Friday 20 July 2007

Open Letter to DPM Najib on Islamic State: "Bring Forth YOUR Proof ? "


Haris Ibrahim
(Haris Ibrahim is a trained lawyer)

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Dear Najib,


A Malaysiakini report entitled
‘This is an Islamic state : Najib’ reports that YOU made the following statements:
"Malaysia is an Islamic state and not a secular one. Islam is the official religion and we are an Islamic state. We have NEVER been secular…"
Like you, I too believe in Islam.

And like me, I am sure that YOU know full well that God commands the truth and nothing but the truth.

I am therefore first obliged to ask IF YOU DID INDEED make these claims?

If so, let me state categorically that YOUR claims are UNTRUE.

THIS IS THE TRUTH as I discern from the materials that abound.

YOUR late father,
according to history, was part of the 1956 delegation that went to London to secure our independence.

Truly, this nation is indebted to YOUR late father, the late Tunku and every freedom fighter of the era for securing independence for our nation. And a SECULAR Federal Constitution.


Have YOU not read the Reid Commission report, that document that bears testimony to the selfless work of our leaders of days gone by?

Tun Salleh Abas (former Lord President of the Supreme Court) did, in extenso, in the case of Che Omar Che Soh. I have referred to this in an earlier post entitled
‘Historical and Constitutional Position of Islam Judicially Examined’

Let me reproduce for YOU here the relevant excerpt from Tun Salleh’s judgment.

"…we have to set aside our personal feelings because the law in this country is still what it is today, SECULAR law, where morality NOT accepted by the law is NOT enjoying the status of LAW.

Perhaps that argument should be addressed at other forums or at seminars and, perhaps, to politicians and Parliament.

Until the law and the system is changed, we have NO choice but to proceed as we are doing TODAY. "

Do YOU know what Tunku’s view was on this secular / Islamic state issue?

See what Tunku said on the occasion of his 80th birthday
as reported by the Star in February, 1983.

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Tunku said :

" The country has a multi-racial population with various beliefs.

Malaysia MUST continue as a secular State with Islam as the official religion ".

Tunku was NOT alone.

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This how the report in the Star reads :
"Former Prime Minister Tun Hussein Onn has supported Tunku Abdul Rahman’s view that Malaysia should NOT be turned into an Islamic state'The nation can still be functional as a SECULAR state with Islam as the offical religion,' he said."

What were YOU thinking of when YOU made what appear to me to be unfounded claims?

Aside from being untrue, they also amount to a slur on Tunku and Tun Hussein.

These two great statesmen got it wrong?

As one who, like you, professes a belief in Islam,
I must ask that you DESIST in these UNFOUNDED contentions.

As you also well know, God in the Holy Qur’an commands that when there is a dispute on an issue, it is proper to call in the evidence of the respective parties.

You say Islamic state. I say secular.

I have produced my proof.

" Have you any knowledge with you? If so, bring it forth" -
Surah 6 verse 148 of the Holy Qur’an.

Please note that I have refrained from invoking the last part of the verse above.

At this juncture, I shall assume you were merely mistaken.

I am obliged to say here that IF YOU insist on continuing to make these assertions without bringing forth your proof, I shall invoke the curse of God as commanded in Surah 3 verse 61 of the Holy Qur’an.


Haris Ibrahim


  • From Jeff Ooi: Read here for more on Screenshots
    "... Can history be re-written by the politicians and power-that-be this recklessly?

    Thus far, we have seen Haris (Ibrahim), no less a courageous Malaysian Muslim, quote the holy book to
    challenge Najib -- and by extension should include Abdullah as Najib was reading the speech on the PM's behalf -- to show proof that this country is de jure and de facto an Islamic State.

    We will see if the non-Muslims in the Barisan Nasional leadership dare to share their views in the open.

    Or more importantly, to strike up courage to right the wrongs, first mooted by Dr Mahathir on
    September 29, 2001 and now rehashed by his successors, in no uncertain terms..."

  • From Anwar Ibrahim: Read here for more on Malaysiakini
    ....Anwar Ibrahim today described the statement by Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak as "exposing his dismal ignorance" of what an Islamic state was all about.

    Anwar Ibrahim told Malaysiakini:
    " His statement is a blatant attempt to pander to communal and religious passions.

    It is a statement that aims to continue the battle of labels while ignoring the fundamental freedoms enshrined not only in our Federal Constitution but also in the higher objectives of the syariah.

    It is shocking that as the nation approaches its 50th anniversary of Merdeka we have leaders who have no compunctions about fanning tensions rather than assuaging them.

    It is aimed at exploiting the tensions that recent controversies over cases of apostasy have spawned.

    When these irresponsible statements are viewed against the backdrop of a rising crime rate, rampant corruption, arbitrary misuse of police power and continued deterioration in the judiciary, one is staggered by the spectacle of leaders fiddling and pandering while the country writhes in pain."
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