Monday 10 August 2009

It is TIME for Voters and Pakatan Supporters to Teach PAKATAN RAKYAT POLITICIANS a Lesson: DON'T Campaign and Vote for Them

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".. We (the voters) need to teach (Pakatan Rakyat) politicians a lesson.

Pakatan Rakyat must be given a tight slap on the face.

THIS NATION does NOT belong to just the MALAYS.

THIS NATION does NOT belong to just the MUSLIMS

THIS NATION belongs to
ALL Malaysians of various ethnicities and religious persuasions.

It boggles the mind that PAS is losing the plot and is NO longer in touch with REALITY.

Has PAS forgotten its own rallying call? ‘PAS untuk semua’ (PAS for all) is the party’s rallying call.

The keyword is
"SEMUA" meaning all, NOT ‘PAS untuk Muslim sahaja’ (PAS only for Muslims).

PAS made it the last general election not purely because of the Muslim vote.

The states, other than Kelantan, which the opposition won, were Kedah, Perak, Selangor and Penang. These, except for Kedah, are not Muslim majority states.

So it is NOT the Muslim vote that gave the opposition its victory, even in Kedah.

There appears to be another thing that
PAS has forgotten. In fact, all the seven parties appear to have forgotten this as well. And this is The People’s Declaration (Deklarasi Rakyat) which the seven parties endorsed in the run-up to the 8 March 2008 general election.

Just BEFORE the general election they all enthusiastically endorsed
The People’s Declaration. Immediately AFTER the general election they conveniently FORGOT the Declaration that they signed.

PAS CANNOT tell DAP whether it wants Ronnie in the EXCO -- which is a sort of state cabinet -- or not. That is DAP’s choice, not the choice of PAS.

In fact, most of us do NOT want
Hassan Ali in the Selangor EXCO because from way back we have suspected him of being an Umno mole, a Trojan Horse of sorts, whose mission is to create chaos in the opposition. But as long as PAS wants him then we will have to hold our tongue and accept the decision of PAS. We do not demand that PAS drops him.

Victory did not come easy on 8 March 2008. I wasted more than half my life to see what we saw in March 2008. And now they expect us to just sit back and watch them undo everything through their arrogance, ego, short sightedness, lust for power, selfishness, and self-centred and narrow-minded political agenda.

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PAS's Ambiguous POLICY on Islam:

Is PAS Leaders' Defence of Islam = UMNO's Defence of Ketuanan Melayu ?

Pertahanan Islam oleh Pemimpin PAS sama dengan Pertahanan Ketuanan Melayu Oleh UMNO ?



(1) Taliban-like PAS Politicians

PAS Selangor Commissioner Hassan Ali (also UMNO's Trojan Horse in Selangor) : PAS State Assemblyman for Gombak Setia (N 17) Selangor


Selangor PAS Commissioner/ADUN Gombak Setia HASSAN ALI wants to BAN Beer in Selangor and sought to expel fellow Selangor Pakatan Rakyat Exco member, Ronnie Liu. Read here and here for more.

Selangor PAS Commissioner Hassan Ali was among the PAS top leaders involved in SECRET TALKS last year with Umno leaders after last year’s general election. Most of PAS grassroots members were kept in the dark of the secret talks. During their secret negotiation, UMNO dangled the carrot to Hassan Ali to be appointed Selangor Mentri Besar in a BN-led Selangor Govt.Read here for more

(2) UMNO-Lovers in PAS

Read here and here and here and here and here for more

(3) Self-Appointed Allah's Representative in Federal Parliament from PKR

Read here for m0re and Here ( " Open Letter to Zulkifli Noordin Resign !" from Umran Kadir)

These are the words of PKR MP from Kulim-Bandar Baru, Zulkifli Noordin.

  • "For me, Islam comes FIRST. "

  • " (I am)a Muslim FIRST, a Member of Parliament, SECOND."

  • " We Muslims have been tolerant enough all this while, for so many years we have been asked, forced to live under the law that is not Islam. We have been forced."

  • "If you don’t hear from us at 10am, you should all storm the building." (At the Bar Council Forum protest)
The Pakatan Rakyat coalition, which is already beset with problems, was dealt another blow when PKR's Kulim MP Zulkifli Noordin lambasted Loke for 'attacking' Muslim scholar Dr Mohd Ridhuan Tee. Read here for more


We Need to Teach Politicians a Lesson. Pakatan Rakyat Politicians, That Is


Haris Ibrahim

Excerpts: Read here for more in People's Parliament

On 4th February, 2008, in The People’s Voice & The People’s Declaration” post, this is what I wrote :
“Malaysia belongs to her people.

You and I and every person for whom this country is home.

Every indicator is that we will be going to the polls very soon.

Soon we will be hearing all kinds of promises from politicians out to get our vote.

Tell them that this time round things are going to be different.

Tell them that we the People, have found our Voice.

Tell them that they must heed our Voice.

Tell them that we, the People, have charted the direction we wish to take our country.

Tell them that if they wish to have our mandate, they must abide by the People’s Declaration”.

On 23rd February, 2008, the three Pakatan Rakyat parties (PKR, PAS, DAP) , together with three other non-BN parties formally indorsed our People’s Declaration.

You can read about that HERE.

Then 8th March, 2008 happened and BN politicians were at the receiving end of a lesson many, politicians and rakyat alike, thought was not possible.

Loss of a long-held 2/3 majority in Parliament.And the loss of another four state governments.

It didn’t stop there.

Permatang Pauh, Kuala Terengganu, Bukit Gantang, Bukit Selambau and Penanti. Again and again, BN felt the wrath of the voters.

Has BN learnt anything?Doesn’t look like it.

Has Pakatan Rakyat learnt anything from this? Doesn’t look like it too.
- Haris Ibrahim


Anonymous said...

If that's how u feel about PAS, why not u start a petition to ousted PAS from PAKATAN RAKYAT!!!

Don't just menyalak action just talk only

Yong said...

Kalau masing-masing perasan diri tu bagus sangat, tak payah duduk dalam Pakatan Rakyat dan jadilah parti pembangkang selamanya.

Yang paling teruk ialah pemimpin yang pekak tapi pandai merapu.