Monday 2 March 2009

Zambry and UMNO is Provoking a Heightened State of Fear and Civil Chaos in Perak. The Sultan CANNOT Continue to be Silent in this Constitutional Farce

Read here article by Andrew Ong in Malaysiakini and here


Menteri Besar Zambry Abd Kadir said from a prepared statement:
"If anyone is involved in tomorrow's assembly, the state government would not compromise with anyone or any group which threatens national security, particularly in Perak."
Zambry also appeared to be at a lost when presented with a state secretariat circular which stated that the state secretariat building would be closed to the public tomorrow. He said:
"Who did it? It is not from me. It is from the state secretary... you have to ask him. I have nothing to do with it. Only now have I seen this."
Riot police took up positions at the entrance of the state secretariat building.The state assembly is located in the second floor of the state secretariat.

The state is currently set for a showdown tomorrow as Pakatan state representatives are expected to turn up for the sitting as planned, although the state secretariat building would be closed off. Earlier a state circular stated that the main entrance to the state secretariat would be sealed tomorrow and that all scheduled appointments are to be cancelled.

Zambry said , his government had initiated two legal actions against Sivakumar.

  1. The first sought a declaration that Sivakumar's decision to accept the undated resignation letters of the Changkat Jering, Behrang and Jelapang assemblypersons was null and void. The three have since become BN-friendly independents.

  2. The second to seek a declaration that Sivakumar's decision on Feb 18 to suspend Zambry and his six exco members was unconstitutional, ultra-vires and thus null and void. Zambry is seeking a declaration that he and his six exco members have the right to attend and participate in any assembly sitting as well as perform their functions. He also wanted a declaration that the state assembly is not bound by any order, instructions or directions by Sivakumar.
UMNO's Version of an Unfair Fight

Former Perak Menteri Besar Tajol Rosli told reporter Pakatan Rakyat's bid to hold an emergency sitting of the state assembly tomorrow as an unfair fight.

"The (planned) sitting tomorrow would be 21 to 28 (exco members). Where is the fairness? You are asking for us to go for a fight with our hands tied behind our backs. So we might as well stay back home.

They want us to go back to the people. I was calling for this since March last year. When they had 31 and we had 28, why didn't they dissolve the state assembly?

"Now we have 31 and they have 28, they want a fresh election.

No way!"

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