Thursday 5 February 2009

Total UMNO Dominance in Perak BN-State Government: Is This What Perak Rakyat Voted for in March 2008 General Election?

Read here analysis by Jeff Ooi in Screenshots


"... If the BN takes over the state government of Perak ( as a result of the 3 defections), the MCA, Gerakan and MIC must collectively decide if they (will) condone the NEW , politically destructive scenario that:

  • celebrates a party-hopping culture (and)

  • (gives) Umno the ultimate controlling stake that dictates the future of Perak

    If they decide AGAINST the wishes of the voters, they may face humiliating annihilation in GE-2012 because they (had) consented to (give) ABSOLUTE UMNO dominance (
    in the formation of the Perak state government)
    - Jeff Ooi in Screenshots blog

  • (Image courtesy of Kwang Yit Poh)

    Perak: A test on the wisdom of the people... and the Sultan's


    Jeff Ooi
    (DAP Member of Parliament for Jelutong)/Blogger


    As you know by now, the equation has changed in Perak politics.

    On 3 February, the Pakatan Rakyat coalition (had) a 31 vs. 28 equation .

    (It has changed) now officially to 28 vs. 28 + 3, with the three defectors claiming a convenient Independent platform.

    Najib declared that BN is ready to form the new Perak state government while the PR was trying to gain the royal consent to dissolve the 11-month old state assembly, and to seek fresh mandate through a state-wide election.

    Sultan Azlan Shah, the former king of Malaysia, is now the proverbial "King Maker" as it's only he who can decide if:

    • BN's wishes is accomplished, or
    • his subjects should go to poll again to determine the next state government.

    The rakyat have to get prepared to a new political scenario with new shades of political representation.

    Take a look at the figures.

    1. In Pakatan Rakyat

      - DAP is left with 17 state assemblymen after 1 defection

      -.PKR is now made up of a 5-assemblymen team with 2 defections

      - PAS remains intact with 6 YBs.
      (Total 28)

      Of what used to be a slim majority state government under Pakatan Rakyat (when) the 11-member Perak Exco consists of

      • 6 Chinese (5 DAP. 1 PKR),

      • 4 Malays (2 PAS, 2 PKR) and

      • 1 Indian (DAP).

    2. The Speaker and his Deputy are from DAP -- 1 Indian and 1 Chinese.

    3. In Barisan Nasional

      • Perak BN survived GE2008 with 28 state assemblymen: - 27 Umno and 1 from MCA. Gerakan and MIC were annihilated.

      • Now Perak BN has now 31 YBs -- 29 Umno Malays, and 2 Chinese, if you look at the typical BN politics from its race-based perspective.(with 3 defectors from PR and its own defector who switched camp to PKR and make a swift comeback in two short weeks)

        Should BN take control of the Perak state government, the composition of its exco will be absolutely Umno-dominated with a maximum of only 2 non-Malay state ministers. No Indian.
    The Sultan's Decision vs the Perak Electorate's Mandate in March 2008 Election

    The Sultan will have to consider this crucial factor as the Perak electorate had crossed the political rubicon only months ago, where absolute dominance of Umno in the state exco -- hence the state's purse-strings -- was given a resounding rejection.

    The only consolation for the Sultan is that, whatever way he so decides, he has no political masters to report to. Unlike the politicians, he doesn't have to face the voters in the next general election while the people-funded allowances payable to the royal family, as enshrined in the Constitution, will remain intact.

    How will the Sultan, who will soon celebrate the silver anniversary as the state's ruler, decide? His son, Raja Nazrin the crown prince, has prophetically said his eloquent piece on the outset of the political turmoil that just turned awry hours ago, that the Royal Family "must remain neutral to ensure justice for people".

    Guan Eng used to comment on the decadence in governance in Penang before GE2008, that devils romp because good men do nothing.

    I fervently believe the Sultan of Perak is a good man. And I fervently believe, too, that Guan Eng will appreciate the fact that DAP is the biggest loser once Perak government changes hands.

    MCA, MIC and Gerakan's Dilemma in the new BN-Government in Perak

    The MCA, Gerakan and MIC must collectively decide if they so condone the NEW , politically destructive scenario that celebrates a party-hopping culture that offers Umno the ultimate controlling stake that dictates the future of Perak.

    If they decide AGAINST the wishes of the voters, they may face humiliating annihilation in GE2012. Because the people will be angry if they consent to absolute Umno dominance.

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    Yap Chong Yee said...

    wrote a comment to an article in the Malaysian Insider under the title "Perak Gov't to take EC to court". I said that the EC can be prosecuted for MALFEASANCE IN OFFICE, which is both a tort and the EC can be sued for civil damages and also prosecuted for committing MALFEASANCE. However that comment was not published and understandably so.

    I will deal in this comment as if I am commenting to all the "ABOVE". The MB' insistence that he is still head of the Perak government is absolutely correct because until his government is "DISMISSED by the Sultan" or that "the life of the Parliament has come to an end" the government of Pakatan is still the government of Perak. Yes the BN now has more seats than Pakatan but that does not automatically end the government of Pakatan. THERE IS AN END TO THE GOVERNMENT AND IT HAS TO COME TO A FORMAL END; and that end is still to come by the decision of the Sultan by the end of today (5th of Feb.)

    I have already said it in another post here in this blog that Najib had no strategic objective in securing the 4 cross overs because what he has achieved by his corruption of the democratic process is in the end JUST FUTILE AND ADD TO HIS FOOLISHNESS. The MB of Perak is correct that he is still MB because the people had elected his government and it was only through the treachery of that HEE (MP) and the other 3 Malay MPs that the Pakatan government had been brought down. This means that the people's original mandate that the people gave to the Pakatan still remains intact; therefore the wining over of those 4 opportunists was a DISTORTION OF THE DEMOCRATIC PROCESS, and that being the case the MB's advise to the Sultan to dissolve is 100% solidly grounded, and logically should attract ROYAL APPROVAL TO DISSOLVE PARLIAMENT AND ALLOW THE PAKATAN TO SEEK A FRESH MANDATE FROM THE PEOPLE.