth onto the floor after reading ( PM Najib Razak's cousin) Minister Hishamuddin's apparent defence of the cow-head demonstrators yesterday.

Before I had finished wiping it out, I was hit by another nausea inducing curve ball in the form of (Dr Mahathir's son) Dato' Mukhriz' statement supporting Minister Hishamuddin's.

  1. PM NAJIB'S "UMNO Cow-Head Champion" Cousin/Son of Tun Hussein Onn

  2. Mahathir's "Cow-Head Defender" SON

    Apparently now an offence should not be prosecuted if such prosecution might cause "further unrest". Yes folk. It is the fasting month. Quite obviously, to certain Muslims, when food and drink are not consumed, blood circulation would be affected thus preventing the supply of oxygen to the brain.

    The result is calamitous. And not to mention rumbustiously funny.

    Dato' Mukhriz must remember that when his FATHER , Tun Mahathir, charged Anwar Ibrahim for a cooked up offence circa 1997-98, 100,000 people came out on the street.

    What do you call that? Peace and tranquility? People resting? Or was that "unrest"? So, please answer this.

    Since when has an offence become un-prosecutable for fear of an unrest? No wonder that guy from Penang who called the Chinese and Indians "pendatang" was not charged. That would have caused unrest too, huh?

    I think I should speed up my invention of a talk cock eater.

    But as event would have it, while I was spraying Febreeze on my carpet - to clean out yet another puke after that statement - my stomach churned again.

    This time from Minister Hishamuddin's statement that those responsible for the cow-head demonstration should be charged in Court. I then felt faint. Everything went black.

    My head was spinning. I blacked out. Apparently I suffer from u-turn phobia.

  3. Rais Yatim, the Uncultured Minister of Information

    Read here on Rais Yatim Uncultured Behaviour at a Press Conference

    Watch Video Clip of Rais Yatim:
    Behaviour of a 67 Year old Anak Negri Sembilan with a Ph.D

    Speaking of u-turns, guys and gals, you all would remember Minister Rais' internet filter debacle. One minute he wanted to filter the internet and was driving 200 mph in his Proton Perdana to Filterville. The next minute he made a u-turn to his Excellency's usual Boringville. Of course, to the delight of all and sundry. But not after the whole world had read about the earlier decision though.

    The World - 1, Malaysia - 0.

    Then His Royal Excellent I-have-changed-my-mode Minister announced that the Black Eyed Peas concert in Malaysia was only allowed for non-Muslims. Again, Minister Yen Yen of the Tourism Ministry was so thankful for the wholly free publicity that Malaysia was having world wide.

    It looked like Ambassador Todt would be out of job soon, if our Government continues at this rate.

    The World - 2, Malaysia - 0.

    Of course, a couple of days later, when the anger caused by the first announcement had barely subsided, the decision on the BEP concert was reversed. Now Muslims can go. I thought the news page on which I read the news did not upload completely. Because I was dead sure there must be catch right?

    Like Muslims can go but shall be confined to a male and female only area on the roof of the stage or something. And they shall not dance. And Fergie must wear only batik baju kurung with a slit of not more than 2 inches in length. But no, there weren't such limitation.

    Phew.... Anyway, by this time, the World led by 3 to Malaysia 0.

    Apparently this is getting to be some sort of a tradition. This u-turning aka flip-flopping like some penguins walking on ice while wearing a diving foot wear.

    Fleep fleep. Flop. Like that. Fleep fleep fleep. Flop. You get what I mean.

    Ahah. Now His Excellent Minister Refined Rais is thinking of imposing conditions on ASTRO, contrary to the license being granted to ASTRO all these while. OSK has warned that this might have a negative impact on foreign direct investment.

    Of course it will. Who in his or her right mind would want to come and invest in Malaysia if the parameters within which his or her business is to be carried out cannot be ascertained with certainty?

    The World - 4, Malaysia - 0.

  4. Muhyiddin Yassin, the Clue-Less DPM

    Before this, of course when Teoh Beng Hock was found dead at MACC's office, our DPM quickly said there will be no Royal Commission. About 3 days later, a Royal Commission was duly established.

    The World - 5, Malaysia - 0.

    Before that there was the issue of teaching Maths and Science in Bahasa Melayu aka Bahasa Kebangsaan aka Bahasa Malaysia aka Bahasa Baku and back to Bahasa Melayu. Fleeeeeep and then flop. U-turn.

  5. Ex-Information Minister Zainuddin Mydin, Malaysia's Best Performer for Television Interviews

    Watch This Video Clip: Zainuddin Maidin's Performance in the Interview with Aljazeera when he was the Information Minister on the Bersih Rally in 2007

    But the one which stole the thunder form everything else was His Excellent ex Minister -we-have-erection-once-every-5-years Zainuddin Mydin. Singapore was "sacked" from Malaysia because of Lee Kuan Yew's Chinese-centric mantra.

    As if now, all Chinese Malaysians who are perceivably critical of the Government could be herded onto an island - ala the stray dogs in whatever pulau recently - and left to become cannibal out of hunger.

    Of course, he had to leave the best for last. Yes. Singapore apparently has a third world democracy with a developed world mentality. Malaysia on the other hand has developed world democracy but a third world mentality.

    Mr Ex Minister, a democracy, unlike sex, does not have many positions or level. Either you have it or not. You do not have a doggie style democracy, a reverse cow gal democracy or whatever.
    Just plain democracy.

    As for third world mentality, well, you can add Mad Cow disease to that as well. But it is not common among all Malaysians mind you. It only afflict some people. They know who they are.

    The World 6, Malaysia 0.

  6. Malaysia win one

    Then, yesterday, TLDM received its first ever ever ever submarine.

The World 6. 1 Malaysia.



Politicians screwing Malaysia


Farez Jinnah


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I’m a Malaysian and a Muslim, and I thoroughly endorse Jacqueline Ann Surin’s article, “What possessed the protestors?” at the Nut Graph.

So if Zulkifli Nordin-types, or tea-bagged brained politicians in UMNO or their dick wad NGO pallies disagree with this, please let it be known that you don’t f**king speak on my behalf, you bunch of sicko-psychos.

If you’re reading this, a Malaysian and a Muslim in particular, please take a stand in support of her article on your blog and or social networking page or take up a front page ad in Utusan (just to rile those f**kers up).

Her article is a damning indictment of the BN government’s lack of will power and/or belligerent attitude towards its citizens and the protection of minorities in this country.

Please take this as a step to reclaim your faith as a Muslim to say NO! to this irresponsible behaviour towards our non-Muslim brethren.

I think Najib better start explaining to the RAKYAT, what the f**k he means by 1MALAYSIA.

Because it is starting to look like the rise of Hitler’s Germany. One Race One Nation…. and it goes on and on and on…

So which is it?
  1. 1Malaysia where all differences are embraced and celebrated or

  2. 1Malaysia where everybody who is a non-Malay Muslim has to fall in line with the majority’s whims and deficiencies?
You already have the following dim bulbs….
  • a DPM who’s an idiot - yeah calling Rohaizat’s disbarment a mere parking ticket, shows what a retard he is… brother, i never knew of a parking ticket that could deprive a person of his livelihood.

  • a Home Minister who thinks he’s f**king Oprah… who the f**k is he to mediate with the cow head protesters, and step on the AG’s or the Police feet?

    As it is, damage has been done by the cow head protesters and he does no favours for himself when he tarnishes his daddy’s legacy. Please get his head checked… people who feel victimised can hold peaceful assemblies… but when you see a cows head being thrown around and spat upon…. every fibre of your being should tell you that this is soo wrong and walk away,

    BUT they didn’t… it is blood lust and the protesters should be punished for it in accordance with the law.

    By the way,I read that the following day he backtracked on his lame-o endorsement.

  • Culture Minister, who is forced to back track on everything he has said in recent days… 1st, the green dam implementation fiasco, then the Black Eyed Peas Arthur’s Day gig.

    Is he senile? Has he got Alzheimers? I want to know. A minister who says one thing and then backtracks, clearly has a fair weather brain and has no spine. so why is he still a minister?
Is this the quality that we’re getting from a 1Malaysia type cabinet?

F** k, even UMNO’s allies, the MCA and the MIC can’t do anything. They’re too busy with their internal shit to even give a f**k about current affairs affecting their electorate…

Oh I’m sorry… I forgot MIC and MCA were wiped out last 2008 elections. so, what electorate are we talking about?

So there you go…. BN doesn’t give a shit. All talk and same old bullshit.

But let’s not forget our PR folks who are committed to bungling at every opportunity they get… even the CarryOn bunch would have finished the caper in double quick time.

The PR’s biggest downfall is that they are not able to get the message out effectively. And with all the bitching in public. Hey, I ’m all for an open relationship where people talk things out. But can you take your lover’s quarrel and shove it behind closed doors, please?

Here’s an option, put your (PR) money where your mouth is:
Throw out the Zulkifli Nordin and Hassan Mohd Ali types on disciplinary grounds and let them try to be the f**king turncoats that they may be… if they do jump ship to BN or become the latest thing in vogue, an independent, and the PR governments fall…. then so be it.
Integrity is a severely underestimated quality. If you can’t keep your fellas in line how are you going to forge policy? It’s still going to be paper that I can wipe my ass with (not literally… I prefer triple ply).

What you politicians have to say arises from a responsibility to this country and ALL its citizens. don’t F** k with it.

If the UMNO led BN Goverment (what a mouthful that was) doesn’t want to go after their own trouble makers and ne’er do wells, what credibility and respect can this UMNO led BN Government expect to get?

Oh… I guess that’s why BN has always subscribed to rule by law because it’s likely they don’t have the brains to understand how to govern by rule of law.

So I raise my glass of (pick your poison), and congratulate Ms Jaqueline Ann Surin for sticking it to the man.

Until next time… kill the lights and pray you don’t see daylight….. or you could just fight to get it back again.


Anonymous said... least he CAN ...once every 5 years....i...i...aku lansung tak boleh laa.....HELP !!

Anonymous said...

All these cartoon characters with their VVIP credentials asll lead UMNO to self-destruct, sooner rather than later. When the House comes tumbling down, the rest of MCA, MIC and Gerakan are goners too. Did I read somewhere the word 'Barisan' shall only be in small print in the footnote in the annals of Malaysian history?