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The Lingam Video Clip Scandal: Government's Wishy-Washy Attitude to Cleaning Up the Judicial Rot

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Background: Full report on the Lingam video clip to be presented by the 3-man Special Panel chaired by Tan Sri Haider will be ready by 10th November.

And Haider hinted the Lingam video clip may NOT be authentic and "case may be closed" based on a report prepared by Cyber Security Sdn Bhd.

The analysis of the video clip was made by TWO LOCAL EXPERTS from Cyber Security Sdn Bhd lead by its digital forensic head Aszmarfidilah Mohd Ariffin.

Nobody so far has come forward to give any statement to the panel despite the government assurance that the informant will be protected. Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has refused to hand over the original copy of clip unless there is a royal commission enquiry.
Defacto Law Minister Nazri has been making media statements agreeing with Haider.

Is Nazri trying to cushion the public prior to the submission of the Panel's Report ?


  • From "multidimid" in Present Point Power Blog: Read here

  • This was a possible spin Datuk Nazri was making through the TV station to cushion the public when the Final Panel Results are announced after next Wednesday when the panel is expected to submit a report of the findings.

    This preliminary premature finding is rather suspicious.

    1. What about the announcement that a copy of the Clip has been sent to HK ACA equivalent for verification?

    2. Have they got no results and why based the findings entirely on these so called experts “local experts” whose credentials and records are doubtful?
      It looks like another BIG FIX if they cannot compare the local opinion with those from the overseas experts. They must reveal the digital forensic methodology and criteria they employed to come to the conclusion that the clip is not authentic?
    3. Is it NOT authentic because it is NOT the original?

      Like you compare pirated discs with Originals.

      The ONLY "original" would be the ONLY one residing in the cell phone and it would most probably have been erased by now after 5 years. So actually there is NO original left.

      The argument they might be using would be on similar lines if they are asked to verify confiscated pirated copies of VCD or DVD disc. They can easily verify fake copies the as any duplication would involve loss They should study the tempering of the clip and see if audio & video tracks have been superimpose on and altered.
      in "quality".
      The report might be made public but who would challenge these 2 local experts in their conclusion?

      Are they going to include copy of the report?

      My simple analysis using the Video Ulead software on a sample 30 sec of the Lingam Video clip revealed NO such tempering or cheating. (See details H E R E)

      Further checks revealed NO such company called Cyber Security Sdn Bhd, the closest is

      CyberSecurity Malaysia (formerly known as NISER),
      located at: Level 7, SAPURA @ MINES, 7, Jalan Tasik, The Mines Resort City,
      43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

      CyberSecurity Malaysia

      Yes CyberSecurity Malaysia's services include Audio Video Forensics.

      Question is: Have they done any authenticity checks on Videos BEFORE ?

      Their work and consultancies are mainly on Cyber security tracking & spying on internet, virus attacks etc?

      Look at their track records and here

      Today, CyberSecurity Malaysia exists as the national reference and specialist centre in cyber security under the purview of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI).

      But have they got the experience to do this verification?

      According the CyberSecurity Malaysia's own report: Cyber Forensics and Analysis Investigations is the core services of the Digital Forensic Lab of CyberSecurity Malaysia. They offer digital forensics services to law enforcement agencies, government agencies, organizations and the general public.

      The services are offered based on the systematic foundation of digital forensics methodology, which involves digital evidence collection, preservation, analysis and presentation.
      Is this the same company checking on this tape?

      How can Haider based the conclusion from these 2 local boys who are guarding the internet?

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