Monday 31 August 2009

We Support PM Najib's Call to Tear Down the Divisive Walls

Addressing the nation in his first National Day message as prime minister, Najib Abdul Razak has urged the people to tear down the walls that separate them.

We Agree.

He should start with THIS Divisive WALL ......

The Wall That Divides This Nation

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Addressing the nation in his first National Day message as the prime minister, Najib said the passing of time saw the bridges, which were painstakingly built by the nation's founding fathers, becoming shaky due to attempts by certain quarters (READ HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE ) whom he described as opportunistic groups out to exploit frictions among the people. Addressing the nation in his first National Day message as prime minister AND WE AGREE.

Najib also said Malaysia became the first country in the world to defeat COMMUNIST uprising.


But these COMMUNISTS (Read HERE, and HERE in Malaysiakini and HERE and HERE) gave THEIR LIVES to fight for OUR independence against the British and the Japanese.

They remember their FALLEN MALAY comrades after they have laid down their arms (CLICK HERE and HERE and HERE )

How many UMNO, MCA or MIC members sacrifice their lives, besides street protests, to win Malaysia's independence? The only sacrifice they did was to take a paid-for trip to go to London to beg for independence.

If not for those freedom fighters in the jungle,Britain would NOT have given us our independence. Read HERE for more

The Tunku, in his 1983 memoirs "Lest We Forget ", had said: 'Just as Indonesia was fighting a bloody battle, so were the communists of Malaya who, too, fought for independence.'

Even PAS described the communist movement's armed struggle as a patriotic war and hailed its members Rashid Maidin and Abdullah CD as patriots and heroes

Brigadier Keith Prosser CBE MC wrote, " When Malaya was not granted immediate independence in 1946, the Communist Party of Malaya, led by Chin Peng began a terrorist campaign which lasted until 1960". READ HERE FOR MORE

A.K. Stockwell wrote, " Chin Peng is Malaya's Ho Chi Minh, but a Ho Chih Minh manqué. Like Ho Chi Minh, Chin Peng was a communist who, having played a key part in local resistance to the Japanese occupation, led the struggle AGAINST the post-war restoration of European colonialism." Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society (2006) , 16 : 279-297 Cambridge University Press, "Chin Peng and the Struggle for Malaya"

Jonathan Kent wrote for BBC News (2007),

" The way the story of Malaysia's independence is told by some within the dominant United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), you might think the Malay community secured independence on its own; driving the perfidious British into the sea.

It is NOT true. Indeed the one surviving key player from the independence struggle is NOT Malay at all.

He is Malaysian Chinese, and he is not welcome in the land of his birth.

Chin Peng was once Malaysia's most wanted man.Chin Peng, leader of the Communist Party of Malaya, did as much as anyone to bring about Malaya's independence. With 5-10,000 armed guerrillas he tied down tens of thousands of Commonwealth troops in a ruinously expensive war."
-Jonathan Kent


Anonymous said...

These 3 main prominent issues need to be addressed to tear down the 'Divisive Wall' -
1. Racial Polarisation
2. Religious freedom and tolerance
3. Fair equitable Educational and Economic opportunities.
Talk and expression is cheap. How serious is this Government prepared to overcome these obstacles as a major starting point to tear this wall down?

bnaipal said...

Anonymous, The Govt. will only preach but the fanatics will practically do & get what they want. And we will blog & blog about it till eternity...Amen.

shuz said...

It seems to be an oxymoron when you equate "freedom fighters" with Communists. Since when does Marxist-Leninist support freedom ?

In our hatred for all things BN, let's not rewrite history and call Communists "freedom fighters". It makes mockery for those servicemen and women who put their lives at risk in battling Communism so that we all can enjoy the creature comfort that capitalism brings us.