Saturday 12 April 2008

Kelantan Crown Prince Tengku Faris Petra is Way Out of Royal Line and Un-becoming of a Royalty in 21st Century Malaysia


It is now determined that the text of the speech of the Crown Prince is 99 % the SAME as what the Crown Prince Tengku Faris Petra actually spoke.

And that is the most disappointing development because it confirms our worst fears about the views of the Crown Prince on his direct involvement and engagement in the dangerous racial politics of this country.

Thus, regretfully, we still stand by our original comment (see below) on the speech of Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra at the forum.
-Malaysian Unplug

From Haris Ibrahim in People's Parliament Blog:

"... Got this in the e-mail from Steven Gan of Malaysiakini :

"...I refer to your April 14 posting ‘What you read ain’t always what’s said!’ regarding Malaysiakini’s report of Tengku Faris’ speech.

In response, I’d like to make the following points:

1. Malaysiakini reporters (not one but three) were at the function

2. We have in possession the audio recording of Tengku Faris speech

3. What was delivered by Tengku Faris on that day was 99% similar to

the written text given to reporters

4. We have matched all quotes in our report to the audio recordings

In the interest of fair play, we would very much appreciate if you could make a clarification in your blog.

Thanking you in advance. "

I received the amended text of Tengku Faris’s speech from Lil’ Hummingbird a little while ago. Have gone through all 13 pages of the original text and the hand-written amendments thereon, and re-read the Malaysiakini report.

I’ve got to say that the amendments do not take much away from the original text. And I have to agree with Steven that the Malaysiakini report does accurately reflect what was said.

I am disappointed with the Crown Prince.

- Haris Ibrahim

-- end of latest update ---

UPDATE: 14th April 2008

From People's Parliament Blog:

" Re: Malaysiakini report that Tengku Faris had made some rather un-Bangsa Malaysia statements last week?

it was written in HRH’s scripted speech by some official.

But he re-worked it the night before he was to deliver the keynote address.

I’m also told that whilst he delivered his re-worked speech, the media reps in attendance were given the ORIGINAL text.

So it would seem that the reporters merely extracted from the distributed ORIGINAL text and did NOT report on what was ACTUALLY said.

I’ve suggested to Lil’ Hummingbird that she flutter away and hum in the royal ear that royal steps be taken to clear this most unfortunate confusion...."
Haris Ibrahim

We say,

If it is true that the Crown Prince Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra did NOT deliver what was given in the original text, then it is very crucial that those responsible or the HRH himself should immediately clear the concerns of HRH's subjects and other Malaysians on this unfortunate incident which had smeared his royal good name.

The culprits who fumbled and caused this untoward incident thus embarrassing the good name of the Crown Prince should be held accountable and face the consequences. No excuse is sufficient for this public relations disaster caused to the Crown Prince of Kelantan.

The Barisan Bertindak Perpaduan Melayu organisers of the forum must take FULL BLAME and FULL RESPONSIBILITY for causing this embarrassment to the Crown Prince.

We await for further development and resolution of this embarrassment caused to the royalty before making further comments on this issue.
Malaysian Unplug

-- end of update --


We say,

It was, to say the least, a totally Disgraceful Royal Speech by Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra, the Crown Prince of KELANTAN at the “Malay Unity is the Core of National Unity” forum organised by the Barisan Bertindak Perpaduan Melayu in Kuala Lumpur.

With a speech laced with racial tones, the Crown Prince of Kelantan has presented himself as an EXACT OPPOSITE version of the more distinguished and highly admired Regent of Perak.

For making a royal speech with strong racial undertones, Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra CANNOT claim to be a Ruler for the NON-Malay Kelantanese, who had been proud to be called themselves "Anak Kelantan" for many generations .

Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra has made for himself to be a Malay Ruler ONLY for the Malays and NOT a Malay ruler for ALL Malaysians in a multi-racial Malaysia.

Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra should have used his acquired royal wisdom in his royal head BEFORE opening his royal mouth to make such racially divisive and politically charged comments.

Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra has entered into the quagmire of divisive racial politics of Malaysia. By doing so, as a Kelantan Crown Prince, he has deliberately bought into a position of NOT WANTING to endear himself to the Kelantanese NON-Malays, and to non-Malays in general.

The only conclusion we can reach is that Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra is NOT the kind of Royalty and the type of role model of a future Malay Ruler who we all Malaysians, Malays, Chinese, Indians and others can be truly proud of and who we can fully respect.

Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra should aim to be the Royal Champion of ALL his subjects, that include the NON-Malays. As a future Ruler of a State, he should NOT try to be a narrow-minded racially-biased Champion of the Malays only.

Sadly, after this speech, it is now very hard for non-Malays in Kelantan and outside Kelantan to wish Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra "Daulat Tuanku".

Or does he deserve it? We don't think so.

We therefore appeal to the HRH Sultan of Kelantan to have a quiet pep talk to this Crown Prince BEFORE he does further damage to the social fabric of this country by engaging in racial politics and making speeches which are racially divisive.

-Malaysian Unplug

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    Excerpts: Read here for more

    Kelantan Crown Prince Tengku Faris Petra said today that Malays had been COERCED into giving non-Malays citizenship and NON Malays should therefore NOT seek equality or special treatment.

    He said this during his keynote speech at a forum titled “Malay unity is the core of national unity” organised by the newly formed Barisan Bertindak Perpaduan Melayu in Kuala Lumpur today.

    Speaking to a crowd of about 1,000 people, Tengku Faris said the Malay rulers would be an umbrella to foster unity among all Malaysians, based on the Federal Constitution and the Rukun Negara.

    Reading from a 11-page prepared text, he said,

    “... The rakyat must unite and never raise issues regarding Malay rights and special privileges because it is a quid pro quo in gratitude for the giving in of citizenship (beri-paksa kerakyatan) to 2.7 million non-Malays into the Tanah Melayu federation.

    Thus, it is not appropriate for these other ethnic groups to have citizenship, only (later) to seek equality and privileges.

    The Malay rulers are the head of the Islamic religion and Malaysia is a Islamic country (negara Islam), NOT secular. We have our own formula (as a country) which is different from others.

    In fact, if Malay rights and special privileges are taken care of and is not disturbed, it would ensure national harmony. It does not just benefit the Malays but all ethnic groups.

    The election results have shown that the Malays are disunited and facing other ethnic groups who are more dominant politically and economically.

    Discussing about polemics such as Islamic state, secular state, welfare state... confuses the people... Resulting from this confusion, Malays are becoming more disillusioned.

    We have to make an effort to unite.

    Don’t split up. Avoid polemics that can distance us. Ideology (and) having different interpretations does not contribute to Malay unity."

    Tengku Faris said non-Malays are allowed to practice their respective religions in peace. They must however do so in accordance with the law and “not be provocative towards Islam."

    In his speech, Tengku Faris said the 12th General Election results have shown that the Malays are being “challenged and thus Malays unity is of the outmost priority.

    As the constitution provides that the Malays are the natives (penduduk asal) of Malaysia, Tengku Faris said every Malay must defend the constitution and Islam and this can only be achieved through Malay unity.


  • From The Aisehman Blog: Read here

    "..As a Malay, I apologise to all non-Malays that there are among my fellow Malays who hold such views.

    It is disgusting, even if these people have a right to their opinions and a right to express them.

    But don’t worry. Come the next elections, we shall make sure that those who hold similar views will not even come close to forming the federal government.

    That’s the only lesson they can understand...."
  • From Ktemoc Konsider Blog: Read here for more

  • "... I could not believe my eyes. Yes, HRH (Crown Prince of Kelantan) was telling Malaysians of Chinese, Indians, Eurasian, Thai and other non-Melayu ancestries that there is to be no ‘equality’ for them vis-à-vis Melayu’s.

    Personally I don’t care so much about ‘special treatment’, but ‘equality’ …?

    WTF, aren’t WE Malaysian citizens?

    Does HRH understand what is a citizen? … unless of course he has in mind ‘second’ and ‘third’ etc classes of citizenships?

    Then he added, getting his royal self involved with POLITICS: “The election results have shown that the Malays are disunited and facing other ethnic groups who are more dominant politically and economically.”

    Alas, the future Sultan of Kelantan has not only failed to understand what is democracy but has committed a royal faux pas by making an unacceptable political statement, as well as coo-ing such ‘sweet’ music at a forum organized by Barisan Bertindak Perpaduan Melayu, a group of conservative Malay NGOs – in the old days they would be called ‘ultras’.

    The theme of the forum was 'Malay unity is the core of national unity'.

    The issue of ‘national unity’ is total bullshit after HRH has slapped non-Malay Malaysians in their faces.

    Either the bigots are exploiting the Royalties to project a more extreme ethno-centric positioning. Or the royalties themselves feel they need to exert their ethnic muscles.

    What does the PAS MB of Kelantan say about this?

    How the hell has he allowed the Crown Prince of his State to be hijacked by Barisan Bertindak Perpaduan Melayu into making such a hurtful racist political statement?..."

  • From Readers of Tranungkite Online: Read here for more
    1. "...Ini mesti angkara muslihat Umno Gua Musang.... KU LI dengan arahan Geng Mamak Kutty. Dah desperado habis Umno Baru ni, sampai kan Raja2 pun dia orang nak guna kan. Yang Raja2 pulak senang di kotak katik kan oleh Geng Mamak Kutty ni dari dulu sampai le sekarang....bila le dia orang nak perasan. Raja Perak dan Raja Terengganu far so good..."

    2. "....ampun lah tuanku...napanya tuanku kata gini..patik sedihlah tuanku...tok sir doh patik kelik klate......merajuk jugaklah patik adanya tuanku..ampun lah tuanku.."

    3. "...Ampun Tuanku.Patik menjunjung kasih ke bawah Duli Tuanku kerana berkenan menatap warkah ini. Semoga Allah swt melanjustkan usia Tuanku dan memberi taufik dan hidayah tidak putus-putus kepada Tuanku dan Raja-raja Melayu sekalian. Siapa tulong sampaikan warkah ini kepada tuanku? Entah2 tuanku pun peminat TKO kot?

    4. "...aku rasa teks ucapan tengku mahkota kelantan itu disediakan terlebih dulu..... tengku mahkota tu main baca aje ........."

    5. "...bermasalah,semua masalah itu puncanya dari yang tidak um-non dan sewaktu denganya sahajakah???? seboleh-bolehnya tuanku jangan diperalatkan sesuka hati oleh mareka yang sebenarnya pengkhianat bangsa,agama,negara dan tradisi keMELAYUan kita.... apakah kesultanan TERENGGANU itu boleh di samakan dengan 'BINATANG' !!!!!!!!!! begitu celaka sekali sikap orang2 um-non yang kononnya perjuangkan bangsa,agama dan negara...... apa kata BBPM masuk bertanding pilihanraya atas kapasiti komponan BE-END.....BERANI KE.....JANGAN2, MACAM TIN KOSONG.... "

    6. "...Apa yg kawe tengok dlm berita tv semlm, Tengku Mahkota baca sebijik-sebijik teks yg disediakan. Rasanya teks ni disediakan oleh seseorg yg dipengaruhi oleh Kuli (tok sedara dia)..."

    7. "...Saya kurang respek dgn TM kelantan ni...sokmo datang lambat ke majlis2. kalau lewat 25min-30min tu kira okla, tapi dia ni lewat sampai 2-3 jam.
      letih orang lain menunggu!! Tak payah dengar cakap dia ni."

    8. "...Apabila org Melayu mula memiliki sistem kerajaannya sendiri, raja menjadi satu ciri penting dalam kerajaan yang dibentuk. Baginda mempunyai kuasa mutlak sebagai pemerintah, penggubal dan pelaksana undang-undang. Raja juga harus ingat bahawa sejak sekian lama orang Melayulah yang mempertahankan mereka (yg menghapuskan imuniti raja adalah Org Melayu berketurunan India muslim – dan jangan lupa bahawa seorang India Muslim jugalah antara yang belot pada Rj Melaka).Jadi, usahlah Tuanku bimbang kerana tatkala ini org Melayu telah bangkit kesedarannya. Kebangkitan ini tidak akan sama-sekali mengundang kehancuran org Melayu sebaliknya menjadi satu petunjuk yang baik untuk masa depan masyarakat Melayu dan Malaysia amnya. Justeru, Raja-raja Melayu yang bijaksana sepatutnya memahami perkembangan ini dan mengelak dari berbuat sesuatu yang boleh menjatuhkan martabat institusi raja di mata rakyat jelata.

    9. "...This certainly does not go well with this current situation. Both Perak and Terengganu Palace are more sensitive to the Rakyat's feelings. His Highness, uttering this speech, may have been influenced by his granduncle, who serves Gua Musang Parliment. His Highness speech is written by an UMNO member of Kelantan, a lawyer by profession (business). This lawyer also should inform His Highness to stay low especially there is a suit from His Highness' ex-wife.

    10. "...Ampun Tuanku, Orang Melayu sedang bersatu dibawah Pakatan Rakyat kalau Tuanku ingin tahu. UMNO bukan lagi wadah perjuangan bagi orang Melayu.
      UMNO adalah sebuah parti politik yang sudah muflis perjuangan. Malah UMNO juga telah muflis ahli. UMNO sendiri lupa bahwa ahli-ahlinya sebenarnya telah tiada. Ramai dikalangan ahli UMNO yang sudah meninggalkan parti itu. Berbondong-bondong mereka keluar parti tahun 1987-1988 dulu. Kemudian tahun 1998 berbondong-bondong lagi ahli-ahli telah meninggalkan parti yang tidak boleh dipercayai orang Melayu itu. Angka 2 atau 3 juta ahli yang dicanangkan oleh Pimpinan UMNO itu adalah angka kosong kerana ramai yang telah keluar parti tetapi keahlian mereka masih tidak mahu dipotong oleh UMNO. Contohnya saya sendiri.

      Oleh itu Tuanku, jangan-lah biarkan Tuanku dipergunakan oleh segilintir ahli-ahli UMNO yang masih tinggal itu. Mereka itu masih bermimpi walhal orang Melayu UMNO sudah hampir tiada.

      Dr M lah yang telah menghapuskan UMNO dan parti itu dalam keadaan yang sangat nazak kini. Suara-suara yang kedengaran itu adalah sedikit-sedikit lagi suara-suara orang yang nazak sedang merepek tatkala sakaraltulmaut. Bukan suara memohon keampunan Allah swt atau syahadah tetapi suara yang sedang mabuk dek hasutan syaitan.

      Wahai sekalian umat Melayu, bersatulah dibawah naungan Pakatan Rakyat yang akan terus membela nasib umat Melayu dan Bukan Melayu dinegara yang sama-sama kita cintai ini. Hanya Pakatan Rakyat dapat menjadi wadah bagi umat Melayu dan Bukan Melayu untuk terus membina negara ini kearah sebuah negara yang aman dan makmur.

      UMNO kerena kegolojohan pemimpin-pemimpin nya yang tamak dan haloba akan terus menjahanamkan negara ini kelembah kehinaan. Kita masih belum terlambat untuk menyelamatkan negara ini.
    11. "...Itulah sikap UMNO..... memainkan sentimen perkauman dan memperalatkan orang Melayu dan Raja Raja Melayu....
      Jangan ingat orang Melayu sekarang ni bodoh2 belaka..... orang Melayu kini dah pandai internet, dah pandai buat blog.... dah pandai berfikir....

      Ingatlah wahai UMNO..... orang Melayu mahukan perubahan setelah dijajah berpuluh puluh tahun oleh orang asing, janganlah pulak nak cuba menjajah orang Melayu kini dengan pemikiran dan politik sempit UMNO tu.... SEDARLAH.....

      Allah tidak akan mengubah nasib sesuatu bangsa atau kaum jika bangsa atau kaum itu tidak mahu mengubahnya.... Inilah yang dilakukan oleh rakyat marhaen Malaysia, khasnya orang Melayu..."...Ampun tuanku. Rasanya lebih baik tuanku isi borang UMNO jer."

    12. "...Ampun Tuanku, Ramai yang melahirkan rasa gusar tentang kehilangan kuasa ketuanan Melayu yang selama ini menjadi teras kepada sebuah negara yang bernama Malaysia.
      Sebelum ini mereka merasakan UMNO lah satu-satunya wadah perjuangan Melayu di negara ini dan jika UMNO tumbang, maka mereka merasakan akan tumbanglah juga kekuatan Melayu. Sebenarnya ideologi sedemikian disemai oleh pemimpin UMNO yang cuba memerangkap corak pemikiran orang Melayu agar mengiktiraf UMNO sahaja sebagai tongkat keramat bagi orang Melayu.

      Ini adalah suatu idealism yang merbahaya lantaran UMNO adalah sebuah organisasi politik yang boleh terhapus bila-bila sahaja. Contohnya pada tahun 1988 UMNO telah diharamkan oleh mahkamah di bawah Akta Pertubuhan 1966 , tetapi ditubuh semula sebuah parti baru yang memakai nama UMNO Baru pada tahun yang sama oleh team A yang diketuai oleh Dr.Mahathir.

      Pada tahun yang sama juga ditubuh pula parti Semangat 46 oleh Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah yang mengetuai team B, juga mendokong prinsip yang sama dengan UMNO baru. Ini bermakna, jika ditakdirkan parti S.46 tidak berkubur awal, sudah tentu ia menjadi pesaing kepada UMNO Baru hingga sekarang. Dengan penubuhan itu parti manakah yang wajar diiktiraf sebagai mewakili bangsa Melayu di negara ini?

      UMNO yang wujud sekarang, walaupun perkataan barunya telah dimansuhkan, namun tarikh kelahirannya tidak boleh diundurkan kepada tahun 11 Mei 1946 bagi mengambil tempat tarikh UMNO asal yang sudah berkubur itu. Dengan kata lain, usia UMNO yang wujud sekarang baru 20 tahun, iaitu jauh lebih muda berbanding parti MCA dan MIC, Gerakan yang menjadi komponen BN. Ianya juga lebih junior berbanding dengan PAS yang ditubuhkan pada 4 April 1956.

      Persoalannya sekarang, apakah wajar orang Melayu berkiblat satu sahaja parti politik seperti UMNO? Apa akan terjadi kepada orang Melayu jika parti tersebut mengulangi zaman perpechannya yang akhirnya melahirkan parti serpihan?

      Ampun Tuanku,

      Orang Melayu tidak mahu melihat raja-raja Melayu yang menjadi simbol kedaulatan dan perpaduan Melayu diperlakukan dengan sedemikian cara sebagaimana insiden tahun 80 an yang menghakiskan kuasa raja-raja Melayu.

      Siapa sangka parti orang Melayu yang sepatutnya menjadi benteng kepada kekuatan raja-raja tiba-tiba bertindak merobohkan kekuatan tersebut akibat si pemimpin tertingginya mabuk kuasa.

      Di bawah program Semarak, Dr. Mahathir menjelajah ke seluruh negara untuk mengajak rakyat agar menyokong rancangannya bagi menghapus imuniti raja-raja. Patik masih ingat betapa Tuan Guru Dato’ Hj Nik Ab. Aziz Nik Mat yang waktu itu menjadi Ahli Parlimen PAS kawasan Pengkalan Chepa bertegang merih mempertahankan kuasa raja-raja di parlimen. Namun oleh kerana UMNO mempunyai mejoriti di parlimen, keputusan tetap berpihak kepadanya.
      Semuanya itu dilakukan oleh UMNO yang mengaku membela dan mempertahankan Melayu.

      Justeru itu, jika ada yang menganggap bahawa orang Melayu berpecah dan hilang tempat pergantungan ekoran kekalahan UMNO, maka anggapan tersebut adalah tersasar dari hakikat yang sebenarnya. UMNO boleh datang dan pergi tetapi orang Melayu tetap unggul di bawah naungan kedaulatan raja-raja Melayu.
  • From Readers of Malaysia-Today: Read here for more
    1. ".... This kelantan prince needs someone to translate the constitution for him. How can you blame the rakyat for saying he is not intelligent and do not seem to understand the constitution. Clearly the constitution says we are a secular country but islam is the religion of the federation. Seems that the only royalty that seem to be really intelligent and a non-racist is Raja Nazrin. At least he is one person ALL the rakyat has respect for...."

    2. "... You have obviously been grossly misinformed or......being used. We don't need a racist prince. Certainly! ..."

    3. "...This is surprising given that they have been under PAS for so many years, and certainly PAS does not promote Ketuanan Melayu. Barisan Bertindak Perpaduan Melayu is the bigger problem. They only invite extremists to talk at their seminars. Soon you will hear of these ultras calling for a repeat of May 13. ..."

    4. "...Why can't we have princes like Raja Nazrin, who when he opens his mouth says things that gives hope and encouragement to all Malaysians. His comments and speeches are truly inspirational and makes one proud of the Malaysian Royalty.
      Then we have Tengku Faris, who lends his weight to people who create tension and fear, because they lack the intellect to see issues. Malaysians went to vote and voted in for candidates of their choice. is that a crime? How does that threaten any community?

      Maybe Tengku Faris should have told Malaysians whom to vote for. Get a life Tengku. I can assure you the non-Malays in this country are very loyal to the royalty. They see how princes like Raja Nazrin play a vital role in the dynamics that shape our nation.

      Please remember Tengku, that you are royalty to all Malaysians. Don't get used by politicians and bigots and racialists who hate anythin that is not like them.

    5. "...Dear Tengku, You have obviously been grossly misinformed or you are living in the 14th century. If what you say is right that Malays have been coerced into giving non-malays citizenship then I proposed you tell that to the Malaysian Govt to allow Penang to rejoin back the British Empire. That also goes for Sarawak and Sabah. I also suggest you take up history lessons that Kelantan was once part of the Siamese empire and you can go back to them...."
    6. "... our Federal Constitution clearly states that, Islam is the religion of the Federation & it does not mean that we are an Islamic country! As such, when the Crown Prince says that, Malaysia is an Islamic country, either our Federal Constitution is wrong or the Crown prince is lying. Am I right? ..."

    7. "...My first reaction is one of a shock - my ignorance of how such a prince thinks the world revolves around melayu centric, or how ignorant such a prince can be! My!! ..."

    8. "...Dumb prince makes dumb statement and calling himself a prince , must be the dumb kids on the block . Just to enlightened the history of Kelantan; Under the terms of the Anglo-Siamese Treaty of 1909, the Thais surrendered its claims over Kelantan, Terengganu, Kedah and Perlis to Great Britain, and Kelantan thus became one of the Unfederated Malay States with a British Adviser.
      Kelantan was the first place in Malaya to be occupied by the Japanese, who invaded on December 8, 1941. During the Japanese occupation, Kelantan came again under control of Siam, but after the defeat of Japan in August 1945, Kelantan reverted to British rule.

      Kelantan became part of the Federation of Malaya on February 1, 1948 and together with other states attained independence on August 31, 1957. On September 16, 1963, Kelantan became one of the component states of Malaysia.

      The Non Malays and the Malays should thus have equal status in Kelantan and in Malaysia by virtue of the fact that Kelantan was also under British at some time .

      If you think you want to pull wool over our eyes, I think you have been USED by the Barisan Bertindak Perpaduan Melayu .

    9. "...With due respect to the Prince, he is now wading into the quagmire of political quicksand. He may be unwittingly reading a text written by some UMNOputras.
      Just like many from the Straits Settlements of Penang, Melaka and even Lumut, we were all borned British subjects. We exchanged British citizenship for Malaysian citizenship without my consent.

      Let's hope the Kelantan Crown Prince is in newspapers jargon "misquoted". Otherwise, he need to get a crash course on Malaysian Constitution 101. .."

    10. "...Dumb statements like this only make the structure of a monarchy (Malaysian style) more venerable. He isn't making the Malay cause more palatable; indeed it is unacceptable. More of this and he might be staring at a movement that would call for the abolishment of the monarchy all together. ..."

    11. "...This is a political statement normally made by aspiring politicians from UMNO Youth. It's not right for those who wish to maintain their royal decorum to enter into such polemics for he will then face rebuttals which may be unpleasant.
      Or he could enter politics...."

    12. "..Tengku Faris, You must be reading Utusan, Berita, and the Star while at the golf course. Pls don't be fooled by the bangsawan and jutawan inside UMNO..."

    13. "... Saya sangat terkejut besar membaca rencana Malaysiakini di atas. Bagaimana seorang kerabat diRaja boleh membuat pernyataan yang tidak mengikut fakta sejarah. Sejak bila orang Melayu dipaksa (coerced) untuk memberi hak kerakyatan kepada orang bukan Islam? Dari buku mana baginda mendapat fakta ini? Ataupun penasihat baginda yang mana yang memberi maklumat ini? Dan...siapakah yang selalu melaung-laung dan menyebut-nyebut tentang "ketuanan"? Dalam zaman moden ini pun, masih ada lagi isu "ketuanan" dan pemberian hak keistimewaan kepada golongan tertentu. Bagaimana negara kita nak maju? ..."

    14. "...This is Malaysia at the crossroad. Royalty is one of the instituition of the Malays that I would respect just because of its name and that should be the case. That would be the ultimate respect show by non-Malay to Malaysian as Malaysian and we expect rulers to protect and strengthen us rakyat as well.
      On the other hand how do you response to this immature comments. Equality must be provided by the goverment to all their citizens without looking at their race, creed or religion period. If Malay is mature as Malaysian they should advice these potentially division comments by our Rulers that they must provide leadership, protection and strength for all Malaysian and not only Malays.

      Disappointing to the bone concerning the comments and make me wish all my family members move out of this country now. But, than again I hope the Malay is mature enough to take this comment with a grain of salt and not follow blindly on comments like this..."

    15. "...It's quite shocking for the royalty to say such a thing. It almost renders the 12th GE election meaningless. Why does the royalty give Datukships and Tan Sris to non Malays then?
      OMG, my heart is broken to pieces. My heart is broken to pieces. Is there hope for non Malays? We have no right to seek for equality, what right do we have then? Are the non Malays the black equivalents of America?

      This is a dark moment for non Malays of Malaysia. The Kelantan royalty has taken the hope away from we thought we saw only about a month ago. Perhaps all these hopes were just a dream. We have been jolted up from our sweet dream.

      We have wake up to reality. This is reality! ..."

    16. "...I had friends from other countries who emailed me to congratulate us (malaysians) after our dare devil performance in the last general election. And almost all of them in their own subtle ways, implied that they are surprised that malays are not as tunnelled vision as they think. And here we have a 'prince' to white wash it all away with just an idiotic racial laced sentence. Come on man...a 'prince' making such an inferior statement. Sorry lah my Malay brothers, I think you still have a long fight to raise your heads in this world. With people like this in yourr midst its.... "

    17. "... OUTRAGEOUS! This is an insult to people who recently denied the two-third BN majority and readily to give an opportunity to the country to build a ONE Malaysian nation, rather than a multi racial nation.
      What about non-Malay who were born in Malaysia and Malaysian who are 2rd, 3rd and 4th generations? Do you consider them legalized citizens likening to their ancestors who came to Malaysia prior to its independent?

      If the constitution holds true then non-Malay citizens will forever barred from seeking equality and making Malay the dominant race in the country and how well this can make Malaysia truly a ONE nation?

      So long Malaysia continues to have these loose canons, it never able to achieve the ONE nation status and forever people are divided. When their positions are threatened, they must use racial issue to enhance their positions..."
    18. "...OK, 1st of all, I'm going to openly state that I'm a Kelantanese and a Malay. I was watching Buletin Utama just now when they show the snippet of Tengku faris making the speech.
      To be honest, I felt sick in the stomach on how a prince (from Kelantan some more) can read such a speech (yes he was reading it guys, written by someone else...words by words).

      I always think that the whole 'gabungan-for-melayu' or whatever crap they called it would do much damage than good to the country knowing that most people who gonna make much noise in it will be the usual UMNO bunch. They should just call themselves UMNO!!

      I was a bit surprised how a crown prince can get caught up in the middle of all these nonsense.

      However, for all the readers who posted the comment here, please stop the whole Kelantanese-can-go-back-to-Siam' and other Malay taunting. It too is uncalled for as the prince speech. Do not think that all Kelantanese (and Malay) agree with him.We are all Malaysian despite what those bunch said! Nothing will change that. This is part of the strategy to get the non malay upset.

      Remember what RPK cautioned us before? It was only a day after RPK warned us about all was made after the whole MCA saying Chinese being cheated.

      Now it's UMNO turn to put fuel on the Malay!!

      Wake up guys, I know everyone is upset but DO NOT fall into their trap! DO NOT give them excuse to start something worse. Please, I'm begging all of the Malaysian to see what they're really trying to do!

      Tengku Razaleigh is the uncle of Sultan Kelantan, so I'm not suprised this is part of elaborate plot by UMNO to turn the heat up on Malaysian who are just beginning to break down the race barrier!

      Trust me, Tengku Faris does not know what he is saying, he just read it out of pages being given to him. Maybe it's a case of trying to do a' Raja Nazrin' (which I'm so proud of now that I'm living in Perak), maybe it's a case of naivety, but whatever it is, there's only 1000 people there. Do you guys know what that mean? Meaning it doesn't hold any weight to the current RAKYAT opinion.

      I'm stressing again, do not fall into their trap...DO NOT get into the name calling of the Royalty. It's what they really want. Again, remember what YM RPK cautioned us. Do not give this hard fought victory away! ..."


    From Roslan SMS: Read here for more


    "...Ampun Tuanku beribu ampun sembah patik harap diampun.

    Rakyat Melayu yang menerima dan menganut Islam, disamping rakyat Malaysia keseluruhannya patik yakin akan terus menerus taat dan menjujung institusi Raja-raja Melayu sebagai simbol keadilan dan payung negara.

    Sesungguhnya kebijaksanaan dan keberanian Raja-raja Melayu mutakhir ini menggunakan kuasa Duli-duli Tuanku sebagaimana yang termaktub dalam undang-undang tubuh negeri masing-masing, jelas disokong dan dijunjung rakyat jelata khasnya di Perlis, Terengganu, Perak dan Selangor.

    Ampun Tuanku

    Perpaduan Melayu rentetan Pilihan Raya Umum ke 12 lalu ternyata kelihatan rapuh namun hakikatnya ia tidak pernah mengakibatkan runtuh dan robohnya ketuanan Melayu sebagaimana yang cuba digembar-gemburkan oleh pihak-pihak tertentu khasnya yang telah hilang kuasa di negeri-negeri tertentu.

    Orang Melayu pada hakikatnya masih menguasai lebih separuh dari kerusi-kerusi di Dewan Rakyat dan di Dewan-dewan Undangan Negeri.

    Cumanya perbezaan politik mengakibatkan mereka terpisah namun tidaklah ia mengakibatkan kurang atau hilangya kuasa politik bangsa kita itu.

    Ampun Tuanku

    Perbezaan politik orang Melayu tidak boleh dielakkan, malah sistem demokrasi yang kita amalkan dalam negara meraikan perbezaan sihat ini.

    Orang Melayu telah berbeza politik sejak sebelum Merdeka lagi, tetapi sejarah telah membuktikan walaupun demikian mereka tidak pernah menggadaikan agama dan bangsa hasil dari perbezaan itu.

    Orang Melayu di Kelantan contohnya juga demikian sehingga ke hari ini namun Institusi Raja-raja Melayu dan konsep ketuanan Melayu terus mereka junjung dan pelihara.

    Ampun Tuanku

    Apa yang berlaku dalam Pilihan Raya Umum ke 12 lalu, adalah perubahan kecenderungan politik orang Melayu yang selama ini taat dan setia pada Umno.

    Setelah 50 tahun orang Melayu mula menyedari bahawa amanah yang telah mereka berikan kepada Umno telah dikhianati sehingga umat Melayu tidak lagi menjadi agenda utama perjuangan Umno tetapi yang dipenting dan diperjuangkan adalah nasib dan masa depan para pemimpin dan kroni mereka belaka dari peringkat tertinggi sehinggalah kepimpinan akar umbi.

    Ampun Tuanku

    Umat Melayu terganggu apabila ada dikalangan mereka masih miskin dan kais pagi makan pagi kais petang makan petang sedangkan pimpinan Umno yang mereka amanahkan untuk membela nasib mereka beratapkan mahligai mewah, berkenderaan mahal dan berharta dari harta yang diamanahkan kepada mereka untuk menjaganya.

    Ampun Tuanku

    Umat Melayu menghukum Umno melalui proses demokrasi dalam Pilihan Raya Umum lalu. Mereka menjatuhkan pemimpin-pemimpin Umno yang korap dan kotor ini dan menggantikannya bukan dengan pemimpin bukan Melayu tetapi pemimpin Melayu jua dari PAS dan PKR.

    Perubahan ini bukannya durhaka terhadap agama dan bangsa tetapi hakikatnya membersih umat Melayu dari pemimpin yang durhaka.

    Ampun Tuanku

    Rakyat jelata mengharapkan Tuanku Raja-raja Melayu akan terus menjadi payung bagi rakyat berteduh memperoleh keadilan dan kesaksamaan. Rakyat khasnya umat Melayu siapa sahaja patik sekalian termasuklah samada PAS atau PKR tidak sekali-kali akan bertindak menghakis kuasa Tuanku atau konsep ketuanan Melayu kerana sesungguhnya Islam dan Melayu itu tetap dan terus bangsa dan agama patik-patik jua.

    Yang patik-patik benci dan kesalkan adalah pemimpin-pemimpin Melayu yang menggadai dan memperjudikan nasib dan kepentingan umat angkara amalan rasuah yang merupakan amalan puaka dalam parti mereka.

    Ampun Tuanku

    Insyallah bangsa dan umat Melayu akan terus mulia dan dipandang tinggi kiranya mereka terus taat dan menjunjung perintah Allah swt. Pemimpin Melayu yang baik adalah pemimpin yang taat berpegang kepada al Quran dan Sunnah.

    Pemimpin Melayu seperti inilah patik yakin akan mempertahan dan mendaulatkan terus institusi Raja-raja Melayu, memelihara bangsa dan agama serta memeprtahankan kemerdekaan negara.

    Ampun Tuanku

    Patik menjunjung kasih ke bawah Duli Tuanku kerana berkenan menatap warkah ini. Semoga Allah swt melanjustkan usia Tuanku dan memberi taufik dan hidayah tidak putus-putus kepada Tuanku dan Raja-raja Melayu sekalian.
    Roslan SMS

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