Monday 9 February 2009

'Penarik Beca" @ Abu Bakar Mohd Rashid, Once a Respectable Blogger, Turned Into a Virulent Racist By Playing on Malay Fears Against the Chinese


"Penarik Beca, please stop your dumb posts to show UMNO has allegedly given away seats to the Chinese, etc. It’s called POWER-SHARING that Pakatan is still struggling with."
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- Jed Yoong

Read here Penarik Beca's posting "Umno Pembela Melayu (3) ", and here and here.

Penarik Beca's deep hatred of UMNO led him to attack UMNO for giving seats to Chinese candidates ie MCA.

Writing in Bahasa, he knows his readers are primarily Malays.

Blogger “Penarik Beca” 's real name is Abu Bakar Mohd Rashid in his early fifties (51).

His recent posting is a blatant display of a racist stirring up Malay fears and antagonism against Chinese influence in Barisan Nasional.

While condemning UMNO, Penarik Beca aka Abu Bakar Mohd Rashid, in trying to foment anger of Malays against UMNO is playing the same dirty racial politics of UMNO of stirring negative racial sentiments. Except, he uses his blog and the access of the internet to launch his divisive racial sentiments.

Penari Beca @ Abu Bakar Mohd Rashid wrote in his blog:

"Dengan sifat Umno yang pantang menjual tanah menggadai wilayah lebih-lebih lagi kuasa legislatif kepada kaum pendatang, dalam Pilihan Raya Umum 8 Mac tahun lalu, kawasan majoriti pengundi Cina yang ditandingi oleh MCA dan Gerakan bagi kerusi Parlimen.....

Umno menyerahkan tanah, wilayah serta kuasa legislatif dari kawasan majoriti Melayu kepada apa yang disebut oleh salah seorang tokohnya sebagai bangsa pendatang.

Pantang Umno dilihat sebagai babi tunggangan bangsa pendatang."

When Penarik Beca was arrested by the police under ISA last year, there was overwhelming support by bloggers and Malaysians of all races for his immediate release.

Malaysian Unplug stood by him in his hour of distress in the belief that Penarik Beca is fightiing for a BETTER Malaysia.

In August 2008, when Penarik Beca was arrested, Commercial Crimes Investigation Department’s investigation officer for cyber crimes, Supt Victor Sanjos, was quoted as saying

Abu Bakar (aka Penarik Beca) published an article which showed a modified logo of the Royal Malaysia Police with derogatory comments about Musa including claims that Musa was being controlled by Chinese crime syndicates."
In his quest for a misguided justice for the Malay community, it is now apparent he is willing to fall into and play the racial gutter politics of UMNO which has made into an art-form. A party he showed to have a very deep hatred for in all his postings on his blog

If he is a PAS or PKR supporter, one wonders whether he is worthy to be a comrade-in-arms to fight for a better Malaysia and a Malaysia that can be colour-blind.

It is disappoint and disgusting, to say the least!!

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Vincent Chin said...

Now, Penarik Beca is out of line.