Wednesday 24 December 2008

PAS Youth Becoming Thugs Going into the Streets to Deny the Freedom of Muslim Youths in Malaysia

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Penang PAS Youth will stage a street protest tomorrow if the state government goes ahead with the I-Dance street dancing competition.

Mohamed Hafiz, the Penang PAS Youth chief said the I-Dance competition should NOT be open to Muslim teenagers and youths as it could erode their moral values.

Mohamed Hafiz Mohd Nordin said the protest also showed its serious stand on the event which it viewed could have a negative impact on young people. He said,

"We are not stopping the state government from holding the event but it must not involve Muslim youths. If they do it for youths of other religions, please go ahead.

If the state government wants to go ahead with the street dancing event, we have no choice but to hold a street protest. Then it's only fair for the government and Muslims in the state."

This was the second such protest, which lasted for about half an hour from 2pm.

On 12 Dec, more than 200 Penang PAS Youth members staged a similar protest in the compound of the Permatang Janggus mosque, near here, carrying banners and the protesters loudly condemning the (Pakatan Rakyat) state government's leadership for supporting the street dancing competition despite the protest from various quarters.

It is understood that the state government, through its Youth and Sports Committee, supported the event organised by Danzity Productions to promote a healthy lifestyle and past-time activity for young people.

The preliminary rounds of the competition will be held at the New World Park tomorrow and the final at the Queensbay Mall on 27 Dec.

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