Sunday 15 July 2007

Blogger Nathaniel Tan: The FIRST Victim of the Johari Baharom-Musa Hassan Power Play In Progress ?

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  • Is Nathaniel Tan being made the first victim in the high-stake power play between the Deputy Minister for Internal Security and the Inspector-General of Police ?

    1. On March 4, Malaysiakini quoted the Star that the ACA was investigating a ‘senior politician’ for allegedly accepting money to assist in freeing several suspects held under the draconian Emergency Ordinance, which allows detention without trial. Read here for more

    2. Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan also told Malaysiakini in March 2007 that the Police is assisting the ACA in its investigation. Calling for a fair probe, he said the matter also involved the integrity of the Police Force. Read here for more

      (The Police Force is under the Internal Security Ministry)

    3. Deputy Internal Security Minister Mohd Johari Bahrum strongly denied he had taken bribes amounting to more than RM5 million to free detainees held under the Emergency Ordinance (EO), which allows detention without trial.

    4. In defending himself, Johari Baharom also took a swipe at the Police, accusing the Police Force of not taking action involving similar allegations made against other leaders. Read here for more

    5. Johari Bahrom also accused the Police of NOT following standard operating procedure (SOP) when carrying out investigations on EO cases, thus forcing him to release the detainees. Read here for more

    6. On March 5, Malaysiakini reported that Federal CID director Christopher Wan Soo Kee "appeared to be taken aback" by the claim made by Johari Baharom that poor Police investigations had led to the release of criminal suspects held under the Emergency Ordinance (EO). Wan said: “If there is anything (weaknesses), the (Internal Security) Ministry will get back to us [...] We (the police) are under the ministry, so if there is anything, we shall wait for the ministry to inform us”. Read here for more Read here for more

    7. Federal CID Director Wan said the commercial crime division is looking into the origins of the website and the persons responsible for it. Read here for more

    8. After Johari Baharom was cleared by ACA of the charges, he instructed the Police Commercial Crimes Investigation Department (CCID) to trace authors that spread “lies” through websites. Read here for more

    9. Johari Bahrom then filed a report with the ACA against the Police Chief, Musa Hassan. Johari said he made the ACA report after failing to receive an explanation about the Internet reports from police. The internet was abuzz alleging Musa Hassan received a bribe of RM2.1 million to release a group of gangsters, according to Bernama. Read here for more.

    10. The Police then arrested Nathaniel Tan and questioned him at Bukit Aman. Tan was later remanded for 4 days under Section 8 of the Official Secret Act (OSA) over allegation of possession of documents pertaining to Johari Baharum's alleged involvement in corruption.

  • From "Kickdefella": Read here for more
  • ".... After 50 years of independent we became a very confused nation.

    We have lost our mind and fail to recognise who is a gangster and who is a freedom fighter.

    Should we take an innocent young man into custody for having a document that might prove someone big is guilty?

    In THOSE days, the police were formed to protect the people from the bad guys.

    Perhaps NOWADAYS, the police are form to protect bad politician from the masses that voted them into power and in order to do so, the bad politician will go sleeping on the police so-called friendship with the gangster.

    Well, maybe this is the deal between the police force with Malaysia Prime Minister for sleeping on the IPCMC proposal.

    IPCMC? How I am not surprised that it is all but forgotten.

    Did anyone still remember how the police representatives politely told The Prime Minister that they will not have ‘power’ to ‘help’ the (BN) politician if IPCMC is implemented?

    Remember that they ‘whisper’ that they will not vote for BN if PM carry on with the IPCMC?

    No. Because we are very forgetful lot....."

  • From "Disquiet" Malik Imtiaz Sarwar : Read here for more

  • "... I am concerned about the arrest and remand of Nathaniel Tan. Media reports suggest that he has been arrested in connection with an offence under section 8 of the Official Secrets Act, or the OSA.

    If this is true, then the Government must take immediate steps to ensure that Nathaniel Tan is immediately released.

    The OSA is unconstitutional. In its current form, it violates a range of fundamental liberties guaranteed by the Federal Constitution. The OSA violates the equal protection and equal access to the law guarantees as well as undermining the fair and free elections underpinnings of our system of government.

    The OSA in its current form allows for a government to administer this country covertly and in defiance of the accountability and transparency that is crucial to democratic process.

    This impacts on all our lives in more ways that we can begin to understand as the government is given a means to thwart legitimate public interest by the forced suppression of material and relevant information. The position taken by the government in connection with the disclosure of toll concession agreements illustrates this worrying trend.

    The OSA as it is also violates international human rights norms and runs counter to representations made by our government at the international level about the state of play in this country where civil and political rights are concerned.

    Malaysia is a current member of the United Nations Human Rights Council. It must act in a manner consistent with its membership.

    These are not my views alone. The OSA has been widely condemned (see
    here for a comprehensive analysis of the Act by Human Rights Watch).

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  • From Zainol Abideen, "Mahaguru58" Blog: Read here for more

    "....It is a sad day for this nation now when we see folks like Brother Nathaniel Tan being incarcerated for the crimes of so many others.

    I for one think that our Royal Malaysian Police Force are capable of doing so much more better if only they pay heed to the Kalimah of 'ALLAH' and 'Muhammad' emblazoned atop their logo and crest.

    Islam does not punish someone because of another's mistake or crime.

    I ask: "Is Nathaniel Tan guilty of setting up that website that accuses Dato' Johari Baharom of corruption or is he a sacrificial 'test the waters' victim of the powers that be to gauge the reactions and responses of the Malaysian socio-political-religious bloggers?"

    How come those 'shit spewers' get no action taken against them or as challenged by the blog owner himself, Raja Petra Kamaruddin so that the justice system can dissect the information rightfully in court and see who's right and who's wrong?

    Is Raja Petra too big a fish for the boys to haul in? Most of us Malaysians wonder?

    Why does the Inspector General of the Royal Malaysian Police who has been accused point blank in so reluctant to seek legal redress against the nation's # 1 Alternative News Portal? Is he so forgiving? What gives?

    Why only Nathaniel Tan and not those Malaysia Today commentors who so blatantly accuse and lambast our nation's # 1 Police Officer of corrupt practices? This is what many of us wonder?

    I am sure that the Cyber Crimes Division of our learned Special Branch of the Royal Malaysian Police Force at Bukit Aman are well equipped and professional enough to trace the IP address of the libelous website and get to the root address of whoever set up the 'offending' website.

    So, please be just and do what's right for Brother Nathaniel.

    May Almighty Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala guide all our PDRM SB officers at Bukit Aman to be just, transparent and fair to Nat and all Malaysian Bloggers to be responsible when blogging and do the right thing by exercising caution before saying anything that is baseless and criminal for there is a saying that ' Thou shall reap what thou sows!' Ameen Ya Allah Ya Adil!..."
  • From "The Malay Male", Amir Hafizi: Read here for more and here
  • "...Who is Nat Tan? A lot of people have asked me this question. They want to know about who this guy whom the powers-that-be decided was enough of a threat to put him behind bars in orange shirts and shit. And possibly a kopiah.

    Nat Tan went to Harvard, one of America's Top Universities. Best in their Law and Business schools. Then he came back to Malaysia and joined KeADILan. Why would someone smart enough and rich enough to go to Harvard would bother with a lame-o political party like PKR?

    Funnily enough, around two months ago, I told Nat to get out of the country and take Li Tsin with him. "They will throw you in jail and cut your balls off, man," I wrote.

    Malaysia is not a country for all this shit. Only a war which kills millions would ever have any impact on its people.I mean, if you want to change the country, it's really a battle to change people. To win over the hearts and minds of the kingmakers in the rural areas.

    Folks like my parents and my villagers. I grew up with them and I can say that they are more fucked up than I am. They WILL cut your balls off, man. Or burn your parents' house. The Opposition likes to play hero in the urban areas, but they can never, ever penetrate the rural areas effectively with the bullshit politics they practice.

    Honestly, I think Nat Tan is a better person than Anwar. When Anwar finally croaks, I was hoping that people like Nat or better yet, Nat himself would head PKR.

    Just give me my f**** RM300,000 and I'll get the fuck out of this country. I'm not selling out cause that would cost you f****ers US$400 million. To just get me out of the country, I just need RM300,000.

    I've been following Nat Tan's hot sister's blog for updates on his detainment by people disguised as trees (Special Branch).

    The charges are all still fuzzy. Especially after the powers-that-be quite possibly decided to sneak him through court past his lawyers and shit. Yeah. The thing was supposed to be at 4.30pm, but they tried to pull a fast one without telling any of Nat's lawyers that their client was there.

    The charge apparently has something to do with this Dato' Johari fella, or rather accusations directed at Dato' Johari at this site. The guy who wrote that pasted information on his site in Nat's here.

    OSA - Official Secrets Act - has been bandied about, suggesting that Nat has been exposing Government secrets to all and sundry. Even though he probably did not write the Dato' Johari site at all.

    So what big secret is this all about? Most probably the secret is that Dato' Johari got millions of ringgit pay-off from Chinese gangsters to release them.

    I mean, if that was not true, Dato' Johari would simply sue for libel and make a million from Nat's family as well as the anonymous whistleblower of the Freeweb site.

    If it IS true and the facts could damage the country, THEN the powers that be would have grounds to arrest Nat under the OSA.

    This, my friends, is how justice is carried out in Malaysia. And if you have a problem with that, you can GETTT OUTTT!!!

    I'm trying to gather just RM300,000 cash so that I could go away to another country and leave the poor defenseless politicians alone. Cause if I stay here, in 10 years time, either they would shoot me or I would shoot them. AND their family.

    And then, outside the country, I will use my genius to start a hydrogen fuel-cell revolution. And be the world's first trillionaire.

    And THEN I'll get a Datuk Seri-ship which I will turn down in favour of a Lordship.

    They'd ask me to come back to Malaysia but when I do set foot here, they will arrest me and try to take all my money, even though my company then would be a foreign one.

    International pressure would mount because I have bought an English Premier League club, Seattle Supersonics as well as the Boston Red Sox. And they would have to free me. Not to mention McClaren-Mercedes and the Cleveland Browns.

    Malaysia's economy would then be on a decline and a year later, I would have bought the entire country for a little under a billion USD.

    And then I will come in with flying aircraft carriers and giant robots and set up a dictatorship in Malaysia which will last a thousand years.

    And THEN, all you f***** who ever pissed me off gets a red hot poker. In the ass...."

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