Wednesday 4 February 2009

LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE : That's the Malaysians' Call to His Highess the Sultan of Perak


"...For the sake of the nation, I hope the Perak Sultan will allow for a snap election to be called.

It is NOT for the politicians to decide who should rule.

In a real democracy, it is all about the people's choice.

By allowing BN to take power via the backdoor, the MONARCH may actually help to perpetuate corruption and unscrupulous practices in politics."
Khoo Kay Peng /"Straight Talk" Blog

And We Say,

It will be a very sad day if the monarch's decision is unable to satisfy the wishes of the Perak rakyat, despite they having expressed their intent of the kind of government they want for their state following March 2008 election.

They showed they wanted a more multi-racial representation in government and certainly they had rejected UMNO to rule the state.

And if the monarch does not agree to a snap election so to enable the Perak rakyat to decide again who they want as their leaders, they will be burdened with a BN-government by stealth that has an overwhelming 27 UMNO representatives and only 1 MCA state assemblyman (excluding the 3 independents) in a largely multi-racial state.

That was not the deal the Perak rakyat had voted for.
-Malaysian Unplug

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Political experts today said that state representatives should return the mandate to the people by allowing them to have the final say on who they want as their state leaders.

  1. Former University Technology Mara law professor Shad Saleem Faruqi said in such a "fluid situation, it is best the public is allowed to choose their leaders". The citizens, added Shad, were disgusted with the defections as they belittled their ability to elect their representatives.

  2. Chandra Muzaffar, political scientist

    The mess in Perak is not in the interest of the people at all, especially at a time when Malaysia, like every other country in world, is on the brink of an economic crisis.

    Getting politicians to cross over and organising defections is part of Malaysian politics since the 70s.

  3. This is very unethical, they were elected by the mandate of the people, therefore they should relinquish their seats before deciding to defect to different parties.

    People need to be more civilised and let the government complete its job and this goes for both Pakatan and BN.

    Coming to power through the back door is just not right. Stop all this and start working for the people in this time of crisis.

  4. Ramon Navaratnam, Transparency International president

    If they want to hop, they should jump off the band wagon as well, they should just resign.

    They should go back to the people, and ask for their verdict because it won't be fair to the people.

  5. James Chin, Monash University School of Arts and Social Sciences head

    The key player in this crisis is the Sultan, as Pakatan will need his permission to dissolve the state government.

    Although most lawyers will argue that the Mentri Besar is in power, according to the old British system, a monarch should always follow the advice of the prime minister, regardless of personal preference.

    The Sultan should know the law better than any of us, as he was formerly the Lord President of the Supreme Court.

From Al-Husseyn Blog

Jenis yang tiada marwah

Read here for more and here

(Image courtesy of Al-Husseyn blog)

Inilah jenis manusia yang tidak punya maruah atau harga diri yang mudah dijual beli macam haiwan ternakan.

Ada yang kata, Nasarudin itu hanya dijadikan umpan.Apabila Pakatan Rakyat termakan umpan tersebut, mereka jadi leka dan berada di comfort zone hingga tidak menyedari 2 PKR dan 1 DAP menghilangkan diri mereka.

Katanya , Pakatan terlalu gembira diatas kemasukan Nasarudin , malah menjangkakan ada lagi 2 atau tiga yang akan ikut jejak Nasaruddin.Tup-tup, rupa-rupanya kita yang dah termakan umpan! Biarlah kita jadikan peduman dan pelajaran bagi kita.

Lain kali kalau ada yang nak masuk kem kita, pastikan kita gosok dan kikis habis kulit umno mereka sebelum terima masuk.

Saya terima SMS dari Setiausaha Akhbar MB, Anuar Hashim sebentar tadi dan dari Cina Islam, maksud yang sama :

Makluman; kita masih kerajaan minoriti di Perak. Pentadbiran berjalan seperti biasa.

Dalam keadaan sekarang ada 3 keadaan kerajaan boleh bertkar.

1. Sultan bubar DUN untuk pilihan raya negeri.

2. MB dengan sukarela mengundur diri.

3. Undi tidak percaya dalam sidang DUN akan datang

Sebarkan maklumat ini untuk umum.

Kita tentunya tidak akan mengambil pilihan nombor 2.

MB kita bukan jenis pengecut dan mudah menyerah kalah macam pondan!

Pilihan ke-3 , masih lama lagi.DUN hanya akan bersidang bulan April nanti.

Yang kita nampak terbaik sekali ialah pilihan angka 1 - Sultan bubar DUN untuk pilihanraya negeri!

Kita berharap benar kebawah Duli Tuanku akan bertindak membubarkan DUN supaya mandat dapat dikembalikan kepada rakyat untuk memilih kerajaan baru.

Menang kalah adat pertarungan.Kita tak mahu menyerah begitu sahaja kepada petualang bangsa yang khianat itu.

Kalau BN/ Umno mahukan semula kerajaan negeri Perak ini, silakan ambil secara pahlawan dan berjuang digelanggang.Buat apa banyak dalih itu ini?

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Yap Chong Yee said...

All the fuss generated in Perak is because in Malaysia, bureaucrats have this misconception that they have to protect the government from the opposition; that the government is synonimous with the UMNO, and this misconception has been brainwashed into their heads and it is be the most insurmountable problem facing the opposition. There is no separation between who is a bureaucrat and who is the politiican in the government.

The election commission is dead wrong to not put in place the by election process, because the speak of the Parliament is absolute in his ruling and if the party that is disadvantaged disagree then the right course for him is to go to the courts for a decision to over rule the speaker. Election has no power to question the speaker; he has been told by the speaker that vacancies have occered and that he needs to put in place the polling process for a by election and that is his job. It is obvious that he intended not to put in place the polling process was intended to give BN time to create mischief. THIS IS WRONG AND I AM AFRAID THAT RECALCITRANT BUREAUCRATS IN MALAYSIA IS COMMON !