Thursday 3 July 2008

How Could They Do THIS in a Hospital in New York?

Watch this Video.... It Makes Your Heart Sick !!!!

Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, New York

The hospital even FALSIFIED the medical report about her condition.

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SHOCKING surveillance camera footage shows a woman collapsing and dying on a hospital emergency room floor and then lying FOR AN HOUR while staff walk past.

The video shows 49-year-old Esmin Green keeling forward in a psychiatric emergency room in Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, New York, where she was admitted to treat agitation and psychosis on June 19.

Green is shown clutching at her stomach, thrashing on the floor before lying face-first on the tiled floor with her upper body lodged in the corner space between two sets of chairs.

Two other patients move around the room, security guards walk past and one even stares at Green for about 20 seconds but the woman is left prone until one of the patients gets help after about an hour has elapsed.

Jamaica-born Green, who was taken to emergency for “agitation”, is seen keeling over at 5.32am, according the video’s time stamp.

She is still lying on the floor at 5.53am (20 minutes later) when a security guard comes over and looks at her for around 20 seconds before walking off.

Green then thrashes about on the floor, rolls onto her back, and at 6.08am, she stops moving altogether. A security guard pushes his chair into view at 6.10am and stares at Green, before moving away.

Finally a female patient notices Green and resuscitation equipment is called.

Hospital records say that at 6am Green was “awake, up and about, went to the bathroom”. At 6.20, she was supposedly “sitting quietly in [the] waiting room”.

The two security guards and four other hospital staff have been fired over the incident.

The video is being used as evidence by lawyers suing the hospital for neglect and the alleged abuse of mental health patients.

The lawsuit will also allege that staff have FALSIFIED medical charts to cover up their inaction because during a period that Green is seen thrashing on the floor, her medical chart claims she was "awake, up and about, went to the bathroom", New York's Daily News reports.

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