Sunday 8 February 2009

Your Royal Highness, Wrong Move THIS Time

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After the March 8 elections, Perak hung in the balance as no single party or formal coalition of parties could claim a majority in the state assembly.

Barisan Nasional emerged with the most number of seats, 28, in the 59-seat Perak state assembly, while DAP won 18 seats, PKR seven seats and PAS six seats. Needing only one more to have a majority, Barisan Nasional tried to entice winners from the other parties to join the coalition, but its efforts did not bear fruit.

Barisan Nasional then sought the Sultan’s consent to form a minority government, but he did not act on the matter as the other parties who had won seats — DAP, PKR and PAS — claimed that they would support each other to form a government with a majority in the state assembly.

The Sultan did indeed take time to judge the claims of both sides on the formation of a government.

After finally being convinced by the undertakings of the winners from DAP, PAS and PKR that they would fully support a government comprising representatives of the three parties and his choice for Menteri Besar, the Sultan then consented to the formation of a government by what would later be known as the Pakatan Rakyat.

The Sultan acted with deliberation and wisdom.

Is there any difference with the method he employed and the yardstick he used then, and now?


Some people might argue that there is very little difference, if any at all. And I would agree.

But I would also argue that the Sultan should NOT have applied the same to the situation in Perak in the past few days.

Back in March 2008, the people had just spoken, and it was up to the Sultan to interpret, within the confines of the law, what they had just said.

I would dare add that few people would argue that the Sultan had wrongly interpreted the sentiments and aspirations of the people of Perak at the time.

  • THIS week, however, the people of Perak had very little say, if any at all, in the defections of the three assemblymen formerly of PKR and DAP, respectively.

  • THIS week, the people of Perak had very little say, if any at all, in the formation of the new state government.

  • THIS week, the people of Perak were deprived of the opportunity to exercise their right to choose the government they want.
I believe the Sultan erred in NOT giving them the opportunity.

What if fresh elections in Perak again result in a situation similar to the one after the March 8 elections, you might ask?

  • If that happens, then, and only then, should the Sultan once more attempt to interpret the decision of the people.

  • And only then should he employ the same method and use the same yardstick that he had used after March 8 to determine the government that the people of Perak want.
    - "The Aisehman"

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Anonymous said...

If the sultan agrees to a snap election, i am very sure that the bn will be wiped out. Then the majority PR government can do their work to help the rakyat without the bn reps being a nuisance. Only then will there be a stable government. Are you aware of your subjects cries? Say something, the silence is deafening. the rakyat are waiting for some statements. PLEASE HEED THE PEOPLES' CRIES.