Sunday 15 March 2009

Perak Crisis: Dr. Mahathir Says UMNO/BN Did NOT Follow the Law and Perak Sultan's Decision was AGAINST State and Federal Constitution

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Former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said the political turmoil in Perak was "because they (UMNO/BN) DIDN'T follow the law, instead asked the Ruler to sack the menteri besar. As far as I know, there is NO such provision in the Perak or Federal Constitution."

Dr.Mahathir was answering to a question during his lecture today on “Democracy and the Future Leadership of Malaysia”, organised by the Former People's Representatives Council (Mubarak), at the Tun Hussien Onn Memorial in Kuala Lumpur.

Elaborating, Mahathir said that BN was “terlalu gopoh (too rash)” by not waiting for a state assembly sitting to rid Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin as menteri besar through a vote of no confidence.

Dr. Mahathir said,
"..The problems you see in Perak are because (BN) took some wrong steps. They should have asked the AG (attorney-general) on what is said in the law, then there would have been no problems. But because they didn’t follow the law, now there are all sorts of problems.

Instead, they asked the Sultan to throw out the menteri besar. Some say that the Perak laws allow this, but to my knowledge, this is not the case. Nor does the Federal Constitution (allow this).

This is also dangerous - if the sultan can get rid of a menteri besar or the Agong can get rid of the prime minister - susah kita (we’ll be in trouble).

They (the rulers) have OTHER interests. They DON'T have our political interests in mind.

Because this may be in conflict with the law...the courts may now rule that the Sultan has no right to sack a menteri besar.

We find that people will not comply..because we started on the wrong foot, people are now against us.

It is up to the legal people to decide. What I do know is that for a menteri besar to be removed, it is through a vote of no-confidence (in the state assembly. "

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Six men, four of them are Malays, were charged in courts nationwide today for insulting the Sultan of Perak on his website. They were angry with the Perak Ruler over his actions that has led to the state’s growing complex constitutional crisis.

One pleaded guilty. Five others claimed trial. The Malay Rulers are as intrinsic to their identity as a Malay as is Islam under the Federal Constitution.

They were angry enough to post insults on the Ruler's website until the authorities had to take action under Section 233 of the Multimedia and Communications Act 1998 for "unwise use of network or network services for making comments, demands, suggestions or communication which are vulgar, false, threatening or disturbing".

These four Malays who were charged also contradicted Umno's declaration that Malays were loyal and supported the Ruler's actions.

Fact is:

  • More Malays were and are angry over the ousting of the Pakatan Rakyat government in Perak than others although the Chinese-dominated DAP had more seats than Pas or PKR.

  • More Malays were also out protesting against the swearing-in ceremony for Pangkor assemblyman Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir as Barisan Nasional's choice for menteri besar.
While some Umno leaders say the Malays are being exploited or led astray by other races to protest against the Sultan, today's court cases reveal the depth of Malay anger over the perceived injustice in Perak and Umno's intransigence over the years.

Their anger will not dissipate until they get what they want, justice for the elected government in Perak and a government that represents their interests, notwithstanding all the fines to be paid in court, or the rallies and show of support for the royals organised by Umno and their allies.

They not only made history by allegedly insulting the Ruler but also for being the first to be charged under this Act, which provides a maximum fine of RM50,000 or a maximum jail term of one year, or both for those found guilty.

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DIASPORA said...

Instead of letting the matter to slowly die peaceably, the BN has hauled people to the Courts and in the process dragged the Judiciary into the mess which BN orchestrated and machinated in the State of Perak.

This is indirectly dragging HRH into the scene again and appears again to be one of the famed tactics of UMNO. My heart goes out to HRH and his family in this hour of great torment for Him and the Royal family.

POWER, they say make MEN crazy. And they also say 'The Gods make Men mad whom they wish to destroy."

HRH the Sultan has unwittingly been dragged into the morass of BN and UMNO. HRH had probably no choice on the matter , we believe ,because of other threats against him.

A man of impeccable character and one of our finest Rulers and Judge has unnecessarily been dragged into the mud because of the maddening lust for power and loot in the BN circle.

The MCA and MIC cronies are lying low because they are licking their lips for the contracts that are going to be given out to the UMNO cronies which after all will fall into the hands of the MCA and MIC cronies who stand to gain the most whilst the ordinary Malay goes on living like he did before the Second World War.