Monday 7 May 2007

MUST READ ! : Open Letter to Tun Dr. Mahathir on Anwar's Case

From "Lady Jane": Reader on "Malaysia-Today": Read here

This open-letter was posted by a "Lady Jane" in the conversation column (marked 07/05 01:54:54) for the thread in Malaysia-Today entitled "Tun Dr. Mahathir asks to change weak leaders". Read here .

It is reposted here as the information provided seemed to indicate the writer has "inside knowledge" of the issues surrounding the sacking and the arrest of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim for sodomy charges.
- "Malaysian Unplug"

To: All (Tun Dr.) Mahathir fans, please pass this message to Tun Dr. Mahathir.

Dear (Tun Dr.) Mahathir;

You said you are convinced that (Datuk Seri) Anwar (Ibrahim) did something unacceptable...?

Tun, deep in your heart, you know that the case against Anwar has nothing to do with sodomy.

Your belief (is) based on your interview with Azizan. No medical check-up was done and you know during the court trial, all the conflicting evidence came out.

You should also know that,that night when you saw Azizan in Sri Perdana, Azizan was driven to your house by a SB officer. He was under tremendous presure.

You should recall when Anwar issue was discussed in MKT meeting, you suggest that Anwar should be charge for womanising. This suggestion was flatly rejected by Rafidah. She said if we charge Anwar for womanising, then half of the MKT members should be charged on the same offence. She suggested we should look at charging hin for sodomy.

For your information, all the GRO girls who confessed to Musa that Anwar slept with in Nalla apartment, was arranged by Samy Vellu, through his Gangster friend, Maniam.

You also must remember, when Anwar was charged for sodomy,he went to the mosque in Johor and swore in the name of ALLAH that he did NOT do it.

You called for an emergency meeting of MKT in your office.

Time 5pm. When the meeting started you said: "Habislah kita, kerana Anwar telah bersumpah di mesjid yang ia tidak lakukan sodomy"

Then Tan Sri Wan Mokhtar said: "Jangan takut, sumpah Anwar tak boleh pakai kerana ia tak sah, ia tak ikut peraturan bersumpah di masjid"

To you,(Tun Dr.) Mahathir and to Tan Sri Wan Mukhtar, ini satu fitnah yang besar and as a Muslim, you are answerable to Allah.

You know very well, (Tun Dr.)Mahathir, during the trial, all the witnesses were under tremendous pressure by Musa (and) by Ghani Pathil. They were coaxed to lie in court.

SB chief Syed Awang is still alive. Dato Amir is still alive. Go and ask them.

Tan Sri Rahim, the IGP, had asked someone to pass a message to Anwar that he should settle whatever political difference with Mahathir.

Tan Sri Rahim knew that Mahathir is about to use police to go after Anwar. Exactly one week after that warning, the police arrested Anwar.

You know, the plot against Anwar was started by (Tun) Daim (Zainuddin) and you agreed with (Tun) Daim's suggestion because you were very angry with Anwar.

First, Anwar blasted at you because you forced him to use Petronas money to bail out Mizan,your son.

Secondly because Anwar asked ACA to raid Tan Sri Abu Hassan's office without your knowledge.

Tan Sri Halim Ali, ex-KSN, is still alive. He can confirm this.

You followed blindly what (Tun) Daim asked you to do, and now you know who is Daim.

At the end he also played you out by asking you to resign as PM and to appoint Pak Lah as PM.

You know by now, why Daim wanted to get rid of Anwar at any cost because Anwar has all the records of his corrupted pratice in MOF. How he allocated Resort World and Magnum shares to his nominees and made almost RM 2 billion profit.

(It is) still not too late, Tun, to admit your mistake. Allah is great. Fear Allah.

When you die, there no second chance.

I am 100% sure,what happened to Anwar in 1998 (is) because of fitnah by Daim, Ahmad Sebi, Pak Lah, Aziz Shamsuddin, Megat Junid, Sanusi and all (the) Biro Tata Negara boys like Shagul Hamid,Nordin Kasnan.

-"Lady Jane"

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Saya tak ada komen. Cuma nak tanya Lady Jane, kenal benarkah dengan nama di akhir tulisan itu yang bernama "Nordin Kasnan" yang di senaraikan bersama nama-nama apa yang dipanggil sebagai "the Biro Tata Negara Boys"