Tuesday 25 August 2009

UPDATED: The Malaysian Hypocrites Trying to Protect Islam

ISLAM does NOT need protection by PAS or UMNO members.

But PAS and UMNO members need to be protected BY Islam so that they DON'T disgrace Islam and they DON'T become "kurang ajar" Muslims.

PAS and UMNO members do NOT have the MONOPOLY of truth of Islam. They are nothing more than "interpreters" of Islam to suit their own political agenda and personal greed.

Will the Real PAS Please Stand Up!


Art Harun


For a political party which calls itself Parti Islam Se-Malaysia, PAS is surely one hell of a chameleonic creature.

To say that PAS is pragmatist would be an abuse of that term. In fact, to say that it is chameleon in nature would tantamount to introducing a new specie to that family of lizard.

PAS' real nature is more like the Lernaean Hydra, the fearsome water serpent with NINE heads.

This is a party which is so full of itself.
  • It is filled with people who believe that Islam needs their help and assistance all the time.

  • With people who believe that God is so meek and weak that He needs defending by them.
But the strange thing is this. When situation suits them, these very same people would embrace liberalism and would dance on the same dance floor with the likes of DAP and Anwar Ibrahim's PKR. Not only that, it would have no qualm in entering into a pact - a binding promise the breach of which, in Islam, is a sinful act - with PKR and DAP in order to form a political alliance for the general election. And they would sing liberalism all the way to various state legislative assemblies and even the Parliament.

Well, it is hard for a tiger to lose its stripes. Deep inside and within, PAS is still PAS. History would show that they have jumped in and out of the UMNO bandwagon for the sake of nothing more than political aspirations and desires. It is almost a vehicle for political expediency.

UMNO knows this. Hence the unity government gambit. What if UMNO says to PAS, come and join us and you would get this and that? And a part of this and that is the widening of the Islamist fundamentalism net in Malaysia?

  1. Would PAS refuse?

  2. Would PAS, as is often in the past, fall again to UMNO's seduction?

  3. Would the defenders of Islam in PAS be willing to ditch its own partners - to and with whom PAS is bound through a promise and a pact - and forsake its liberalism song and dance?

  4. Would the temptation prove too strong for these beacon of piety and goodness?
PAS' actions in current days seem to suggest that these defenders of Islam are ready to change tune. In fact, PAS' TRUE colours are showing.

On August the 10th, Zaid Ibrahim announced a start-up common agenda and platform for the three political parties which make up the Pakatan Rakyat. PAS of course is one of them. He started by saying:

"Pakatan Rakyat must firstly unite all Malaysians. We must revive the dreams of Tunku Abdul Rahman and other independence leaders."

Then he went on to say that the PR will establish non-discrimination laws. He said:
"Pakatan must reject the practice of discrimination."
The best was this:
“A Pakatan Rakyat government must be free and not instill fear in the public. It must have an open attitude and accept criticisms. This can only be done by establishing a free and democratic government."
Lofty aspirations indeed.
  • A government which would not instill fear in the public.

  • The establishment of a free and democratic government. I would venture to say that that would entail a government which would protect fundamental liberties of its people.

  • A government which would not stand over the shoulders of its people like some self righteous big brothers, ready to pounce at a whiff of what it perceives as a wrongful and immoral act of its people.

  • A government which respects its people and their choice regardless of whether such choice runs contrary or repugnant to its personal beliefs and practices.
Lofty. And as far as PAS is concerned, unreal too.

And as far as these very Islamic party - who would have no qualm in agreeing to anything as long as it furthers its political agenda - is concerned, these are just words which may be twisted, liberally interpreted and even forgotten when the situation necessitates.

After all, what is so important about promises and pacts when there are other more pressing matters, such as the caning of a woman and the concert by a harmless group called Michael Learns To Rock (to call this group a rock group is in fact an insult to any true blue Mat and Minah Rock!) as well as the policing of the moral of the Muslims in Selangor, which require urgent its attention.

To hell with DAP and PKR. To hell with the pact, promise and common platform of Zaid Ibrahim.

Islam needs defending. And moral needs policing.

Can PAS be trusted? Or is PAS too chameleonic so as to render any attempt at profiling its true political stance and intentions futile?

Will the real PAS please stand up.
-Art Harun

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Projek UMNO Untuk Selamatkan Umat Islam

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The following pictures are about the launch of ‘Misi Tawan Selangor’ by the UMNO-based ‘Bloggers Patriot’ to ‘Save the Muslims (Selamatkan Umat Islam)’.

UMNO members want to save Islam in Selangor from the infidel pagan idol-worshipping Chinese.

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The Federal Territories Islamic Religious Department's (Jawi) enforcement officers found liable by Court for Insulting the Modesty of Maslinda Ishak

Read here for more by Raja Petra Kamarudin


NST reported: The government has to pay RM100,000 in damages to a former guest relations officer as it was vicariously liable for the act of a Rela member who took a picture of her relieving herself in a lorry.

In allowing the appeal by Maslinda Ishak, the Court of Appeal yesterday said the respondents -- the director-general of Rela, the Federal Territories Islamic Religious Department's (Jawi) enforcement officers and the government -- were jointly and severally liable.

On Sept 11 last year, the High Court ordered Mohamad Tahir Osman to pay Maslinda RM100,000 for his conduct in taking the picture six years ago. Judge Datuk Tengku Maimun Tuan Mat said what Tahir did was outside the scope of his duty and he did it purely on his own accord. Therefore, he was wholly responsible for his action on Maslinda, 32, now a dental nurse, which had injured her emotionally.

The incident happened after Maslinda and several colleagues were arrested by Jawi enforcement officers and Rela members during a raid at Kelab De Vegas, Jalan Imbi, here about 11.30pm on March 21, 2003.

After the arrest, they were led into a lorry. At 12.50am, when the vehicle was in Jalan Jejaka 5, Taman Maluri, Cheras, Maslinda asked to go to the toilet but her request was denied. Instead, Maslinda was told to relieve herself inside the lorry. She did exactly that, shielded by a scarf held by her friends, but Tahir then came, pushed her friends away and took her photograph with his camera.

Maslinda brought a RM5 million suit in damages against Tahir, the Rela director-general, Jawi and government.

Actually there was more that did not surface in the court hearing. The Rela officer proposed that if Maslinda were prepared to have sex with him then he would let her go. If not, then they would charge her for the ‘crime’ of working in a place that sells liquor.

Maslinda of course refused and because of that they subjected her to a photography session where she was made to pose in various sexy positions while they photographed her -- sort of like what they do in girlie magazines.

This was an operation headed by the RELIGIOUS AUTHORITIES to arrest all those Muslims working in places that serve liquor. They also got the Rela people involved so that they had enough manpower to conduct the arrests. So it is an operation that was conducted in the name of Islam.

Therefore, photographing the women naked while taking a pee and demanding sex in exchange for getting released smears Islam and gives Islam a bad name. People who did not know any better would think that this is what Islam is all about.

The (UMNO-led) government decided that my article insulted Islam rather than insulted those government officers who hide behind Islam to do their perverted and evil deeds. And, for my crime of ‘insulting Islam’, the Minister, Syed Hamid Albar, detained me without trial under the Internal Security Act and sent me to Kamunting.

There are many Malays who are of the opinion that I am jahil (ignorant) about Islam and that I should be rehabilitated so that my soul can be saved and I can go to heaven. They are adamant that I must go to heaven and they are bent on making sure that I do go to heaven. The only trouble is they do not even know whether they are going to heaven, yet they are so bloody concerned about whether I am going to heaven or not.

Actually, they are very confident that they are going to heaven. That is why they are more concerned about my fate and not worried about their own fate.

I am still accused of insulting Islam. What is important, though, is that justice has finally been served to that very lovely girl named Maslinda Ishak who was wronged by the government.

She may have been a GRO but she was doing an honest job and should not have been photographed naked and asked to consent to sex to secure her release.

And, most important of all, those officers working for the religious department should not have used Islam to satisfy their perverted sexual needs. That is what I whacked. I never whacked Islam.

And I will never stop whacking Muslims who give Islam a bad name. These are the real enemies of Islam, not the Jews. In fact, with the ‘good’ job that the Muslims are doing, the Jews need not do anything. All they need to do is sit back and watch Muslims destroy Islam.
-Raja Petra Kamarudin

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