Saturday, 6 December 2008

Mukhriz is a Linguistic Moron.... and an Economic and Political Moron, too

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Abolishing vernacular schools is a pure NO brainer !


  1. Linguistically Moronic Idea

    ".... Saved for linguistic genius, it’s impossible for one to learn a difficult language like Chinese without attending a real Chinese school on full time basis during one’s formative years. NO ORDINARY PERSON can grasp the bare necessity to read, write, and speak in Chinese without at least attending several years of full time Chinese school.

    It's disastrous to try to force all the Rakyat to master only a single language.

    It’s absolutely cruel to bring the whole nation down just because it’s a handy, free and effective tool for some 'politikus' to score political mileage. ..."
    (X-Talks Blog)

  2. Politically Moronic Idea

    "... It’s unconstitutional, and it’s also against the law of nature (ie. defying market forces). It’s plain inhumanity to deny fellow Rakyat from learning a language they deem beneficial." (X-Talks Blog)

    Its political suicide for UMNO and MCA.

    A moronic idea from a candidate wishing to be the Chief of UMNO Youth that guarantees a death-wish for the already "hidup segan, mati tak mahu" Barisan Nasional.

  3. Economically Moronic Idea

    We have a country up north with 1.3 billion people speaking and writing in Chinese which everybody else in the world says will be (or already is) an economic powerhouse of the 21st century. We also have closeby another competing powerhouse in India with 1.1 billion people.

    To boot, we have among us as citizens, whose ancestry traced back to these two powerhouses and who are willing to learn and invest in the languages of these two huge countries.

    The Department of Economics of National University of Singapore published a paper entitled " China as an economic powerhouse: Implications on its neighbors" (2003) and it says,
    "China has recently started shifting from an export-oriented economy to a more domestic-demand-driven one.

    Such a shift, in the backdrop of China's entry into the World Trade Organization, is opening up the country's huge domestic market for imports, thus providing great opportunities for the regional economies. "
  4. The World Bank research report, "China Is Becoming the World's Manufacturing Powerhouse", said,
    China is now the world’s fourth largest industrial producer behind the United States, Japan, and Germany. Once viewed as the 1 billion people market, China is becoming the world’s factory floor, and its competitiveness is redrawing the global corporate landscape.

    Driving all this is a combination of forces— FOREIGN investment worth more than $600 billion over the last two decades, an appetite for foreign technology, and a nationwide entrepreneurial zeal—that have spawned one of the world’s most competitive

    Nearly HALF of all the goods China sends overseas each year are made by FOREIGN COMPANIES such as Motorola and Philips manufacturing in that country.
    Foreign investment continues to soar and is on track to hit a record $50 billion
  5. Forget about doing business in China or India if you can ONLY speak the Malay language coupled with a spattering of 'gibberish English" (read here an example of gibberish English used in the website of a Government Ministry and HERE, the nonsensical version of English used in one University in the country) which many of our local school and university students and bureaucrats are known for.

    So, what do we do in Malaysia?

    Instead of strategising our options in the global economy, our half-baked and half-brained politicians and wannabe leaders of UMNO and UMNO Youth sought to marginalise our own people for narrow and parochial political ambitions.

    Our more economically smarter southern neighbour has Malays who can speak Chinese language more fluently than many of the English-speaking Chinese in Malaysia. These Chinese-speaking Singaporean Malays are better equipped and much more competitive internationally than our highly proficient only Bahasa-Malaysia speaking Malay in this 21st century.

    Furthermore, in South East Asian countries eg Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hongkong and Taiwan, big-time commerce and business are in the hands of ethnic Chinese. And if you are not a Chinese, ethnically speaking, but you can converse (or write) in Chinese, that goes a long way to impress these ethnically proud "towkays", and you have already a foot in the door to begin with.

    Even Australians feel that with its Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, fluent in Chinese, (yet who has no Chinese blood flowing in his veins,) the country will benefit in many ways in its relationship with China.

    Don't even compare Prime Minister Kevin Rudd with our current Prime Minister, Abdullah Badawi, himself of recent Chinese ancestry and with relatives still living in Hainan, China, who not only cannot speak Chinese at all , but has virtually denied all of his Chinese heritage.

    Similarly can be said of Dr Mahathir and his son, Mukhriz whose recent ancestry is from Kerala State in South India but who prefer to behave as divisive ultra-Malays than the normally more gracious and cultured ethnic Malays.

    (put on your speakers)

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd
interviewed on China's CCTV

    In a globalised economy, you have to be not only be multi-lingual but have to be proficient in the languages that matter, ie English language ( at least for now and near future) for the pursuit of knowledge and technology, and Chinese and/or Hindi for commerce in the 21st century.

    If you are only proficient in Malay language, the furthest you can go outside Malaysia with the least linguistic problems is Indonesia. Even then, the 300 million Indonesians don't have much regard for Bahasa Malaysia when compared to Bahasa Indonesia. In fact, Indonesians have plenty of jokes about Malaysians speaking Bahasa Malaysia.

    So what gives?

    "...Leave all (vernacular,include Malay, Chinese and Indian etc) schools intact. Let the market forces determine the ratio and proportion.

    Turn all secondary school into English schools.

    There should be solid solution in place for those who simply can't cope up with English. I think they should be either offered intensive coaching or perhaps be given options to go the vocational route. You know, some people are just hopeless with language, but they are damn good at other things eg. with their hands..."

    (X-Talks blog)


    A great disappointment.

    A scion of the longest serving Prime Minister, a father with the best medical education in the English language.

    Mukhriz has the timing and the occasion after the March 8 election, to evolve into a better future leader than his father in terms of providing a more inclusive vision for the nation.

    Instead of using his God-given wisdom and brains and be seen as a leader with a big picture for the future of our country, Mukhriz uses his envious position to narrow down his outlook to play silly communal politics of UMNO to win a few votes.

    Mukhriz is not only a Linguistic Moron, but a Political and Economic one too.

    Sad !!

    -Malaysian Unplug


Anonymous said...

Wahai Anak Mamak yang dikasihi:
Mukhriz..anak mamak, kau pun melayu celup. tiada budaya dan tiada bahasa ibunda. Tiada akar langsung.

Jadi Anak mamak moron ini, bukalah mata sendiri, Bahasa melayu hanya sesuai untuk orang yang melayu layu, bangsat kesana bangsat ke sini,

So, jangan jadikanlah rakyat malaysia ikut kau bangsat !! Ayah kau kutu bangsat hampir memusnahkan malaysia, tambah kau anak bangsat hanya musnahkan malaysia !!

Poooorah !!

Anonymous said...

Adakah kita patut bangga Bahasa Melayu?

Bahasa melayu adalah bahasa pinjaman, hanya 4 perkataan asal ciptaan orang melayu yang lain pinjam tak kembalikan. Malau lah!!

itu Mamak tua telah musnahkan orang melayu dengan penggunaan bahasa melayu waktu zaman pemerintahaannya , kenapa pula Mamak tua tak berani sound macam anak mamak itu??

Anak mamak...jagalah, kalaulah BN runtuh suatu hari, UMNO Muslim Munafiq, khasnya kaum mamak akan dimarginalise.. tunggu dan lihat.