Friday, 5 December 2008

Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin is an Embarassment as Penang Deputy CM: Anwar/PKR Should Now Do the Right Thing Quickly

Read here article by Rahmah Ghazali in Malaysiakini

Excerpts: Read here for more in Malaysiakini

SIX(6) members of Penang Deputy Chief Minister Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin resigned for allegedly being unable to work with him, according to Malaysiakini.

Among them his Private Secretary, Political Secretary, Press Secretary and Special Officer, because Fairus has an "ATTITUDE PROBLEM".

Fairus, 32, a PKR assemblyperson for Penanti, is one of the two Deputy Chief Ministers of Penang. The other deputy chief minister is P Ramasamy from DAP.

Since taking office in March, Fairus has been criticised by many quarters and complaints against him range from:
  • being late for functions and meetings

  • evading field work

  • not having a good relationship with his constituents and state Pakatan Rakyat leaders
  • PKR chief Anwar Ibrahim had openly advised Fairus to improve his work.

    Rezal Huzairi, who had been working with Fairus since March, tendered in his resignation last Monday, because he could not work with Fairus.

    Another former member of Fairus' administration,who requested anonymity, told Malaysiakini he realised he could not work with the deputy chief minister after only THREE months.

    He said,

    "As a person who worked closely with him, I did everything I could in my capacity, from arranging appointments to meeting constituents. But when I arranged appointments after I got his consent, he would make a last minute decision not to show up.

    At the end of the day, we are blamed as we are the ones who communicated with the respective people. How long can we stand this? My image has been tarnished because of him and I was even accused of being a traitor. "

    Another former officer who also requested anonymity, claimed that Fairus failed to arrange a single meeting with his secretaries and aides since he took office.

    "There was not a single meeting with the officers, aides, or his staff. This is not a question of us being jealous because there is nothing to be jealous about in the first place.

    We would support him if he does his job. We are not merely ‘yes-men' for him."
    Fairus had said the allegations by his staff of his incompetence were all lies (fitnah), and that he has no problems with members of his administration.

    One of them said if Fairus had proof of the lies or fitnah against him, he should lodge a police report. "Please stop accusing and pointing fingers at other people. If your officers resign one after another, the problem does not lie with them, but with you," one officer said.

    The officers agreed that the deputy chief minister should step down immediately before he makes "more mistakes". Fairus should step down to avoid embarrassing the Pakatan-led states and PKR.

    One of the officers advised:

    "He has to resign now if he still has some dignity left in him.

    We would not want him to betray his own Penanti constituents as this would just embarrass (Penang Chief Minister Lim) Guan Eng.

    It also brings down the image of Islam and the image of Anwar who made him what he is now."


    Yap Chong Yee said...

    So many complaints against him ! All the complainants cannot be wrong on the same thing at the same time.

    No problem, just appoint another from the PKR to replace him. He can remain an ordinaty MP.

    Anonymous said...

    Yap I agree with you, we did not vote for incompetant fools, WE will have more respect for pakatan this way, instead of covering up for a fool please release him from his responsibilities, Since he was forced to resign from FAP, there is no smoke if there is no fire. This is not a question of Face but responsibilities, enough of this bullshite, though I have a lot of respect for DSAI AND WAN AZIZAH, the time for cutting him loose has come, don't let Fairus become another sedekah, but there is another sedekah gossip about him isn't there, not girls from china but trying to borrow money from people with vested interests. Do not compromise the diginity of penang because of an embarrasement like Fairus. There were already rumblings about him from his own constituents regarding his behaviour and irresponsibilities during the permatang pauh elections, We did not vote Pakatan to put in place another bunch of ex-umno loosers. LET him step down, concentrate on his dun, if he proves incompetant than his voters will know what to do come next election, we vote bn. simple you dont listen to us the rakyat we don't vote you. MAKHAL SAKHTI.

    Anonymous said...

    Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin
    Inilah kelemahan orang Melayu, tak kira UMNO, PKR ....

    Telah mudah terlibat dalam politik, gilakan kuasa tapi otak kosong, cakap pandai, cakap Islam lagi pandai !!!!

    Kalau rasa kerusi panas, biarlah jangan duduk, balik belajar 20 tahun kemudian baru duduk kerusi ini.

    kerja elek...poorah

    Anonymous said...

    Ketuanan Melayu...
    Melayu ini nak jadi Tuan
    , tapi semua kuli sudah cabut belaka...

    Sampai bila melayu nak jadi TUAN??
    Tuan tak jadi , PR pula kena penyakit taun.

    Anonymous said...

    When the seat is too easy to get will never be appreciated.

    The Malaysian Explorer said...

    Let's hope this works out well and not affect the spirit of PR.

    The Malaysian Explorer

    mohd asbi said...

    Fairus ialah pengkhianat gerakan reformasi dan pengkhianat PR atas sikap beliau sendiri.