Thursday 5 February 2009

Malaysian Elected Politicians are Available in the Market for Sale

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Kedah's turn to feel defection heat


Several Pakatan state assemblypersons there have been categorised as 'high risk' (for frogging/defection in return for cash and positions ) and their movements are being closely monitored by the state leadership.

Allegations are rife that these 'high risk' reps have been approached by Barisan Nasional numerous times since last week in a bid to lure them to defect.

It is rumoured that the going price for a defector in Kedah is RM3 million while the 'brokering fee' for the middleman is RM1 million.

Some state PKR representatives - believed to be the key targets for defections - said that brokers have walked boldly into their offices offering their "services".

Sungai Petani PKR parliamentarian Johari Abdul (left) also conceded that Kedah is on high alert after what transpired in Perak. He alleged that various attempts have been made by BN to lure Pakatan representatives to defect with offers of cash and powerful positions.

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