Monday 7 July 2008

Bloggers Fed Up? That's Irrelevant in the Pursuance for the Truth.

We Say,

The truth of the allegations made in the public domain must be pursued, whatever it takes. Because we owe it to the public and to our readers.

The fact that some bloggers are fed-up, especially past and present journalists who turned into bloggers, should not distract our pursuit of the truth.

We believe there is a subtle move by the powers-that-be and their cohorts (read the BN Government) to deliberately set the media agenda aimed at degrading these allegations to reach the lowest of point of disgust in public perception.

By doing so, these issues, albeit embarassing to the politicians themselves, are taken off the front pages in the mainstream media and in the web-pages of the blogosphere.

Should we be surprised then to see the mainstream media (notably The Star) quick to quote extensively these bloggers who said they are "fed-up".

In our view, these few bloggers do not represent the consensus view of the majority of the blogging fraternity. If at all, the Malaysian blogging fraternity is NOT a club, or even a structured entity where they will be influenced or led by the opinions and views of a few bloggers.

We ask, are some of our highly respected bloggers compromised by being too close to the powers-that-be?

Where and when it deems necessary, WE here will continue to pursue for the truth to be told, however sickening the issues are. And our decision is strictly in the public interest, even if these issues may not be in the national interest.

Yes,there are issues that justify self-censorship by bloggers. But, definitely, these latest ones do NOT qualify self-censorship by the blogging fraternity.

Having said that, we do agree that the onus falls on our political leaders, especially those charged with running the country and managing the affairs of government, to spend more time governing than mudslinging.

The ball is with the political leaders to show an example on how to behave civilly and with the expected decorum. We bloggers will only respond accordingly.

We are NOT fed-up; not yet, by any stretch.
-Malaysian Unplug

The Fed-Up Malaysian Bloggers

From Wong Chun Wai: "I think the majority of us are pretty sick and tired over the events of the past few days. There is only so much lies one can take. We should not let ourselves to be used, or led to believe to anything, by these power crazy politicians."

From Rocky Bru Blog: "I do solemnly and sincerely join Marina and my blogging bros in declaring meluat (utter disgust) at politicians and their machais who are taking Malaysian politics and Malaysians down into the pits of shame in the name of their own glory. "

From RantingsbyMM: "I don't know about you guys but I really can't keep up anymore with what's happening. With all these endless statutory declarations, police report after police report, statements hither and thither, I can't get any of it straight anymore....I have a life to lead....So I think I will just go on strike. ... "

From Straight Talk Blog: "I share Wong Chun Wai, Marina Mahathir and other's call to "to post their disgust at our politicians and ignore all these press statements, press conferences and their lies, excuses and explanations for the next 24 hours."


From "Zorro-Unmasked" Blog: Read here for more


Now this is another reason that is increasing my aversion towards the STAR. It yawned:

" Simply fed-up: Malaysians have had enough of political bickering."

Who are the Malaysians who are fed-up?

How many percent of Malaysians are fed-up? If Wong C W is fed-up, I don't remember us (maybe the MCA) appointing him to represent us Malaysians.

Consider this audacity: ...And even bloggers are getting sick of all the shenanigans - and are laying off politics for a while.

Good on them. But Rocky and Marina do not represent bloggers.

Or have I been missing something I am not privy some special invite to DPM "meet the bloggers" do recently.

I met both last night and we are on talking fact I spent much of the waiting time at the Sentul Police Station hearing Rocky out on his dilemma. I even told him: "What go on strike, time to strike when the iron is hot. But I understand my friend.....he must have been bitten by some bugs, besides the current flu bug. "

Take a rest, my friend, and come back with guns blazing.....we need the space, especially CYBERSPACE to keep the lawn clean. Cyberspace have cleaned up some cobwebs, mopped the unclean floor and threw out the dirty politicians with the dirty water, basin and all. But there is still dirt.

We can't dismiss this. If we do not do the mopping and the mowing, the dirt piles. You figure the NST, Utusan and the Star will do this?

Fat shit.....opppss.... chance.

It is easier they sweep the dirt under you know where.....and praying that it biodegrades! .....or will be conveniently forgotten whilst they plan the next scene.

And since we are on the subject of dirt....I read this online after I came back this evening from Kelana Jaya Stadium:

Malaysian politics was degenerating to a level of being dirty with the opposition using slander and statutory declaration to achieve their political objectives, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said today

I wonder WHO started this backside SD?

Let's continue a bit more on this:

The Deputy Prime Minister said the opposition was inclined to make fools of the rule of law and politicise cases currently being tried in court to change people's perception towards government leaders.

And how swiftly P Balasubramaniam retracted his 1st SD? Where is that poor sod nobody knows. Ain't that unclean? Ain't that making fools of the rule of law? Now the poor sod's whereabout "should change people's perception towards government leaders," ahemmmmm

Some more from Najib:

"Secondly, the rule of law is very important. Don't we talk about law of the jungle and so on but we ourselves are not practising it"

Is a clue given here Bala is jungle trekking with his family?

Last byte;(pun purposely purported): Najib said slander was not something new in politics but the information technology era has enabled slander to spread wider and quicker.

Sir, the last time I was cruelly reminded that we are on some hi-tech super highway in byteland. As for the word "slander" it all depends on who defines what as slander.

Malaysians are fed-up with so many things are engineered, fabricated and manipulated by our annointed.

Why so?

  • From People's Parliament Blog: Read here for more and HERE

  • Blogger strike? No, so let’s get it on

    "..SD1 and SD2 reminds me of the events of 1998.

    We were not found wanting, and so we did nothing, and in the comfort of our own little world, we fashioned our justifications for doing nothing, without any thought for the have-nots who were just too busy trying to make it through the day to give a thought to what was happening.

    What did we do then, in 1998? I’m ashamed to say I did nothing.

    Because we looked away. I can never undo the sin of my silence.All I can do is to never go that way again. To never look away again.

    Yesterday, this blog carried a hard-hitting post. I would like to move on from that post, please.

    We have a nation to take back and to govern.

  • From Readers on People's Parliament: Read here for more

    1. ....As far as I’m concerned, she hasn’t been writing much on the issue of politics for quite some time now. Not when her dad was in the news, and not when his arch-nemesis was in the news. Which would mean, since GE2008.

      She says she has more important things to do, and so do I. Studying full-time and working part-time to pay off my loan is not easy, let no one tell you otherwise. But I always thought the country and society are that much more important too. Or maybe I’m wrong.

      Maybe Marina, I’m not so pissed-off about. She has a different kind of life. But (Star's) Wong Chun Wai’s being fed-up and wanting to go on strike is what I don’t get. He’s the chief editor of a newspaper. How can HE go on strike? That’s his JOB! Or supposed to be anyway. His newspaper is not even doing news justice.

    2. Marina is a hypocrite! There I said it. The list she had published in the Star the other day confirms it. What was she doing when dear old dad was screwing around in the cookie jar ? To talk only now…Phew..hypocrite… There I said at again!

    3. If she never rant before, she’s ranting now!

    4. Dear Marina (daughter of Mahathir) can go on a permanent strike for all we care because your rantings does not in any way contribute to a better Malaysia.

      You are just a mouthpiece of your evil old man,nothing more and nothing less.Like you,we too,have a life to lead,albeit with much much less fanfare.So you see,we won’t miss you,Marina.

      As for Wong Chun Wai’s strike,it does not matter too,since we are boycotting the MSM anyway.

      What I found rather disturbing however,is Rocky Bru’s stand.These days he seems to be on the other side(the dark side?)

      Hope he will come to his senses soon and do what he has to do.Thank God we still have bloggers like Haris,Helen,Zorro and Susan to count on.Thanks again for not giving up so easily!!!

    5. I can see the slant in both Rocky and Marina M. They did not come out hard when DSAI was fixed up with a sodomy charge. Only when the cards were turned against DPM Najib, both were prepared to go on strike.

      What hypocrisy!!!

    6. I’ve always felt a certain weirdness reading Rantings by MM. And lemme be very honest. Recently I tend to feel the same when reading Rocky’s Bru. Of all political blogs, the Number 1, if u ask me to vote, would certainly goes to RPK’s Malaysia Today.

      And as sad i am as it’s been down for days, i have come to appreciate The People’s Parliment as a potential blog that worths my Number 1 vote. And honestly, to Helen, Haris and all the readers of the blog, thanks for being there while Malaysia Today got injured.

      As to Rocky’s Bru, bro, if you’re reading this, again i am asking the same question: What’s been the reason behind the change? You have a new strategies to make Malaysia a better place? You’ve grown tired of fighting for what you’ve believed in? Or you’ve simply gotten too busy with all the tasks and responsibilities which’re accompanied by your getting popular and all?

      It’s sad.

      Thank god there’s still Haris Ibrahim’s People’s Parliment. Keep up the good work guys! And as what i’ve always told RPK before, let your favorite music energize your strengths! Fight on for your loved ones. And i honestly hope all good Malaysians are amongst your loved ones!

    7. One swallow does not make a summer.Three bloggers (Rocky, Marina and Wong) do not make a “Blogger Strike”.

    8. Marina and Wong Chun Wai can go on strike forever and I don’t give a damn bout them. Heck, I hope they stop writing altogether because the things they write can sound so hypocrite at times. Somemore these rhino skin fellas have the guts to call for strike. Like the saying goes, can’t stand the heat, get out from the kitchen.

    9. Of course she can’t be bothered ’bout all this ruckus going on. Not when she’s living the good life and travels around in a steel bird. She’ll be bothered plenty when she has to take maggi mee every morning for breakfast and travel around on a steel horse sucking in carbon monoxide.

    10. She can criticise Nazri, AAB, Zainuddin…..but never her own father who is responsible for the mess we are in now, starting with the resignation of Tunku Abdul Rahman and the appointment of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is all Mahathir’s doing.

      Mahathir Bapa Hipokrit, Marina Anak Hipokrit…… And both of them have the audacity to talk about what is right and what is wrong. It’s time both just shut their Gap once and for all.

    11. The three — Marina, Rocky, and Wong Chun Wai — sounds like lembik spoilt brats who are unable to handle or take in the symptoms of the massive mess and rot of Malaysia’s political system. Either that, or they are unwilling to see that the current system is in a mess and accept that it has been cooking on slow boil towards this point since the Mahathir era. After all, Najib, Muhammad Muhammad Taib, and all these people alleged with corruption were maintained by whom else than Mahathir?

    12. Talk is cheap for one who doesnt have to face the hard sturggles in life as the normal rakyat miskin for the past 22-25 years. If Marina anak perumpuan Mahatir is truly honest, she should have criticised her own bapa who during his past caused so much pain to innocent rakyat.

      (Quote) MARINA’S RANT: “… I can’t get any of it straight anymore. Who did what to whom? Who has been plotting to do what to whom? Who hates who, who loves who? Sorry, I don’t know anymore. I’d rather watch CSI frankly …”

      Cant believe she’s that clueless, could you?

    13. It’s okay, Marina, don’t blog. What’s the point of blogging when what you post in cyberspace is confined to non-daddy issues? You know and we know he has been the cause of much ruination in this country! When you tar other government leaders but say nothing about your own dad’s misdeeds, that shows selective amnesia and cowardice. Some have called it hypocrisy.

      Go enjoy your travels and please, you can well afford those clothes in the boutiques so don’t tell us otherwise.

      It’s okay, Wong Chun Wai, don’t blog. What’s the point of blogging when what you post in cyberspace is so different from what’s in the paper you lead. You know and we know your paper has been the cause of much ruination in this country because it has lied, concealed, intimidated and propagandised for its masters and spearheaded information designed to cause mistrust among races, fear and yes, hardship to Pakatan state governments. When you tar Pakatan leaders but say nothing about your own masters’ misdeeds, that shows selective amnesia, cowardice, diabolical hypocrisy and probably a very seared conscience.

      Go enjoy your strike and do us a favour by making it a permanent one.

      It’s okay, Rocky, don’t blog. You’ve taken a detour for reasons of your own. When you come back, may it be to a Rocky we once used to know and who we would want to continue to respect.

    14. Being the daughter of the corrupted mamak who was the root cause of the present situation when he squandered the billions of the petro ringgit as if it was his personal bank, she would have no monetary troubles at all.

      If she really goes on strike, all the better. At least we have one silly blogger less. She writes as if she is the only housewife and mother who has to care for the family.

      What about the mothers who make up the majority of the rakyat who find it extremely difficult to make ends meet with their meagre salary and the present inflation?

      It is better for her to do a thorough research to find out who raped our country for 22years and caused the miscarriage of justice for the benefit of a select few.

      Then by all means, GO ON A STRIKE.

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