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Chandra Muzaffar's Two-Face Hypocrisy Exposed !


Chandra Muzaffar was formerly the Deputy President of Parti Keadilan from April 1999 until December 2001.

He told the media that he left Parti Keadilan in 2001 because it was involved in some questionable measures which he could not stomach. He alleged the party had indulged in money politics during the Likas by-election in July 2001 and manipulated communal sentiments during the Lunas by-election in November 2000. He said the incidents had disillusioned him about Anwar. He said it is open secret that even though Anwar was in prison, he was very much in charge as he was the one who was dictating the course of the party.

After he left Keadilan, Chandra became the President of an NGO, called International Movement for a Just World (JUST).

On March 3rd 2008, just before the 2008 general election Chandra told a public forum that should Anwar become prime minister, it would be anunmitigated disaster for Malaysia”.

Chandra Muzaffar also said despite its flaws, there was NO other viable coalition in the country except Barisan Nasional.

Open Letter to Chandra Muzaffar from reader "Truth Speaks"

From Malaysia-Today: Read here article posted by Vineeth Menon

02 April 2008

Dear Chandra,
In your letter 'More pro-establishment? Not Quite' to the Sun March 31, 2008, you try to give the impression that you are not pro-BN by giving selected examples of your activities. However you conveniently leave out some damning ones.

Your association with Anwar Ibrahim during his period in the government coincided with a scholarship for your daughter to the University, and also a Professorship for you at the University of Malaya.

These events also brought about your resignation from Aliran, a social reform group which you founded in which you were critical of the government.

From thence on, you were so close to the establishment that you even organized a seminar on human rights which you invited the then PM Mahathir Mohamed to open, of all people, prompting Aliran to title an article on this seminar, "The Height of Hypocrisy" in their journal.

Clearly it was meant that you were "The Highest Hypocrite".

In the run up to our elections of 2008, you gladly volunteered to utter some disparaging remarks about Anwar Ibrahim hoping both to damage his credibility as well as to please your political masters.

Your remarks had no effect on Anwar, but it definitely did damage YOUR credibility, or what's left of it.

Did you think that you can be absolved of your pitiful attempt to put Anwar in the worst light by writing the letter? Or are you now beating your breast in regret for backing the wrong side?

You may twist and you may turn, you may flip and you may flop, but you cannot fool the people any more. Perhaps you are not pro-establishment as you claim.

You are part of the establishment now.

I would like now to remember some who have served the cause of the people without being hypocrites, and who would be happy at the elections results if they were here today. Ahmad Nor, P. Patto, M.G.G Pillai, Chan Kok Kit.............
-"Truth Speaks"-
02 April 2008


2000-Letter from Hajjah Marina Yusuff

Open Letter dated 13th January, 2000 from Marina Yusoff, then Vice President Parti KeADILan Nasional to Chandra Muzaffar, the Deputy President.

Pejabat KeADILan Nasional
13th January, 2000

Dr Chandra Muzaffar,

It is with great regret that I have to write to you.

The situation has got so bad and the future of the party is at stake and the chances of getting Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim out of prison is getting slimmer by the day. The main reason being that there is too much time wasted by those jostling for power and undermining each other. At this stage we should be concentrating on common objectives.

I am very much aware of the mud slinging that you have been throwing at me and trying to make me a scapegoat for the failure in the last general elections.

Kindly explain the following:

1) Why did you inform Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim that I was responsible for ‘‘blocking'' the Indian candidates when you knew very well I did not have any say in the final decision of the candidates.

2) Why did you report to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim that it was I who sent (KeADILan Wanita chief) Fuziah (Salleh) to Kuantan at the last minute when you know that was a lie. Fuziah was given the Hulu Langat seat originally agreed to by you at the ‘‘official'' meeting. The letter authorising her to contest in Hulu Langat was issued to her on Thursday morning after the MPT (Supreme Council) had endorsed the final list, which had been finalised by you and announced by (KeADILan president) Wan Azizah (Wan Ismail).

When the MPT convened that morning you insisted that Wan Azizah just read out the ‘‘final'' list prepared by you. When I just tried to make a report on the matter you shouted at me not to proceed but just to allow Wan Azizah to read out the final list. At that point I got out of the room as there was no point in me staying to be insulted.

It was on the appeal of the other MPT members that I agreed to come back to the meeting.

The Letters of Authority to the candidates, particularly to Fuziah, were issued that morning in the presence of Wan Azizah, you, (KeADILan vice-president) Tian Chua and myself at the Bilik Gerakan. At that time you did NOT make any objections to Fuziah contesting in Hulu Langat then but you chose to work behind our backs and pressured Wan Azizah at her house and on the telephone causing her great distress.

3) As chairman of the election committee appointed by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim you blocked me from doing my work in every possible way. You were the only person in the negotiating team and did not give any feedback saying they were ‘‘confidential'' whereas the PAS and DAP and PRM committee members knew what was going on.

We could only get sporadic information from some of the other party members. You refused to allow my committee to advise you or give any proper feedback on the situation on the ground.

When you came to one of my JK Pilihanraya (election committee) meeting uninvited, you overheard me telling the state leaders to submit the ground reports to me. Without knowing what report it was I was asking for, you intervened and asked that the state leaders send the reports DIRECT TO YOU. Even though it was wrong of you to do so I did not object to your intervention as I continued to show respect to you as the timbalan (deputy) president.

After all it was I who suggested your name as deputy president of Adil in the early stages when we had the preliminary meetings at my house even before it was formed. I even stayed out of Adil and only remained as an adviser in the background.

Under your leadership Adil got nowhere.

4) When the political party KeADILan was formed, as there was no presidential candidate then, I even suggested YOUR name as the President (as Datin Seri Wan Azizah was supposed to be the adviser) which you readily accepted but as there were some objections from some quarters, and Wan Azizah was made president.

Even at that stage I declined to be an office bearer preferring to remain only in the background but on Ezam's and Ruslan's insistence I had to accept the vice-president's post. I did it for the sake of Datuk Seri Anwar.

5) Even as far back as the late 80s it was I who brought you to see Tengku Razaleigh (Hamzah) when we invited you to join our party Semangat 46 and asked you to be our candidate but you declined.

Back then I had great respect for you and sincerely thought that you would be an asset to the party.

I also expressed similar views when I discussed the line up with Datuk Seri Anwar at the early stages. It was I who suggested that you chair the exco meeting during the early stages as Wan Azizah was not yet ready.

Now that Wan Azizah has achieved a much better grasp of things and quite capable of carrying on, you do not show her any respect and even tell her off in our presence and you have even thrown files at her face. You have not given her the dignity and respect she deserves.

6) Your treatment of her on the last day before Nomination Day was very shameful. You and (MPT member) Mohd Noor Nawawi were harassing her perpetually at her house and over the telephone insisting her to force Fuziah to return the Letter of Authority. You also harassed Fuziah on the telephone to return the letter.

We all could see she was getting very distressed. It got so bad that I had to grab the telephone from her and switch it off to give her some breathing space from your incessant scolding.

But you called Mohd Nor Nawawi's telephone. He then forced his way into the Bilik Gerakan with his handphone and forced Wan Azizah to listen to you on his handphone.
She kept on listening to you until she reached breaking point and when she screamed, burst into tears and shivered violently.

It brought tears to our eyes to see that you could be so cruel to someone who needed our full support and sympathy. Those in the Bilik Gerakan were shocked and upset by your actions and treatment of Wan Azizah.

7) As such it hurts and saddens me to know that now you are trying your best to discredit me and throwing mud in my face.

I am aware of the malicious and negative remarks and reports you have been making about me and influencing those around you.

What is worse is the LIES that you have been feeding the Ketua Pemuda (Youth chief) Mohd Ezam (Mohd Nor) about me to the extent that it hurt him so much as to make him resign.

It took Tian Chua a lot of effort to convince him to withdraw his resignation. Ezam confirmed to me after that, that the allegations of what I was supposed to have said came from you.

Apparently you had been telling him lies and influenced him persistently for three days prior to his resignation when he finally issued his letter of resignation and the so-called resolution requesting for my removal and blaming me for ‘‘creating problems in the last general elections''.

You even went further to suggest that disciplinary action against me at the meeting of the 11th December of Biro Politik to which I was not invited. Neither was I invited to the Biro Politik meeting allegedly held on the 6th December 1999.

Now you are trying to strengthen your position by putting in a number of your supporters to be in Biro Politik (Political Bureau).

You even appoint your supporters who are NOT even KeADILan members to be chairman of the Pembaruan Committee (Reform Committee) and in the Disciplinary Committee.

You have until today blocked me from being in the PRM negotiating committee even though I have been instructed to do so by Datuk Seri Anwar.

8) At the first MPT meeting held at Marinara immediately after the general elections, I raised the matter of pursuing the talks on the proposed merger with PRM but you stopped me and said not to bring up the matter then. No reason was given.

You shocked everyone then when you proceeded to declare that Parti KeADILan has no future as only Umno and PAS were the dominant parties.

You even quoted the names of the past failed parties. You declared in the presence of all the MPT members present that you had made a final decision to resign immediately and to take up a post offered to you in an International NGO.

Some members of the MPT appealed to you to reconsider your position and at least to wait for a while as it would damage the party to leave immediately but you were adamant and said ‘‘The time spent in KeADILan was the most unhappy period of my life'' and said your decision was final.

You had in fact sent your letter of resignation to Wan Azizah some time before that. You went to South Africa, but shortened your trip and came back in a hurry. You proceeded with your own team to see PRM without bringing it up to MPT for endorsement of the committee. At that time you had ALREADY resigned and never retracted your decision officially or otherwise.

9) At the last MPT meeting you turned up as if nothing had happened. You did not even have the courtesy to show any respect to the MPT members and to Wan Azizah, at least to say you have decided to withdraw your resignation.

You should at least have written to Wan Azizah to say that you have decided to withdraw your resignation.

Instead you issued a press statement a few days before the MPT meeting and did not even refer to it at the MPT meeting. Legally until such time as when you officially announce to the MPT and to write an official letter to the president that you have withdrawn your resignation you are still not legally reinstated.

10) It is regrettable that you have decided to ignore written instructions of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim saying he does not know what is going on. Neither do you respect Wan Azizah's decisions.

11) As far as the BA Seketariat is concerned, even though you have asked (academician K.S.) Jomo to reply to my query I made to (BA secretariat member) Rajen (Devaraj).

What you did is wrong so and unbecoming of a leader.

I certainly have no wish to fight to be on that committee especially on your long dragging meetings where no constructive decisions are ever made and end up as a monologue with only you as the main participant most of the time, but remember the party does not belong to you alone but to all reformasi supporters and you must have their interests at heart.

I think you should have the grace to offer the chairmanship of the BA Sekretariat to PAS who has the most number of seats. You have no right or status to declare yourself as the chairman.

12) Stop making a laughing stock of yourself and bringing the name of the party down by your irresponsible actions.

In future kindly stop the lies and mud slinging against me otherwise I shall be forced to take legal action against you.

Hajjah Marina Yusoff
Vice President
Parti KeADILan Nasional

13th January, 2000

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