Thursday 12 February 2009

Kedah's Tengku Zainol Tengku Yahya, Just Shut Up So Not To Look Like a Stupid Idiot !


Kedah Association of Royalty (PKDK)

Bernama reports:

The president of the Kedah Association of Royalty (PKDK), Datuk Tengku Zainol Tengku Yahya has called on the authorities to ban the entry of DAP chairman Karpal Singh to Perak for being rude to Sultan Azlan Shah. He said, "The Malay rulers are pillars (in the society) that have to be protected, so Karpal's outburst against the Sultan of Perak is unacceptable."

Tengku Zainol described Karpal's outlandish remarks as uncivilised and could influence others to make seditious remarks against the rulers and called on him to apologise openly to the Sultan.Several quarters had lodged police reports against Karpal Singh for his alleged seditious remarks against Sultan Azlan Shah.

Karpal Singh had informed Sultan Azlan Shah and the new state government that he would take legal action against the two parties if they proceed with the swearing-in of the new menteri besar.


  1. Tengku Zainol would do the royalty good by keeping his mouth shut. His remark against Karpal might be perceived as the royalty efforts to restore feudalism and monarchy in Malaysia. He should be reminded that Malaysia is a constitutional democracy and the role of royalty is only symbolic in the constitution.

    Tengku Zainol is ridiculing Malaysians' intelligence by assuming what we are brainless parrots who could be easily influenced to do something wrong. Most of the criticisms against the decision of the Perak Sultan to dismiss the MB and the popularly elected government are made independently, without the influence of Karpal.

    The main pillars of the Malaysian democracy are the constitution, the parliament, the judiciary, the constitutional monarchy and the democratic process of elections. No one is above the law.

    Karpal should not even be credited as the person who started the criticism. Many constitutional experts have sounded the same alarm bell. Read here for more

  2. (Tengku Zainol), since that is your stand, we will go one step higher than you and call for the death of Mahathir. And since you are an honourable man who speaks for Royalty, you must also be honourable in calling for Mahathir’s death since he was the one who clipped the privileges of the Royalty. And we know that you will not make such calls, and we will call it for you!

    Any UMNO moron who takes on Karpal and Gobind, will receive severe backlash from this website. We will remain neutral for views expressed by readers on Karpal, but if any UMNO moron dares to lay their hands on Karpal, it is equivalent to taking us on! Read here for more

  3. Then first they must ban UMNO, Najib and Badawi from entering Trengganu for allowing their supporters to carry banners referring to the Sultan as 'Natang (or binatang =animal) last year. ...Don't be an idiot and threaten to ban this and that person. Under the Constitution, the Agong and the sultans are just constitutional heads and can be sued. And threatening to sue a sultan is "NOT SEDITIOUS" .

    Just like the late Tuanku of Negri Sembilan being sued (successfully) by Citibank.
    By the way, where were you when Tun Mahathir took away the special powers of the Agong and the sultans? .... If Karpal Singh is banned from Perak for insulting Sultan, then Standard Chartered should be banned from operating in Negri Sembilan for its court action.... I think you are just stupid and an idiot too. Don't be childish. what Karpal says is not against the law. I salute him as he has the guts to voice up. Look at the umno youth calling him with names, that's how much they have brains. Read here for more

  4. BolehLanders are seeing the hypocrisy of this anti-derhaka movement and will not be so gullible and stupid to think that UMNO or BN is really the protector of the Ruler and whose records on ‘treason’ behaviour is impeccably clean. BolehLanders are not so stupid as you think, and also believe the Rulers watching your illegal demos from their palace windows feel any safer with you as their protector than the other party if they were to demonstrate too!

    The morality and lesson of all this vanguards and vigilantes 'protector of the Ruler' against treason and sedition circus is, your 'Hang Tuahs' are also the 'Hang Jebats' when the situation warrants

    A litany of catalogues of past BN UMNO ‘derharkas’ can be found here

    The list below from Mari Derhaka - Let Us Learn From UMNO
    • Annuar Musa (BN) - jatuhkan maruah sultan Kelantan dengan menabal Sultan baru

    • Mahathir Mohamed (BN) - gesa kurangkan kuasa raja-raja melayu

    • Muhammad Taib (BN) - larikan puteri raja dan berkahwin di selatan Thai - dah bercerai dah pun.

    • Perarakan burung petalawati oleh Ibrahim Ali (sewaktu dia BN) ke istana Kelantan .

    • Ada sorang menteri besar (BN) yang pernah kena marah dekat sultan - Negeri Johor ??

    • Bekas menteri besar (BN) yang rasuah di Kedah - yang letak jawatan tu.
      Read here for more

  5. How Karpal insult the rulers? It is very funny, everytime we disagree with our Malay rulers, we are deem to be insulting. Come on, we no longer in the "zaman kesultanan melaka" not in those ancient China Dynasty where if you disobey the King/Sultan, you get beheaded or killed.We in 21st century, democratic world, humanize. Everyone of us entitled to speak what we want. Read here for more

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Anonymous said...

Let me ask that Tengku a question:-
Who gave away the then Malaya as a colony to the British, and who finally obtain Independence from the British master.
If not for the Rakyat, do you think the British will grant Independence for us?