Saturday 28 February 2009

BN's Illicit Power Grab in Perak: HIGH NOON on 3 March (Tuesday) for BN, Pakatan Rakyat and the Perak Sultan

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Perak legislative Speaker V. Sivakumar has called for an emergency sitting of the state assembly next Tuesday in a move that could see the Barisan Nasional (BN) government voted out of power and further complicate the constitutional impasse.

Sivakumar is invoking the assembly’s standing orders 8 and 11 to call for the emergency sitting to vote on two motions in relation to the state’s constitutional impasse.

The two standing orders give him the powers to call for an emergency sitting of the assembly.

  1. The first motion to be voted on will be for the assembly to reaffirm its support for Pakatan Rakyat’s (PR) Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin as the rightful mentri besar. The motion will be tabled by Titi Serong Pas assemblyman Khalil Idham Lim Abdullah.

    If passed, the motion will contradict Sultan Azlan Shah’s decision to appoint BN’s Datuk Zambry Kadir as MB after rejecting Nizar’s request for the state assembly to be dissolved.

  2. The second motion up for a vote will be to seek for dissolution of the state assembly and pave the way for fresh polls. The motion will be tabled by PKR assemblyman Chang Lih Kang.

    If passed, this motion will throw up the question once again of whether the state ruler will even grant Nizar an audience as he now recognises Zambry as the MB.
Under the state constitution, the Sultan can use his discretion to decide whether to consent to dissolution of the state assembly.

Notices have been sent out to all assemblymen except for the mentri besar Datuk Zambry Kadir and the six BN state executive councillors. The seven BN members were recently suspended from the assembly for between 12 and 18 months.

Notices were also not sent to the three former Pakatan Rakyat (PR) assemblymen who are “friendly” to BN.

This means that if all PR assemblymen vote in favour, the two motions will be passed.

But Zambry has already stated he intends to attend any sitting of the assembly. This could turn the sitting into chaos as Sivakumar could order the BN man out of the assembly.

Perak Legal Advisor Interfering with Business of the State Assembly

The Perak state legal advisor is trying to block state representatives from being notified of an emergency sitting of the state assembly on March 3rd.

According to DAP Perak chairman Ngeh Koo Ham, the legal advisor, Datuk Ahmad Kamal Mohd Shahid, has directed the house secretary not to send out notices of the emergency sitting.

Ngeh says that this obstruction is in “contempt of the house” and is liable for punishment under house rules.

The legal advisor has NO business to intervene in the process of the house,” Ngeh told The Malaysian Insider.

He is not an advisor to the speaker or the house. He cannot stop the process and the final decision on whether to send the notices out lies with the speaker.”

To work around the obstruction, a press conference was held in Ipoh today and the speaker will explore other means of sending out the notifications.

Only 49 notices will be sent out. Menteri Besar Datuk Zambry Abdul Kadir and his six exco members will not received a notification as they were recently suspended by the speaker.

Neither will the three state assemblymen who switched support to the Barisan Nasional (BN) earlier this month as they are regarded as having resigned.

If all goes according to plan, PR will have 28 assemblymen to BN’s 21 in the emergency session.

Zambry had earlier told The Malaysian Insider in an interview that he will defy his suspension, maintaining that the speaker had no jurisdiction for suspending him unilaterally for something that happened outside the assembly.

Reiterating PR’s stand that power was grabbed unconstitutionally in Perak, Ngeh says that the protracted battle is damaging to the state and its citizens and called upon the prime minister to advise Zambry to agree to dissolve the state assembly.

Or hopefully, Sultan Azlan Shah can get parties to sit together and find an amicable solution. Let the people choose their government and their leaders.”


Yap Chong Yee said...

I am a bit tickled and I have been intrigued by the possibility that Sultan Azlan Shah can be sued by MB Nizar. I have been mulling over such a possibility. Consider this argument, the Malaysian constitution had been amended by the Mahatir government thus provoking a round of controversy this last year. I assume that it is correct that Royalty is not immune from prosecution; and if that is the case then there is a criminal offence that is little known in Malaysia called MALFEASANCE IN OFFICE (I have googled wikipedia ) and I think there the actions of Sultan Azlan Shah give very interesting grounds for debate.

I do not think that MB Nizar will go the length but I am merely tossing this subject up for discussion.

However, I do think that it will not come to that. Zambry is in a no win situation; he is RETREATING all the way and he has no where to go but OUT ! hE IS EMBRAKED ON A EXPENSIVE AND FUTILE MISSION TO GO WITH THE LAW BUT THAT IS NOT WHERE HIS PROBLEM LIES. hIS ANSWER LIES IN AN agile mind and a strategic game plan which MB Nizar is playing the field and blowing smoke rings around Zambry !

THE LAST LAUGH IS BEING PLAYED BY MB NIZAR: the round "10" comes this Tuesday and I just can't wait to see the FINAL score !

I WISH DATO SRI NIZAR ALL THE VERY BEST OF GOOD LUCK. If Perak falls, and I think Perak will fall, then bewear of Najib and that dreaded shit hole ISA, THAT ISA WILL FLY LIKE FLIES OVER A SHIT PILE ! Good bye democracy NOT THAT MALAYSIA EVER HAD DEMOCCRACY !

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, come to think of it, why is there no sound but only silence from the Sultan of Perak since this fiasco started?

Thought that the Sultan of a state should step in by now to help his subjects rather than see this episode affect the running the state government.
Silence is golden or Elegant silence?