Sunday 30 August 2009

Leaders and Members of the Severed Cow Head Demonstration are Pakatan Rakyat (PR) Members ?

One blogger claimed the leaders and the Scumbag Muslims marching with a severed cow head demonstration are members of the PKR and PAS.

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(A) "...Pengerusi kumpulan penduduk ini adalah Mahyuddin Manap, kini ahli PKR Wangsa Maju..."

Mahyuddin Manap
Chairman, Section 23 Shah Alam Resident Committee
(Organiser of the severed cow head protest by the Muslim Scumbags)

It is claimed HERE Mahyuddin Manap is a member of Parti KeAdilan Rakyat (PKR) of Wangsa Maju

But this PAS Blogger says Mahyuddin Manap admitted he is a PAS member.

Either he is a PAKATAN RAKYAT supporter, it would mean he is NOT an UMNO member or supporter

(2)"... Naib Pengerusi, Ibrahim Sabri adalah penyokong Anwar Ibrahim dan penggiat Reformasi yang pernah keluar masuk lokap. .."

Ibrahim Sabri,
The Leader of the Muslim Scumbags in the Severed Cow Head Protest

It is claimed HERE Ibrahim Sabri, the leader of the Scumbag Muslims is a supporter of Reformasi and Anwar Ibrahim

(3) "... Orang yang membaca doa di masa perarakan pun adalah ahli PAS yang dipercayai dipanggil orang sebagai Amin. ..."

These are the Scumbag Muslims saying their prayers to Allah after parading the severed cow head and insulting the Hindu faith following their Friday prayers at the Mosque in the month of Ramadan .

According to HERE, these Scumbag Muslims are PAS Members


Yong said...

PKR and PAS, act now! Sack these scumbags if they are really your party members. They have put Islam to shame by behaving in such manners. What do you expect from people who do not respect Islam, our food (the cow) and the month of Ramadhan?

Anonymous said...

Is this not what the ISA is for? What's holding the Home Menteri Menteri not to invoke this Act? Do it without fear or favour.

Anonymous said...

whichever party pun dun bother ....they r simply muslim malays laa...!!

Anonymous said...

....some more can say prayers to their god after putting the bloody cow-head as 'offering' there !?