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Opposition MPS and State Assemblymen: Get off It. We Did NOT Vote You In to Imitate BN's RACIAL Politics

What An Idiot !!

DAP State Assemblyman A. Sivasubramaniam
(Buntong, Perak)

We say:

"When Malaysians voted the Opposition candidates in this election, they voted with the expectation the winning candidates would make an effort to take off their race-coloured glasses. At least, to be seen doing that.

The decision by the Perak Indian State Assemblyman A. Sivasubramaniam to quit the DAP, barely a month after the election, coming after Lim Kit Siang's bumbling comments about boycotting the swearing-in of a PAS Menteri Besar, are NOT what voters had bargained for.

Politicians of the like of A. Sivasubramaniam should realise that we voted him, not because he is an Indian, but because we had hopes that he will behave more as Malaysian FIRST, i.e. anak bangsa Malaysia. He seems to have forgotten that campaign cry immediately after he won his seat under DAP banner for the Buntong electorate .

Such race-based attitude displayed by State Assemblyman A. Sivasubramaniam is reminiscent of the bad politics of the ruling parties (UMNO, MCA and MIC) of BN which voters have rejected in no uncertain terms.

We could not ascertain whether A. Sivasubramaniam was an MIC-Reject. If he were, then it is indeed a big mistake for DAP to take him on board as its candidate, given he has shown now he is unable to shake off those bad race-based attitudes.
His reason for blackmailing the Opposition coalition, and by default, the voters to quit the DAP is uncalled-for and untimely.

He should NOT use the sentiments of HINDRAF and the general sympathy of all Malaysians for the marginalised Indian community to blackmail the Coalition government of Perak. He must realise that compassion-fatigue by Malaysians will sink in, and a "turn-off" for the marginalised Indians if politicians like him drag the issue to be too race-based.

What should be the concern for all Indian Malaysians right now is that A. Sivasubramanium's action at this early stage has now caused a question mark to be put by voters around the country on whether INDIAN State Assemblymen and MPs can be trusted to remain with the Opposition Coalition? Or are they easily swayed still by the disgusted RACE POLITICS of MIC/BN ?

Thus, politicians like A. Sivasubramaniam should be brought into line by their respective party leadership. They should NOT be rewarded in any form for their attempts to blackmail Malaysians by trying to destabilise the newly-established Opposition Coalition in Perak.

Certainly, we DON'T need Opposition politicians to represent us who did not even give the new State Government a chance to prove itself.

And we have to remind Opposition State Assemblymen and MPs, as we do quite often to BN politicians in the past, that we, the voters, have NO qualms to campaign AGAINST YOU personally and we will spread the word around to deem you unfit to represent us generally, and your own constituency, in particular.
And we will spare no effort to haunt you till you are removed from your seat by your voters , if that needs be.

Thus we say to DAP State Assemblyman A. Sivasubramaniam: You should be settling into your job working hard for ALL the people of your constituency in Buntong instead of trying to be the racist-champion of only the 50% Indian community in the Buntong electorate you claimed to represent.

And we say likewise to ALL the rest of the Opposition State Assemblymen and MPs to STOP behaving like BN-politicians. If for any reason, it is because we would like you to still represent us in the NEXT election in 5 years time. "
-Malaysian Unplug

Read here in Malaysiakini

In a dramatic turnaround, newly-elected Buntong state assemblyperson A Sivasubramaniam has retracted his resignation from DAP hours after he made the announcement today. Sivasubramaniam's decision came hot in the heels after he was left out from the new exco line-up.

Contacted by Malaysiakini this evening, Sivasubramaniam said he retracted his resignation after state leaders have assured him that there would be other opportunities for Indians in the state administration.

He said that he had settled the matter amicably after speaking to both party leader Lim Guan Eng and DAP Perak chief Ngeh Khoo Ham earlier today. Read here for more .

DAP chairman Karpal Singh has expressed disappointment over the conduct of Perak state assemblyman A. Sivasubramaniam, saying he had tarnished the party's image with his resignation drama.

He said the matter would be discussed at the party's central executive committee (CEC) meeting in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday.

"This is not something to fool around with. I do not understand why he did that. I cannot accept such conduct," he said when contacted by Bernama. Read here for more


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  1. "...DAP-PKR-PAS assemblymen stop behaving like idiots. Give some respect to DYMM Sultan Perak and Raja Dr Nazrin and stop the racial politics. Sivasubramaniam, if you want to represent only Indians go and join the now politically dead MIC. Remember, the Chinese and Malays of Buntong also voted for you. Stop behaving like a child - grow up.

  2. Kick him out and let him resign. If a ADUN is not ever sure of what he is fighting for on behalf of Malaysian, ask him to F**k off. Since he has betrayed the rakyat,let's opt for by election and see what happened. Dei, Siva, Ngeh Khoo Ham is suppose to be CM but, no. Do you see Chinese making a big fuss about it? We are 100% supportive of the Regent's decision, and hence, the CM Nizar. You want to be exco? go join BN lah ....

  3. "... Like other Malaysians I am mad with this swine! Is he fighting for our cause or is he playing the communal race card like BN? He forgot he was not voted in by a race card. Is he a turncoat?"

  4. "... (He is) behaving like an MIC opportunist playing the race card to try to move up the political ladder. Does he think that only Indians can look after Indian interest? What is his educational background anyway? I seriously believe the DAP should sack him. Time to do some house cleaning. Malaysia does not need politicians like him anymore. .."

  5. "...A. Sivasubramaniam was 'wrongly' nominated for Buntong State seat by 'who' ? DAP party's central executive committee (CEC) meeting in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday must explained this. A. Sivasubramaniam did not see himself as 'Anak Bangsa Malaysia'. Why DAP CEC failed to detect this flaw before nomination day. CEC selection process for candidates is flawed. He is not even fit to be a State assemblyman. To be an exco is out. He betrayed Barisan Rakyat."

  6. "... My dear Siva, politics is like herding cats, it is not too difficult to work together if you know what you're fighting for -----its liberty, justice and equality we effort to , that’s what we lacked in the Leadership for 50 years. Nothing as the way you behave and the old mindset has to be knocked off. The no-one-can-beat me syndrome in your assumption is wrong . You are not representing what you think , but what you're to work for !!! I was born in Ipoh and I know your constituents don’t share your views. Please take some time off -- go hear some of the Hindraf postings on You Tube -- especially the interview of Udaya Kumar. He is not sitting for us Malaysians at Kamunting for nuts . You tend to be misinformed Hindraf was fighting for Indians only! Just that, you have been immersed into such a hallucination. Makkal Sakti is not what you profess. We laid a wreath on the hearse on the 8th of March for racial politics. Most important is to work on the focus for all Malaysians which we all fought hard on the 8th March. You are not doing any favor for your fellow Malaysians by being so rampant in actions that are not wise for the current feel in every Malaysians heart. If you don’t I will be the first to paste you on the wall , before others do . So wake up brother . !!!!

  7. "...DAP/PKR/PAS should show solidarity and tell this Siva fella to bugger off from BOTH the party and the State seat. Lets have a by-election. Let the rakyat know that Barisan Rakyat would brook no nonsense from low life candidates like this Siva guy. I am pretty sure that no matter which big gun UMNO can come up with to contest, BR will the seat again and with a larger majority. Make this Siva guy an example, let the people know that Barisan Rakyat is really for the rakyat and SATU BANGSA!.."

  8. "... Mr Siva, Your action today show your immaturity in decision-(making) . In making an important decision, you should weigh all options. What you did today is irrational, stupid and, again, immatured. Being made an ADUN for the first time, could make you stupid. But, if you are stupid, becoming an ADUN will make you more stupid. That is what you are...."

  9. "...Siva, I think you should think twice before going to the press about anything. Like what you did today it could be giving ammunition to UMNO on the BR coalition. Old politicians like you with old ideologies and zero professionalism only prove that the politicians from the old regime is still the same but only the name of the party is new. You are a disgrace to the Indian community that you represent in Buntong. I am a chinese and even I am disgrace by your ineptness - this transcends race to me. This is a problem of poor leadership and not a problem of race. Siva, you are a disgrace. A politicians like you could undo everything your party work so hard to build - everything could collapse like a house of cards for poor leadership...."

  10. "... DAP, You are part to be blamed. How on earth did you vet an asshole like this? Please don't bring in suckers who have character problems. This is an example of a senget-minded Indian, who watch to many tamil movies. Dei A. Sivasubramaniam, You think this is Bollywood and Mollywood ah? This reflects your race-infested mentality. You think the party cannot function without you ah? You think you are indispensible ah? you have a very narrow minded view... you see the big picture! You have earned yourself: "The Stupid Indian Award"! Po daa dei!! All races will be treated as equal.It will take time. Patience....WARNING: to all Indian Reps, think and go throught proper channels before you act. don't be like A. Sivasubramaniam, a selfish rep...."

  11. "...A. Sivasubramaniam, I strongly disapprove of what you did. You should have worked it out within the party, before trying to play hero. Trust me, you ain't no hero to the Indians whom you claim to represent. Instead, you shocked, angered and embarassed the living daylights out of many Indians by your actions. Myself included. Understand one thing. We are moving out of this Indian, Chinese, & Malay thingee, and are moving into the "Anak Bangsa Malaysia" era. Start acting like a Malaysian! In case you forgot what Makkal Sakthi meant, it means "People Power". And that People Power, not only comprised of Indians, but Malays, Chinese and others. NEVER FORGET THAT! You truly deserve a royal kick in the arse. But since you have retracted and have apologized, and in the greater interests of all those in BR, I am inclined to agree with batsman that DAP should be magnanimous and not punish you. Now go and apologize to all those who voted for you in Buntong, not in terms of words, but in terms of action, by spending your time serving them selflessly. ..."

  12. "...Mr.Siva, The people of Malaysia will never forget you for what you have done during a time when the Barisan Rakyat is trying it very best to prove themselves to the people. Your terrible blunder to resign could be used as a tool by the BN camp to paint an unstable picture of the BR coalition at a time when their ever move is being scrutinize by all and sundry. You shook the tree when the fruits were not ripe for plucking and gave even the citizenry a shock instead of a shiok. Take a guess what respect within our political arena will you get from now on. Karpal Singh would sock you one if he could get out of his wheelchair. Stand still and take it in the chin if he really decides to..."

  13. "You are a scum, YB Buntong, and deserve all the contempt from the rakyat.."
  14. "This useless fella tried to hold the party to ransom but realised that majority of the people do not buy his racial base policy and know he has to eat humble pie and crawl back into the party. ..."

  15. " I have been very upset since I first heard about the resignation. I hope Siva gives thought to the larger issues at stake. Give the coalition time to see how the entire community can benefit from this support. We don't need Indians to support Indians. Remember we are all Malaysians...."

  16. " Dear Siva, Welcome to Makkal Sakti. U Screw Us, We Sack U. Shut up and do your job (I will keep on saying this until your ears burn).."

  17. " Dear A. Sivasubramaniam,We Rakyat vote for opposition party candidate (including you) that is the voice of Makkal Sakti for CHANGE and is not because the races of one particular candidate stand in for election.. we vote you guy as a representative of "Malaysian"!! Is that so immportant to count how many candidate from one particular race become Exco members?! Samy Vellu time even had Indian candidates holding important position as minister, but does it provide any positive improvement for Indian community? .."

  18. "That's the problem with Indian candidate, they think highly of themselves and starts demanding. Dont forget, that the rakyat is the decisive factor and not only the Indian communities that voted you into power and give you the power to demand. Even if the DAP/PKR were to give you another place in the Perak Exco, you think you will satisfied?. No is the answer......so don't plays with racial fire. We are all Malaysian and not Malaysian Indian/ Chinese/ Malay.....etc. ..."

  19. "U have been tagged YB Siva. Whenever your name is mentioned, people will ask "Isn't he the guy who threatened to resigned and claimed he was voted in by one race only?" Warning to other YBs Katak, Malaysians will not let you take them for a ride. U betray us, your career as a politician is finish, kaput.

  20. " YB Siva, Regardless of your actions, name-calling has channel to you faster than a bolt of lightning, and you can't blame them. It's disappointing to hear of your resignation and even with the retraction, your weakness is now exposed to the BR and its supporters. While some call it idealistic and honorable to call for more Indian representation in Exco, you still seem trapped in the race-based political world laid by BN-UMNO for 50 years. In BR idealism, no Indians are marginalised (except maybe Samy) regardless of caste, religion or even political inclination (yes even if indians voted BN), and we no longer require an Indian representative to look out for an Indian. It's MALAYSIAN looking out for fellow MALAYSIAN. You should know this too. If you are still in the mentality of Indians for Indians, Chinese for chinese, Malays for malays, then maybe you may have been the wrong guy for DAP to represent the BR. But should you stay back, please make sure this "I India, U Melayu, Dia Cina" mentality (be) taken out of your system - because if not, while you say that the coalition have betrayed the trust of the people who voted for you, it is in fact, you who have betrayed the cause of RAKYAT MALAYSIA - a vision of one superior race called MALAYSIAN, beyond religion, race and beliefs, and status. "

  21. "DAP, SACK THIS GUY!!! He is a traitor for all Malaysiajn Indians and should be treated like a 'pariah' that he is!! "

  22. " DAP won 18/31 BR seats and did not get MB posts.What is the big deal for Sivasubramaniam? Is Sivasubramaniam only representing the Indians? Did Malaysians vote him in or just Indians? Are the DAP leaders and DAP representing only one particular race or are they representing all Malaysians? "
  23. "Barisan Rakyat voted you as State Assemblyman to represent Anak Bangsa Malaysia.I 'never voted' for Malay, Chinese ,Indian,or pribumi. I 'never voted' for DAP,PKR,PAS. I only voted for Barisan Rakyat candidates to be State Asemblyman & MPs. We never voted for you to be a member of State Exco. The State leadership of Barisan Rakyat select the 'best' for State Excos. We trust their judgement. Despite your racial attitude, we expect you to represent Anak Bangsa Malaysia comprising of Malay, Chinese, Indian & Pribumi. "

  24. "Firstly, I would I like to say that I sent an email regarding this to Uncle Kit. I hope he reads it. Now the issue here is simple. He does not understand the voice of the people. Lets remind him that Makkal Sakti means people's power. We showed the people's power by reducing the BN's majority in Parliament as well as enabling the opposition to for the government in 5 states ( 1 is Kuala Lumpur being the FT). There were warnings that Indians will lose their representation if they voted for the opposition, but the Indians went on to vote for the opposition. Why? Because the Indians are sick of the racial card been thrown at them every now and then. The Indians want their rights to be protected and it doesn't have to be an Indian protecting their rights. I can be Malays it can be Chinese. To make it clear, THEY WANT THEIR RIGHTS TO BE PROTECTED BY MALAYSIANS.NOT ONLY THEIR RIGHTS BUT THE RIGHTS OF EVERY MALAYSIAN TO BE PROTECTED BY MALAYSIAS.The Indians want people who are capable which simply means people who can walk the talk an not people based on their ethnicity.If they wanted their rights to be protected by their own ethnic group, they would have given a strong mandate to the MIC. MIC was drubbed. So it is clear that the Indians are sick and tired of the ethnic card or propoganda that has been flashed because there has not been significant change in the past few decades. Therefore the last thing we want from the Alliance of DAP-PKR-PAS is trimpetting the racial card. The Elections are over. Stop bickering and get on with the job. You are going to evaluated not based on how many ethnic representation you have in your EXCO. You are going to be judged on how well you perform your duties in protecting the rights of Malaysians. I repeat RIGHTS of MALAYSIAN. So, you either think as a Malaysian or get ready to be voted out in the next GE. That is up to you. We can't force you to listen to us. It is your right, it is your freedom. But we voters will unite to exercise our rights and freedom as Malaysians. Makkal Sakti "

  25. "Mr Siva, I wish you had resigned from the seat instead of from the DAP. Then we would have an opportunity to vote another DAP candidate just to prove to you and to the world that we voted you because we wanted an opposition party/coalition to rule Perak. We voted you in not because you were an Indian but because of the fact that you were on the opposition party ticket. Makkal Sakti and Hindraf play a very big role throughout the GE 2008. Makkal Sakti did not advise or encourage the people to vote only Indians alone but THE OPPOSITION. Mr Siva I thank you for your support to the DAP vis-a-vis the BR. Please do not go over board. If you play out the opposition coalition in Perak which is hanging on a thin piece of string you will have cause to regret, for you will never win a seat ever again. Take the advice of KULA, LKS, DSAI, HADI AWANG or KARPAL. We the Indians are very observant especially after having gone through 50 years of marginalisation. "
  • From readers of Malaysiakini: Read here

    1. R Venugopal:
      The Assemblyperson Sivasubramaniam should realise that the people of Buntong - regardless of race - elected him and it is his duty to serve the constituents. Remember that you did not win solely on Indian votes and there were Chinese and Malay votes too.

      Show the people who elected you that you are worthy of their votes and do not indulge in fighting for positions. A good leader stands and fights for his constituents and does not crave for positions. It shows you did not come in to politics to serve people but are seeking positions and wealth.

      You are no better that the clowns in MIC. How can people trust you now no matter which party you elect to join later?
    2. Ikram:
      I think this is the kind of politician that should not have been allowed to stand in the election in the first place. I believe the real reason why he quit is because he was not selected as one of the state exco members.

      He should have thanked his lucky stars that he was selected to stand in the last election and won. But to attempt to leave his comrades after not being appointed an exco member shows his true colours. This is a person who puts his self-interest above his party and voters’ interest.

      I also can speculate that he wanted to join BN hoping that if another assembly person from the DAP-PKR-PAS coalition jumps ship, he will get the exco job once BN takes over the state. The right thing for him to do is to resign from being a assembly person so that a by-election can be held.
    3. Arianna:
      " The Perak exco have not even warmed their seats, and this Buntong wakil already wanted to betray the mandate of the people who voted for him in the PRU12. A Sivasubramaniam should have thought twice before he offered himself as a wakil rakyat for the Indian community (and it looks like for that community only).

      Would more state exco posts help the Indian community? Or is it a dedicated wakil rakyat who fulfils the people's aspiration and hope? Must an assembly person hold an exco post in order to effectively serve the people? If Siva thought so, then he should not be a wakil rakyat in the first place.

      By quitting DAP and becoming an independent assembly person, this would not help his predominantly Indian constituency who voted for the DAP because they wanted change and because they rejected MIC and BN who had failed them again and again. Did he think by being an independent wakil, he could do a better job?

      What kind of assembly person refuses to give his own party and his own government a chance to serve the people? What kind of assembly person thinks that only by holding an exco post (and not through dedication and sincerity) he can serve and help the Indian community?

      What kind of assembly person thinks only about serving only one race and not Malaysians as a whole? I can only conclude that this kind of assembly person has his own agenda. And to him and his kind, away from us. We don't need you."
    4. Nimi:
      This guy needs a talking to and he must seek to embrace values higher then just race. Stop thinking along racial lines. If the Indians prosper under PAS or PKR, so what will be the issue then? It does not need to be that Indians alone can help Indians.
    5. Poon Kai Chong:
      I really, really pity the people of Buntong who elected A Sivasubramaniam to be their state representative under the DAP’s ticket. I am wondering whether he consulted the people of Buntong before he attempted to quit. I don’t think he wanted join PKR or PAS. Maybe he wanted to stand as an independent. If he does join BN, he will be a real disgrace because it is because of race he quit. He is going back to the old argument – racial politics!

      Quitting for not having been given a state exco post? Who said Indians cannot be represented if they have only one exco post? What was his selfish agenda actually? Will the people now trust him if he is fielded as a candidate the next time?

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