Friday 6 February 2009

Coup d'etat in Perak: Malaysia Turning into a Banana Republic

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Coup d'etat in Perak


Khoo Kay Peng

A take on the Constitution by another royalty politician, Tengku Razaleigh:

"The Constitution is the highest law of the land. It is the foundation and source of legal authority, and the Rulers are sworn to protect and uphold it.

... [a] legitimate constitutional government draws all its authority from the consent of the people and only from that consent. The people consent because it is their government formed according to their constitution, whose leaders they have chosen through free and fair elections."
The present government was brought down through none of the above - not through a vote of no confidence or elections. Yet, the state secretary has asked the MB and his executive councillors to vacate their office and make use of the police FRU to barricade the administrative building.

If this is not a coup d'etat, what it is?

Coup d'etat is the sudden unconstitutional overthrow of a government.

Today is a shameful day for Malaysians. I urge any Perakians, who are willing, to sue the BN government for breaching their Constitutional rights.

Can BN, UMNO, PR, the Monarch and the rest of us respect the rule of law?

Malaysia is turning into a Banana republic.

I would like to urge Malaysians to stay united to overcome the serious economic challenges ahead. We must first survive this downturn to fight another day.

Stay calm because these unscrupulous politicians will have to come back to us to renew their mandate.

When the time comes, we will show them the real MAYHEM!

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