Thursday 5 February 2009

Perak Crisis: MCA Agrees to Allow UMNO's Overwhelming Domination in a Perak BN-Government by Stealth

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Now, A Vote for MCA is a Vote for Overwhelming Domination by UMNO in PERAK State Government
At the Heart and Center of MCA's Politics
is its Unquestioning Love for UMNO

NOTE: In a Perak state BN-Government won by stealth, there will be 27 UMNO state assemblyman on only ONE MCA. GERAKAN and MIC were totally rejected by Perak voters in the 2008 General Election.

The 3 "frogs" are the two from PKR who are being charged in court for bribery (one of them for sexual favours) and one lone and emotionally unstable Chinese assemblywoman from DAP.

And yet the president of MCA says "this is a GOOD development" for a largely multiracial state expected be run by UMNO, a party with a long discredited past and a 50-year history of endemic corruption, nepotism and racially-biased policies against non-Malays.

The wisest thing Ong Tee Keat could have done under present circumstances, being in a no-win situation for MCA, for now and for the next 2012 general election, is to keep his mouth shut tightly. It is already embarrassing to Chinese grassroot voters and sympathesizers.

Here a good analysis by Screenshot on the state of play of the make-up of the Government in Perak if BN takes control of Perak.
-Malaysian Unplug

The Star (5 Feb) headlined: Ong (Tee Keat): Full support (to BN) in Perak

The MCA-owned Star reports: The MCA will give its full support to the formation of the new Perak Government, said its president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat.

In an immediate response after Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced that Barisan Nasional had the numbers to form the next state government.
the president of MCA said,
“This is a very good development. The people of Perak, by large, yearn for a change for betterment and good governance,”
Party secretary-general Datuk Wong Foon Meng said the MCA would fully support the Barisan government in Perak and work closely with the other component parties.(Note: The only BN component party left in Perak is UMNO with 27 representatives)

“We are looking forward to a new state government and our ONE MCA assemblyman (note: against 27 UMNO assemblymen) will definitely play his role to serve the people better in the next state government,” he said.

Wong, who is also Selangor MCA chief, added that Perak folk were anxious to see Barisan ( read UMNO) in the leadership role because the (BN) coalition had a proven track record of bringing development and taking care of the people’s welfare.

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Anonymous said...

Aiyo, why you care what Tee Keat says. His ChiBai face already says it all. He thinks he is BIG SHOT what, even though he no longer commands any respect from the Chinese population.
Such a let down, this idiot. Was suppose to be the "united" after being elected MCA President, but he's been a "divider." He's managed to split the party worse than when Team A and B were at it.
Why you think DAP is stronger than MCA. DAP, who were always considered the outcast, the pariah, the nutty ones. Now, DAP speaks for the majority of the Chinese, some Indians and even some Malays.
MCA, your "goose is cooked" and Tee Keat will always be remembered as the usurper who drove the final nail into MCA's coffin!