Monday 26 November 2007

Muhyiddin Yassin's Narrow-Minded and Mean Comments on the Plight of Marginalised Malaysian Indians

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READ HERE: Article "Facts and Figures on the Status of Ethnic Indian Citizens in Malaysia "

The Star reported:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket"...Umno vice-president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin warned yesterday that the country could collapse if the people carry their grievances to the streets.

To me, the group just wanted to create instability and cause problems, especially to the people in Kuala Lumpur,” he said, when commenting on the Hindraf protest yesterday.

Muhyiddin, who is Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister, said there were poor people among the Malays and Chinese as well and poverty was not just among the Indians.

He said if Malaysia had treated the Indian community unfairly, as claimed by the organisers of the Hindraf demonstration, the group leader would not have obtained a good education and become a lawyer..."
Muhyiddin is a good example of the successful Umnoputera.

A shrewd, calculating politician, he has used the racist system so prevalent in Malaysia, manipulated and thrived within it while in the process amassing enormous wealth and power and is now within smelling distance of the Prime Minister's office.

Do you think that such a man would be even the least concerned about the miseries of a million-plus impoverished Indians?

"Poverty was not just among the Indians," he arrogantly says.

Does this self-professed pejuang for bangsa, agama dan negara really know the meaning of poverty or the feeling of utter hopelessness which inevitably shrouds the abjectly poor?

Having lived a comfortable life for so long, this 60-year-old man doesn't have the heart to show even a little compassion for the downtrodden of a different race.

Instead he seeks to justify the inequitable policies which have devastated the lives of half the population of this country.

This greed monger further shows his innate disdain for and deep-seated prejudice against Indians when he says "if Malaysia had treated the Indian community unfairly, the group leader (of Hindraf) would not have obtained a good education and become a lawyer."

It's not as if Muhyiddin doesn't know that this Hindraf leader like most Indian lawyers and other professionals were forced to study overseas at their own expense, more often than not mortgaging whatever little landed property their families had, to finance their education.

It was NOT because of but in spite of the government and its skewed parochial agenda that they managed to get a decent education abroad.

The primary reason for this was the racist policies feverishly practiced by Umno which excluded these Indians and other non-Malays from local varsities and denied them study loans or scholarships.

While the small Indian middle-class could at least come up with the funds to educate their children despite the great hardship and sacrifices, the lower-level and less educated bore the brunt of the government's ethnocentric practices.

If the likes of merciless Muhyiddin had his way, this poverty stricken lot would still be living under deplorable conditions a century from now, "because they are not the only poor people in Malaysia." Imagine what would happen if Muhyiddin becomes Prime Minister?

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Hindraf rally poses challenge to MIC. Read here

"... KL rally poses challenge to leading Indian party, MIC.

Samy Vellu and his party were denounced by the 30,000 protesters and many others who did not make it to the rally. They now realised Samy cannot be trusted. His so-called ”working within the system” was not working at all.

He cannot even protect a 50-year-old Hindu temple in Shah Alam.

He knows he has failed his community but he needs to lie so that he could continue to be a minister and enjoy all the ministerial perks and the opportunities to make money out of this important portfolio.

As long as he can deliver the Indian votes for the Barisan Nasional, PM Abdullah would have no qualms of supporting Samy as a minister and the top leader of MIC.

Now that The Indian community has openly said ‘NO’ to Samy and his party, Abdullah may have to seriously think about another alternative. No one will support a political burden for nothing."
"Indian ruling elites have failed us"
by P Dev Anand Pillai: Read here in Letter to Editor, Malaysiakini

"...The (Indian) ruling elites have come to a point where they no longer represent the Indian/Hindu masses in the country anymore as it has become pointless to go to them as they are not in a position to talk and debate with the Malay ruling Malay elites on the fate of the Indian masses in the country.

Whenever a Hindu temple in demolished, the leaders of the Hindraf and the Indian leaders of the opposition are the first to be on the scene to look into the legality of such an act of demolishment as oppose to the leaders of the Indian ruling elites who are only there after the whole temple is in rubbles.

It has been proven time and again that these Indian ruling elites are only there to serve the interest of a chosen few and not the interest of the whole community which now is at the mercy of the federal and state authorities on every aspect of their daily lives.

The gathering of Indian Malaysians in fact should be silently accepted by the Indian ruling elites as it is something which they themselves could not have dreamt of doing in the name of being the representatives of the Indian Malaysians in our Dewan Rakyat.

The Barisan Nasional way of discussing and agreeing behind closed doors has not worked for the past 50 years.

Indian Malaysians are still lagging behind in many areas especially in the areas of government representation and the lack of available seats in blue chip faculties of the public universities in the country.

We cannot hoodwink the world by saying that one of the richest persons in Malaysia is an Indian and there are a few Indian streets in Peninsular Malaysia which is dominated by Indian-owned textile/garment and cash-and-carry outlets.

This does not comprise what the working class and the poor Indians are subject to as they look forward to a bright future for their children in this country.

Hindraf is doing what most Indian Malaysians have been wanting to do all this while but could not due to fear of reprisal by the authorities.

Let’s see if the Abdullah Ahmad Badawi administration is actually interested in the welfare of the Indian Malaysians in the country or are they more keen to do what that had been mentioned in the recent Umno geeneral assembly where it was openly stated that the distribution of newspapers is being dominated by one race in the country, and it is time that the government takes a look into that too.

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