Saturday 13 December 2008


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" Datuk M.Kayveas, Stop Crapping Around.
Do What You Said You Will Do !!
Protect the Credibility of PPP, WALK the TALK !"

People’s Progressive Party (PPP) is standing by its president Datuk M Kayveas, who earlier said that the party will leave the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition if the Internal Security Act (ISA) is not amended, but will sack former president S I Rajah for breaking ranks on the matter.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said the PPP is free to leave the coalition as the BN has no intentions of amending the ISA.

After the party’s emergency supreme council meeting yesterday, PPP’s senior vice-president Datuk Lee Heng said that they unanimously supported its president on the matter. Read here for more


Anonymous said...

The perfect word reserve for you, pordah , India Mabuk !!Balless man, big mouth, talk only !! mabuk !

Anonymous said...

UMNO : Pergi Pergi Pergi
MIC : Pordah Pordah Pordah

Anonymous said...

This is a friendly advice to Mr. Kayveas................if you think you cannot fulfil the voices of your Youth Wings, it is better to keep real quiet and not exposing your Party's weaknesses by passing comments which would make a MOCKERY of your status.

The only option to salvage your integrity as well as the Youth Wings...........walk the talk !

Anonymous said...

PPP is a noncence party ,they say empty barrels makes the most noice. that the case with these members and leaders right from the publicity craving men to the women who are not much different.
like THE REST you are not opening any eyes that the public does not already have