Saturday 7 February 2009

Perak Sultan's Website De-Activated: No More Accessible for Readers to Send in Their Comments on the Perak Turmoil

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Sultan's Guestbook "deactivated"


Rahmah Ghazali

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Sultan Azlan Shah’s ‘guestbook’ has been ‘deactivated’ by its website provider. The link to (click ‘HERE ) 'Buku Tetamu’ has been removed, disabling visitors from leaving any comments on the site.

Those who are planning to voice their disappointment over the political turmoil in Perak by leaving comments in Sultan Azlan Shah’s are now unable to do so.

As of yesterday, the guestbook swelled with comments from all over the nation.

The main sentiment was that the Sultan had let down the people with his decision to allow BN to govern the state.

[Note: All the comments on the guestbook which can also be viewed via (click Here) Dreambook, a third-party website have been ERASED and replaced with DAULAT TUANKU.

However a selection of readers' comments to the Perak Sultan which had been previously posted can still be
viewed HERE ( "Readers Speak Their Minds on Perak Sultan's Website / Sultan Perak Diserang Teruk di Website Baginda." ) ]
One of the comments posted anonymously expressed anger and outrage over the Sultan’s decision to reject a dissolution of the state assembly and his request that Pakatan Rakya’s Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin step down and pave way for a BN takeover.

The comment read:

"Apa lebihnya sultan? Kenapa kau perlu disembah dan diagungkan? Kau bernasib baik dilahirkan dikalangan keluarga tersebut tapi pada hakikatnya kau tu manusia biasa saja. Tak ada apa yang kau nak banggakan. Aku takkan menyembah sultan tapi kau dituntut menegakkan keadilan. Malang sungguh kau telah mengkhianatinya. Disebabkan kau seorang, rakyat Perak derita kembali".

(What is the advantage of being the Sultan? Why should you be worshipped and glorified? You are just lucky that you were born in a royal family but the fact remains that you are only a human being and have nothing to be proud of. I will not worship a Sultan but you have been entrusted to fight for justice. It is unfortunate that you have betrayed it. Because of you, the people of Perak will have to suffer all over again).


Anonymous said...

hope the sultan will be less stubborn. admit and the rakyat might forgive and forget. your wrong decision might have sealed any chances of the BN winning if a snap election is held but they deserve it. tuanku they are corrupted crooks so dont defend them. they are exploiting you so wake up. overturn your decision before it's to late

Mr. Smith said...

Why don't this stubborn old man revoke his decision to appoint the new BM and dissolve the assembly.
That would bring back some respect.