Sunday 9 August 2009

Free Oxford Advice to PAS: Get Out of Pakatan Rakyat Coalition

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Khairy’s Latest Advice to PAS: Quit disrespectful Pakatan Rakyat

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Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin challenged PAS to quit the opposition pact as PAS was no longer respected by its coalition partners.

H said the opposition pact lacked the spirit of camaraderie and also showed that it did not respect PAS' contribution.

For instance, he said, in Penang, PAS' sole representative was not given any place in the state executive council line up.

He said that if the DAP-led Penang government still refused to give PAS any position, PAS should pull out of the Pakatan Rakyat pact.

Khairy said,
"I challenge PAS to demand that the party be given a place in the (Penang) executive council. I want to see just how far PAS is committed to the pact.

We want to see if PAS is willing to sacrifice its honour.

The situation is different in Barisan Nasional (BN) where component members are given places in the cabinet despite winning only a small number of seats."
He also said that the latest development in Selangor and Penang showed that PAS was not respected by its Pakatan partners.

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin. said,
" By my estimate, Pakatan Rakyat coalition will be history in a year or two. I doubt they will be able to sustain the coalition till the next general election.

I had seen the cracks from early on. They (the components) are unable to agree on many things, which is having a very negative effect on the people.PR is merely a loose coalition unlike the BN, which has an effective constitution and practise collective responsibility. " Read here for more

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Khairy Jamaluddin dan Khir Toyo
: Pemimpin UMNO Dua Kali Lima


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What does Khairy Jamaluddin and Khir Toyo have in common?

Quite a bit it seems.
  1. The stench of corruption follows them from the Umno Youth leadership election

  2. Both of them at different times tried to fashion themselves as inclusive with a Malaysian agenda.

    Khairy tried to resurrect his tattered image after the dismal Election 2008 and Khir’s attempt after losing Selangor in the same polls.

    And Khir even said that the New Economic Policy (NEP) should be reviewed – taboo for any self-respecting Malay nationalist politician.

  3. Both share a penchant for similar tactics, as evinced by events this past week especially with regards to the beer dispute in Selangor.

  4. Both believe that Umno’s only way to the top is by driving a wedge between Pakatan Rakyat allies, exploiting issues and differences to weaken the rival coalition in the age-old “Who is badder, not who is better?” game.

  5. They don’t care about reinventing the Malay nationalist party and turning it into a party which can provide refuge and comfort for all Malaysians.

For the people in PAS, it is far more important to focus on fighting corruption, defending human rights, defending their faith from real rather than imagined threats and promoting good governance, values which all faiths share.

Perhaps these issues are just too tough for Khairy and Khir Toyo .

And these guys are the future of Malaysia, or at least Umno.

How sad.
-Malaysian Insider

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novice101 said...

PAS, now that Khairy has given you his advice, please seek out the leaders of MIC, MCA, Gerakan, PPP and the other component parties in the BN and ask them how respectful Umno has been to them.

If Umno has been respectful to their partners all this while, Perkataan Raya would have seen it day at all!

Khairy is giving serious challenge to Khir Toyo for the position of 'TOP JESTER' in Umno's court.