Monday 9 March 2009

Former Perak DAP Hee Yit Foong Is Now Very Happy. She Got a Silver Mercedes Car After Becoming an Independent

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Hee Yit Foong, the State Assemblywoman who left DAP to become a BN-friendly Independent arrived in Jelapang with her husband in a silver Mercedes Benz bearing a Kuala Lumpur registration number.

This is first time she showed up at her service center in Jelapang after declaring herself as an independent representative last month. Her newly-appointed special assistant is Sharifuddin Mohd Aminuddin.

Hee left hurriedly 45 minutes later after a group of people heckled her with abusive words. Some voters in Jelapang are still angry over their elected representative Hee Yit Foong’s controversial decision to leave DAP. They made it obvious when she turned up at her service centre here.

Sharifuddin believed the car did not belong to Hee, but he could not be sure.

Some locals, he added, saw the Mercedes parked outside the service centre and became curious.

Sharifuddin said the crowd was calling Hee names and unpleasant things such as “traitor who destroyed Pakatan,” and “ungrateful woman”.

Hee was looking for a new place as the landlord wanted to terminate the lease for the centre.

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DIASPORA said...

Does anyone think that this woman deserves any comment? She is beyond comment. We would only be too happy if she went far far away to a place like Uzbekistan and stayed there forever. She is a disgrace to humanity and it is a wonder that DAP had to scrape the refuse barrel to pull her out as DAP's noble candidate for election to high office. Be gone. We say.