Sunday 1 March 2009

Pemuda UMNO Perangai Samseng Menunjuk Sikap Kurang Ajar yang Memalukan Adat Kaum Melayu

Read here commentary by Halimah Said in the Star and HERE


The Dangerous and Provocative Politics of the UMNO-Mamaks

UMNO Youth has been taken advantage of and had been dangerously misled for too long
away from the Youth wing of UMNO's LONG term interest and its wellbeing and to a large extent against the ethnic Malays' "adat sopan santun dan bertolak ansur".

Much of it as a result of insidious tactics of some of the opportunistic and unscrupulous UMNO-Indian Muslims commonly called "Mamaks" in its leadership hierarchy, the likes of Reezal Merican Naina Merican and Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim in UMNO Putera, the sponsors of the "mat rempits".

Another example of the "UMNO-MAMAK"s poisonous politics formenting racial discords between Malays and NON-Malays at the grassroot level is that of "mamak" Ahmad Ismail's from the Bukit Bendera UMNO Divsion, who had classified ALL Chinese-Malaysians as 'squatters' ( read here and here for more)

Pemuda Umno disifatkan khianat, amal politik longkang


Abdul Aziz Mustafa

The Star menyiarkan surat pembaca, Halimah Said, yang menyifatkan tindakan Pemuda Umno menyerang Ahli Parlimen Bukit Gelugor, Karpal Singh sebagai politik longkang dan perbuatan khianat.

Dalam surat pembaca bertajuk "Unbecoming to cause trouble in Parliament", Halimah Mohd Said itu berkata Pemuda Umno pastinya gila jika mereka merasa cara untuk menentang politik longkang Karpal Singh ialah dengan menunjuk-nunjuk versi politik longkang mereka pula.

"Tindakan mereka menceroboh Parlimen yang mulia boleh dianggap sebagai pengkhianatan paling buruk kerana mereka bukan sahaja menceroboh kawasan fizikal Yang di-Pertua Dewan dan ahli-ahli Parlimen malah lebih dari itu, menceroboh pemelihara fizikal perlembagaan negara dan semua yang dilindunginya.

Ketika orang-orang ini mempertahankan ketuanan mereka dan adab, kedaulatan raja-raja, Bahasa Melayu dan Islam, tidakkah mereka sedar bahawa mereka sendiri mestilah menjadi contoh dan menjunjung kesemua itu?

Adakah mereka masih ingat bahawa Islam dan adat Melayu penuh dengan tuntutan supaya kita sentiasa memperlihatkan tingkah laku yang baik.

Apabila kita menuduh orang lain derhaka dan khianat kepada Sultan, tidakkah kita sedar bahawa Parlimen adalah persada yang sah kepada sistem raja berperlembagaan kita dan menceroboh tempat yang tidak harus disentuh ini adalah lebih serius dari menunjuk perasaan di luar istana?

Apa yang sebenarnya difikirkan oleh ahli-ahli politik apabila melibatkan penyokong-penyokong mereka dengan cara-cara yang tidak masuk akal ini? Adakah mereka cuba melakukan provokasi sehingga tercetusnya anarki dan pemberontakan mereka yang tidak rasional dan emosional? Atau adakah mereka cuba merebut undi di dalam pemilihan parti dan pilihan raya kecil yang akan datang?

Bukan sahaja ia tidak akan memulihkan imej dan kedudukan parti di sisi para pengundi, malah mereka terus memusnahkannya. Rakyat Malaysia lebih waras berbanding ahli politik yang kita undi supaya berkuasa!"
Malaysiakini pula melaporkan Pemuda Umno tidak akan meminta maaf walaupun melakukan tindakan yang disifatkan oleh Yang Dipertua Dewan Negara, Tan Sri Dr Abdul Hamid Pawanteh sebagai bodoh dan memalukan seluruh rakyat Malaysia.

Dalam kenyataan yang dilihat sebagai merestui tindakan yang disifatkan Halimah sebagai politik longkang, khianat dan tidak masuk akal itu, Ketua Pemuda Umno Datuk Hishammuddin Hussein berkata:
"Tidak timbul isu minta maaf. Provokasi ini bukan kali pertama, dengan menuduhkan kita celaka, tuduh kita terlibat (menghantar) peluru (kepada Karpal) dan isu-isu membabit raja-raja Melayu dan kedaulatannya.

"Kalau diheret ke mahkamah pun saya sanggup lakukan untuk memperjelaskan apa yang berlaku".

Unbecoming to cause trouble in Parliament


Halimah Said

SOME Umno Youth members must be out of their minds if they think that the way to fight the gutter politics of Karpal Singh is to brandish their own version of longkang politics!

Their intrusion into the august House of Parliament can be construed as TREASON of the highest order as they have not only invaded the physical space of the honourable Speaker and Members of Parliament but more significantly, the physical guardian of the Federal Constitution and everything that it stands for.

When these people defend their ketuanan and adab, the sovereignty of their Rulers, the Malay language and Islam, don’t they realise that they themselves must be exemplary in upholding all of these?

Do they remember at all that Islam and Malay adat is full of urgings for us to show good behaviour at all times?

When we accuse others of derhaka and treason against the Sultan, are we aware that the House of Parliament is the rightful abode of our constitutional monarchy, and to invade this sacrosanct space is more serious than demonstrating outside the Sultan’s istana?

What must our politicians be thinking when they engage their supporters in these absurd ways?

Are they trying to provoke anarchy and rebellion among the irrational and the emotional?

Or are they trying to wrest votes in the coming party and by-elections?

Instead of redeeming the party image and standing in the eyes of the electorate, they are only destroying it further.

Ordinary Malaysians are a lot wiser than the politicians we have voted into power!

Kuala Lumpur.


Read here for more on Malaysiakini

  1. I am Malay and a Muslim. I do not associate myself with Umno Youth. I am not angered nor hurt in any manner. There are many others like me who would agree with Karpal Singh.

    As a Malay Muslim I was ashamed to see 20 Umno Youth members ganging-up on a wheelchair-bound man. This is not right and is in fact very un-Islamic.

    In this scenario, Umno youth should get their facts right. If they say 'Singh celaka' then they would be referring and hurting all Sikhs in Malaysia. However, if they say Karpal 'celaka', then they are referring to him only.

    In addition, Umno Youth exco member Reezal Merican Naina Merican (an Indian Muslim) should not blow the issue out of proportion as not all Malays were hurt or angered when the veteran politician labelled Umno Youth as celaka.

    Read below who Reezal Merican Naina Merican REALLY is and his dirty self-interest and highly dangerous and provocative racist politics:

  2. Umno can no longer claim that they represent all Malays in Malaysia so please get your story straight.

    The facts speak for themselves. The rakyat is watching. Challenging the veteran politician to speak up outside of Parliament and then challenging him outside is a cowardly act by Khairy Jamaluddin who has kept up with his reputation as being the ‘Mat Rempit King’.

  3. Karpal did not insult an ethnic group; he only criticised an organisation which he has little respect for. Karpal sent an insult to Umno Youth, not to Malays.

    Reezal Merican (who is actually of Indian-Muslim parentage and NOT a Malay, but an opportunistic "Malay" pretender ) is threatening to criticise an entire ethnic group whereas Karpal criticised and insulted an organisation claiming to represent all Malays (falsely so, if I may add).

    Anyway, judging by Umno Youth's actions in the Parliament, I would say that Karpal had a point when he said what he said.

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Anonymous said...

In the event you do not know this is how it all began in Zimbabwe. The inconsistent application of the law emboldened the ruling class ultimately unfolding in the disaster that is playing out today in that Southeran African nation.
Those who have been enthrusted with the task of upholding the law by powers vested in them by the constitution must exercise that power for the benifit of the state and not certain power groups. Ramalx