Friday 6 February 2009

UPDATE: Disgraceful Incident at MB's Office Following the Perak Sultan's Controversial Decision to Sack the Menteri Besar

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3.01pm: FRU charges at the crowd. A handful are see throwing stones at the police.

2.59pm: More tear gas are fired into the mosque carpark.

2.58pm: Crowd retreats to the mosque. They had wanted to march from the mosque to the Iskandariah palace some 300m away where the swearing in of the new Perak menteri besar is scheduled to take place at 3.30pm.

2.50pm: Another round of tear gas is fired. Crowd refuses to back down with some throwing rocks at the FRU personnel.

2.43pm: Police tells the crowd to disperse.

2.41pm: The crowd swells to about 3,000 with some carrying banners calling on the sultan to dissolve the state assembly. FRU personnel are moving into position.

The chain of events as it happened this morning beginning with the latest entries:

11am: The police closed the road in front of the menteri besar's official residence until 7pm to prevent illegal gatherings.

10:45am: Perak CPO Zulkifli Abdullah said the police have secured the state secretariat building upon a request by the state secretary.

10.42am: Mohd Nizar and his convoy drive out of the state secretariat, back to his official residence. He said that he had been allowed to use his official car until new MB Zambry Abdul Kadir is sworn-in this afternoon.

10.20am: MB Nizar and his group move to Perak DAP head Ngeh Koo Ham's office, located in another part of the state secretariat building.

They then continued their press conference but once again it was interrupted by Abdul Rahman.
The state secretary then asked Mohd Nizar for a meeting to which the latter disagreed.

Reporters are escorted out of the state secretariat building. "I will go about (with my job as MB) as usual. I have to meet some consultants and investors later. However I will have to tell them that we have to reschedule our appointments," said Mohd Nizar.

10.15am: Mohd Nizar and his exco members hold a press conference but it is interrupted by state secretary Abdul Rahman and the state police chief.

Abdul Rahman rudely told reporters to leave the room. Senior exco member Ngeh Koo Ham was overheard telling the police chief to follow proper procedure. "We can hand over properly," he said.

9.40am: Mohd Nizar, in a green baju Melayu, and convoy arrive at the state secretariat building. The gates are closed but after a brief standoff with the security, the MB and his exco members are allowed in.

Mohd Nizar goes straight to his office and finds it bare.

"It was just as empty and bare as when I first took charge last March," he said.

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