Wednesday 4 February 2009

UPDATE: Perak Sultan to Give His Decision Tomorrow ( Thursday, 5 February) on the Political Mess in Perak

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Menteri Besar Perak, Datuk Seri Mohd Nizar Jamaludin memaklumkan, Sultan Perak dijangka akan membuat keputusan berhubung dengan permohonan beliau untuk membubarkan Dun Perak BESOK (5 February, Thursday).

"Saya amat terharu apabila di hujung pertemuan itu apabila Baginda Sultan berkata kepada saya dengan membaca satu potong ayat Al Quran. Ayat itu yang bermaksud "Sesungguhnya Allah bersama dengan orang-orang yang sabar." katanya.


Anonymous said...

Please forgive my crudeness. We must all pray like hell tonight for a dissolution the Perak state assembly to be accepted by HRH.

Yap Chong Yee said...

It is constitutional convention that when the "CHIEF MINISTER" OF A CONSTITUTIONAL MONARCHY LOOSES THE CONFIDENCE OF THE HOUSE (LOOSING HIS MAJORITY)IT IS THE DUTY FOR SUCH CHIEF MINISTER TO ADVISE THE MONARCH TO DISSOLVE THE PARLIAMENT AND CALL FOR A FRESH MANDATE. Therefore as the circumstances stand Pakatan is not all lost ! There is a very likely possibility that the Sultan may dissolve the Paarliament.

To this end I think it is strategic for DSAI to call out his supporters on to the street to demonstrate their disapproval of the chicanery of the BN. From my perspective all the facts that have developed so far will build a strong groundswell of support for the Pakatan. I believe it is only right that the ruler take these circumstances into consideration. In the sense that the community support is so openly behind the Pakatan and that the BN had managed to draw the cross over of the 4 MPs and achieved by obvious bribery and corruption, the Sultan by sheer common sense will need to support a call from the government for dissolution. However, the Ruler must also take into consideration that 2 of the 4 are already charged with corruption and if convicted they go to jail. The ruler need to take the possibility that those two charged for criminal offences may be found guilty and will leave 2 vacant seats to be filled by bye-election. Such a contingency is crucial to the ruler's deliberation.

In these circumstances I stake my own credibility on this issue and venture to say that it is more likely than not that Sultan Azlan Shah will dissolve Parliament; and if that happens then the momentum of a victory in Perak will propell Pakatan to form the next government of Malaysia.