Thursday 26 February 2009

Here is UMNO and BN-Installed Perak MB Zambry's Lawyer: Lord Lester from our Former Colonial Master

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It is diabolical for a panic-stricken UMNO to crawl like a coward to Malaysia's former Colonial Master to sort out the constitutional crisis it creates for Malaysian voters.
-Malaysian Unplug

UMNO's Lawyer (QC) for Perak Crisis
from UK (read: our former Colonial Master)
(photo courtesy of Screenshots)

It was UMNO which made the decision to have Malaysia cut its judicial umbilical chord to its colonial master (UK) when it abolished appeals to the Privy Council in criminal and constitutional matters in 1978, and in civil matters in 1985. We had shared similarities with the British judicial system.

Now, UMNO has now decided to go back to their colonial masters AFTER severing links with the British (our TUAN Penjajah)

We now learn from press reports that the disputed BN-installed Perak MB Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir and his six exco members, who were installed in the recent political coup d'etat, are crawling to our former colonial masters, ie Queen's Counsel, for legal help to sort out the mess.

UMNO and Zambry are likely to settle on Lord Lester (photo above) who is a seasoned politician in UK now in his 70's.

If Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir doubted the legitimacy of his appointment as the Perak Menteri Besar and needed a "second opinion", why didn't he consult the Attorney-General (AG)?

Lord Lester from UK

On June 29, 2007, Lord Lester was appointed by Prime Minister Gordon Brown as a special advisor on constitutional reform to the Secretary of State for Justice.

He is also a member of the Joint Committee on Human Rights. He became a life peer in 1993.

  • In 1985, Lord Lester gave a second opinion for Sabah governor Adnan Roberts and Chief Minister Joseph Pairin Kitingan in the suit brought by Mustapha Harun who was seeking to be restored to the post of Chief Minister..

  • In 1995, Lord Lester gave his "second opinion" in another constitutional case – Amir Kahar Musta­pha v Mohd Said Keruak, Yang di-Pertua Negeri Sabah & Others

    UK has NO written Constitution whereas Malaysia and India have a written Constitution. Read here for more

    The constitution of the United Kingdom is the set of laws and principles under which the United Kingdom is governed.

    The UK has NO single constitutional document comparable to those of other nations, such as the United States. It is therefore often said that the country has an "unwritten" or de facto constitution.

    However, the majority of the British constitution does exist in the written form of statutes, court judgments and Treaties. The constitution has other unwritten sources, including parliamentary constitutional conventions and the royal prerogatives.

    The bedrock of the British constitution has traditionally been the doctrine of Parliamentary sovereignty, according to which the statutes passed by Parliament are the UK's supreme and final source of law. It follows that Parliament can change the constitution simply by passing new Acts of Parliament.


    Anonymous said...

    Ketuanan Melayu 'kowtows' to white-man. Do I need to say more? Ramalx

    Yap Chong Yee said...

    Lord Lester will not be able to help Zambry & UMNO because the situation in Perak crisis is a fluid one and the law deals with settled facts.On the other hand Dato Seri Nizar is the right man for the right job.

    Zambry & UMNO are totally out of sync dealing with the situation, because they have no strategic thinking. They see the issue as as one that require the removal of the Speaker or to reverse or void the suspension of Zambry and I believe that they are not in the position to achieve either or neither because to do that they will need to go to court and that takes time; however on the other hand Dato Sri Nizar has the right mind set and he has set the chess pieces moving fast and the situation keeps changing and at every move Nizar creates greater advantages for himself. NIZAR IS A FEW STEPS AHEAD OF ZAMBRY.

    Allow me to anticipate the developments ahead of Lord Lester's legal opinion; Nizar will have convened Perak Parliament and Speaker Sivakuma will dismiss the three defectors from attending Parliament for having resigned and that will leave a HUNG PARLIAMENT of 28 votes each side. THIS WILL DEFINITELY BE A SITUATION THAT THE SULTAN CANNOT GIVE AN ADVANTAGE TO UMNO &ZAMBRY.

    If this is the development cone the next meet of Parliament, a fat lot of good Lord Lester's opinion will do Zambry ! In this scnerio, Nizar is still the one of the 2 MB and he will ask for dissolution of Parliament.

    The issue if the Sultan wants to pro-actively wants to help Zambry, CAN SULTAN REFUSE TO DISSOLVE PARLIAMENT and not be seen as siding with UMNO ? I don't think so !

    I am of a more optimistic persuation, I believe Sivakuma will hold on to his suspension of Zambry & his 6 Exco members; and that will put Parliament in a 27 to 22 split between Nizar (28) against Zambry's (22). This will still give Nizar the right to call on the Sultan to dissolve Parliament.

    Zambry is in a no win situation; best for all Malaysians because that will get rid of the GAMSTER METHODS THAT ONLY MONEY CAN BUY !