Saturday 7 February 2009

Hee Yit Foong: Her Destructive Personal Greed at Any Cost


Hee Yit Foong's Hometown folks slam her defection: Read here for more

Jelapang assemblyman Hee Yit Foong’s resignation from the DAP to become an Independent continues to draw flak from the public. This time it is from her hometown in Kanthan Baru new village near Chemor here.

Over 200 new villagers, when met at the market yesterday, showed their displeasure over her resignation from the DAP by criticising and slamming her openly.

New villager Tan Lim Chua called her a traitor and that her betrayal had tarnished the village’s name. “It is certainly sad and heartbreaking,” said the 60-year-old farmer, adding that it would not be easy for the villagers to forgive her.

State DAP youth executive director Chai Wee Khun said the villagers had wanted to protest at Hee’s parent’s home but decided against it later. “I advised them not to do so as Hee’s family were not involved in the fiasco and should not be disturbed. I believe her family have suffered enough.”

There are many rumours in Ipoh that her family members have suffered public criticism and ridicule. This cannot be independently confirmed as her family members have refused interviews.

Wet market traders for example are reportedly refusing to sell her parents vegetables.

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The Face and the Name Perak Voters Will Always Remember
Which Destroyed the Dreams and Aspirations
of All DAP, PAS and PKR Voters
Who Voted at the March 2008 Election

The DAP Defector Who Handed Perak
to a BN-Government of 27 UMNO and 1 MCA

The Disabled Who Disabled the Whole Pakatan Rakyat Perak Government
(Hee is the first female and disabled person to take up the role of deputy speaker of a state assembly.)

Press conference:Najib announces BN has
enough seats to form the Perak state government.

Her Political Fate for the Next General Election Has Been Sealed by the Chinese Voters in Jelapang

How Would Her Chinese/ DAP Supporters in Jelapang Treat Her as a Defector Who Gave 27 UMNO and 1 MCA the Perak Government?- Read here

Read here article in Sin Chew Daily

By TAY TIAN YAN, Sin Chew Daily

Eventually, Cao Cao has taken a cruel act: To betray the world rather than being betrayed. This is one of the characters of Cao Cao, (in the Chinese classic, The Three Kingdoms) which is also the cruelest part of him.

No wonder ancient scholars warned that one should not read the Three Kingdoms at young age to avoid being influenced by the bad guy.

Hee Yit Foong

  • She has been achieving her goals by hook or by crook, even if she has to harm others. She ranks herself as the top priority.

  • To her, she is more important than any other people, value, ethic and integrity. It could be for power, money or simply a revenge.

  • She is disloyal and merciless.

  • She would rather destroy it if she could not get it. Thus, she destroyed the Perak Pakatan Rakyat state government.

  • She could disappoint all but she would not allow anyone to disappoint her.

  • She has been asking for a State Exco position from the very beginning. But she is not qualified in terms of educational background and capability. The state government is not a circus and no clown could be the manager.

  • However, she was appointed as the deputy speaker, they hoped that this could appease her. But to her, the position is powerless.

  • She tried every means making troubles from time to time to attract attention. "It would be fine to be the state assemblyperson at anywhere."

  • She did not take her duties as a people's representative seriously. She played the people as fools. When the whole country was looking for her, she said she was sick and her mobile phone was turned off.

  • She pretended to be pitiable – "I have joined DAP for over 20 years, it is really hard to leave the party and I have never thought to switch party."
    It is a con game. She showed her true self in the end.

  • Perhaps, she could really realise her dream of being a state exco. But she achieves it by taking the risk of public contempt.

  • She could never wash away her stain unless there are no longer right and wrong, morality and truth in the world.
    (Translated by SOONG PHUI JEE)

Rumours of Hee Yit Foong's defection began as early as May 2008.

Andrew Ong wrote on 13 May 2008 in Malaysiakini, headlined "Defection rumours: Jelapang Rep Keeps Them Guessing"

13 May, 2008: Jelapang state assemblyperson Hee Yit Foong from DAP neither confirmed nor denied rumours that she would be defecting to Barisan Nasional.

Hee, who is also deputy speaker of the Perak state assembly, told Malaysiakini that she was aware of the rumours but claimed to be in the dark as to who were behind it and what were their motives.

She said,

"I don’t want to be drawn into this discussion, if it is real, the truth will reveal itself in time... Time will tell.

Rumours are just rumours. We cannot stop people from making rumours ... I have no time to find out where they come from."
Rumours of Hee’s defection has been making the rounds since then but this fizzled out with her appointment as deputy speaker.

Hee created history on April 26 when she became the first female and disabled person to take up the role of deputy speaker of a state assembly.

Her appointment was however marred with controversy as she had repeatedly told the Chinese dailies of her unhappiness regarding the allocation of state executive councillor (exco) posts in Perak.

Among her contentions was that there were no females in the 10 member exco line-up revealed late March, of which half was made up of first-time state assemblypersons. (Hee had already served two terms before March 2008 election)

About two weeks before her appointment, China Press reported Hee had suggested that Nga Kor Ming, the Perak exco for local government, housing and transportation be made either speaker or deputy speaker due to his legal background and three-term experience in the state assembly.

She said that even a female deputy speaker would not be able to speak up for women’s rights while chairing the state assembly.

Should Hee defect, Barisan and the ruling Pakatan Rakyat would have a razor-thin one seat majority in the state assembly.

Perak DAP chairperson and state senior exco member Ngeh Khoo Ham however denied the rumours and said that it was ‘old news' that was being recycled by the media.

"She is staying put and the question of her defecting doesn't arise. Any dissatisfaction that she has raised in the past has been dealt with," he said when approached at the Parliament lobby today.


    Anonymous said...

    This lady has no pride, despite being a handicap she wants everything under the sun to be hers. She seldom looks into the mirror before she demands, in her professionalism, competence, communication levels are all below average or rather I would say in DUN meeting if she gets thrash, she will still claps her her hand. Looking at her quality, she should be very satisfy, If I would have lead DAP, she will probably not in the line up.
    Now as a lesson to all, never underestimate a DISABLED,COS SHE WILL DISABLED YOU TOO.
    With her qualification, she wants to be in the exco, people will laugh to death, only thing that this lady has not done is the sister in law of WU XIONG WHO KILLS THE TIGER, WHICH HAS A HANDICAP BROTHER (HUNCH BACK) This lady is similar to najis wife, her ambition has not reach that level yet, but is comming but probably will last only 3 years just before the next GE.If she stands in any state I will use all my last dollar to take her, with my qualities if I lost, I will salute to her publicly.

    Yap Chong Yee said...

    It is to MCA, led by Ong Tea Keat & MCA sec. general(what’s his name) that has caused Hee Yit Foong to cross over; our Chinese VOTERS’ anger should be directed at the MCA and Ong Tea Keat & Sec. Gen. (what’s his name). Hee Yit Foong is an uneducated plain woman, and he forte is to draw on the heart strings and it is obvious she had developed her physical handicap into a fine art. It looks like Hee Yit Foong has turned deformity into clever politics. No my dear Chinese brothers & sisters in our Chinese community, SPIT ON ONG TEA KEAT, & MCA SEC.GEN. (what’s his name) that we all must SPIT our venom.

    It is true that it is Hee Yit Foong who crossed to MCA but more disasterously for our family of Chinese kin, IT IS THE VERY EXISTENCE OF THE MCA THAT HAS GIVEN THE UMNO THE MEANS TO PUT ON THEIR RACIST FACES THE APPEARANCE OF A MULTI-ETHNIC APPEARANCE, only to better kick SHIT IN OUR CHINESE FACES.

    Hee Yit Foong ? Who is Hee Yit Foong ? Come the next election whether it be Perak State or Federal. Hee Yit Foong will be gone for good and the few million taken by her as inducement for BETRAYING OUR CHINESE FAMILY, will be a nice nest egg in her comfortable and permanent retirement. I like to ask her if those few Million Ringgit is sufficient profit for her to be remembered by all our Chinese family as the piece of shit for selling out our Chinese people. We have lived for 51 years as the DISCRIMINATED PENDATANG, and for a profit of a few million ringgit you, (HEE YIT FOONG) will and have sold our CHINESE ONLY HOPE TO MAKE RIGHT ALL THE WRONGS THAT UMNO HAS HEAPED ON OUR CHINESE FAMILY ? Our Chinese family’s only hope to fight for equal citizenship rights lie in Pakatan wining government in the next general election, BECAUSE ONLY IN A PAKATAN GOVERNMENT WILL COME A TRULY MULTI RACIAL MALAYSIA,

    Remember that I said here and today, that when Dato Seri Najib becomes Prime Minister, the discrimination against our Chinese people will become more difficult to bare because Najib is not a true leader of men, he is going to be Prime Minister only because he is Malay and he is the son of his father. He does not have vision and he is not capable of strategic thinking; and for such a man he takes the easy way out and HIS WEAPON OF FIRST AND ONLY CHOICE IS TO ABUSE THE EVILS OF ISA He will abuse the ISA like spreading confetti in a Hollywood celebrity wedding.
    If you dare trust a man who thinks it is a good idea to send a space tourist for the devilish sum of Ringgit120 million, then you cannot even imagine what he will do as Prime Minister when he becomes PM.

    NO MY DEAR CHINESE FAMILY, WE BLAME MCA FOR THE SINS COMMITTED BY HEE YIT FOONG, but all the same WE SPIT AT THE MENTION OF THE NAME HEE YIT FOONG AS THE DEVIL WHO SOLD OUT THE CHINESE PEOPLE. What about MCA, ONG TEA KEAT & MCA SEC. GEN. (what’s his name) spit on MCA and Ong Tea Keat & MCA Se, Gen, (what’s his name) all the time. Please Remember that if MCA is not there to give a BN multi racial FACE THEN BN IS NOTHING BUT A MALAY GOVERNMENT; as all of us Chinese VOTERS can see MCA supported and pro-actively PARTICIPATED IN AN UMNO COUP D’TAT of the MULTI RACIAL PAKATAN GOVERNMENT TO BRING IN A GOVERNMENT THAT IS 28 MPs MALAYS plus 2 PKR defectors who are also Malays that is equal to 30 Malay MPs plus 2 MCA DEVILS.


    Remember my Chinese brothers & sisters that at the beginning of Malaysian independence we had 5 million CHINESE MALAYSIANS and today there are still 5 million Chinese Malaysians; where have all the Chinese Malaysian gone ? They have migrated to Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, USA Canada, China etc etc. WHY ? They have left because UMNO treats Chinese Malaysians as PENDATANG !

    Anonymous said...

    Look at the sign board of her Service Centre, there is no Rocket being displayed. That shows she has planned to leave DAP one day.

    Anonymous said...

    Wow, even an outdated, ageing, ugly and unqualified auntie can still prostitute herself for RM15 million. Divine Brown-Noser.

    Anonymous said...

    Hee mentioned that one of the reasons why she quit DAP is because the 2 DAP cousins will sideline ehr and not field her for the next election. Sounds like being able to stand for election is very important to her. I wonder if she thinks BN would field her in the next election or as suggested by many, her political, social, family and personal life is all over.

    Anonymous said...

    Remember my Chinese brothers & sisters that at the beginning of Malaysian independence we had 5 million CHINESE MALAYSIANS and today there are still 5 million Chinese Malaysians; where have all the Chinese Malaysian gone ? They have migrated to Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, USA Canada, China etc etc. WHY ? They have left because UMNO treats Chinese Malaysians as PENDATANG

    I 100 % agree with the paragraph above. I am a Malaysian Professor residing in Singapore.

    Anonymous said...

    She is the GREATEST PIMP in Perakdom.

    Her client was Najib.

    Najib must have told her, "Perak is very beautiful, just like Mongolia - if you let me screw her, I'll pay you 15 million."

    She said, "Okay, if you'll throw in a Camry too."