Wednesday 9 April 2008

Reality Check for Malaysian Bloggers

From NoName's Blog: Read here

....And We Also Say to the PAS leadership:

"As the saying goes, there are many ways to skin a cat.

To bolster your Islamic credentials, calling for an Islamic state is NOT one of them.

PAS's political mandate can still be achieved WITHOUT shouting down from the top of the hill its radical agenda, especially in a multi-religious and multi-racial country like Malaysia.

PAS's rank and file must therefore need to undergo a steep learning curve on what it takes for PAS as a political party to be relevant to 21st century Malaysia in general, and to non-Muslim voters in particular, without losing their core Islamic beliefs.
-Malaysian Unplug


" COME ON Bloggers... YOU can do more!

What's freedom when society hungers?

What's freedom when society cries for a roof to shelter under?

What's freedom when society wants to be liberated from being poor? "
-Kevin (from NoName's Blog)

Excerpts: Read here for more

"....Those who use the Internet to blog and bitch about politics, me included, tend to be tertiary educated, probably a managerial level or executive living in urban areas.

Move away from the cities, and you find people with no Internet access more concerned with being able to pay for the mortgage, rising food prices and paying for education.

With recessionary threat much more real than before the election, with government subsidies level approaching implosion levels, with foreign investment confidence shaken and the stock market turning bear, things couldn't have gone worst for a so-called Pakatan Rakyat.

Why is it these so-called bloggers not champion the cause of THOSE that deserve it more?

CHANGE NOW! They claim.

But history has shown revolutions overnight are rarely clean. Rarely smooth.

Malaysian politics could not have turned mad at the worst possible time. It would have been fine if NOT for the dumbest thing ever in politics to happen.

On the one hand, PAS says in Pakatan Rakyat it will not pursue Islamic state agenda. On the other senior members of the party say they will pursue it through other avenues.

Then DAP came out wanting to look relevant to the Chinese community or rather Indian by proudly claiming the Islamic state isn't on the agenda.

Hmm.. Pakatan Raykat? Coalition? Seems more like a marriage of convenience.

We've seen this before.

Remember 1999? - when BN was pushed to the limits and barely able to hold onto its 2/3 majority?

The same parties came out saying YES! WE ARE ONE!

Then PAS hijacked everything and derailed the pseudo-unity party.

1999 again in 2008.

Malaysiakini reports a "survey" shows Malaysians have move beyond race based politics.

Are they blind?

Moved into Malay heartland areas and you could not find a more anti-non Malay sentiment. Move into a Chinese dominant area and you could not find a more anti- non Chinese sentiment.

But ask those people who earn more than RM50,000 per annum and therefore counts as being a rich Malaysian on a mean monthly household income measure, and they will tell you, "I want to look good and be smart, and say I'm race neutral. "

Pollsters and statisticians will tell you surveys are reflective of the survey's sample. Its a common polling flaw. Questions might be guided or questions might be asked in such a way as to make the respondent looks better.

Like it or not, the country is polarised and NO THANKS to PAS.

Had they (PAS) not push the Islamic state agenda so fiercely after 1999, UMNO wouldn't have responded with its own promotion of the agenda.

  • For 10 years everyone from MCA, MIC, DAP and PKR did NOTHING to arrest the advancement of the Islamic state agenda.

  • For 10 years they were more interested in bolstering their own agenda.

  • Ten years later, things look messy.
  • A PAS-dominant FEDERAL government will push back the economic achievements of this country by another decade.

  • Foreign investors will dump local equities and in turn local assets.

  • Foreign investment will decline as foreigners look to more moderate muslim countries like Indonesia.

  • Investors will dump blue chips especially GLCS and probably wipe out 80% of KLCI's value overnight.
  • Yes it may look like doomsday.

    But remember, the Monday (9th March 2008) when the opposition swept 5 states, the circuit breaker was triggered.

    If PAS wins the country? The circuit breaker will kick in within 10 minutes of trading.

    COME ON bloggers... You can do more! What's freedom when society hungers? What's freedom when society cries for a roof to shelter under? What's freedom when society wants to be liberated from being poor?

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