Wednesday 11 February 2009

Samseng UMNO Youth Threatens Public Order, NO TEAR GAS FROM POLICE ?

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It is within our local (especially the Malays) mentality and perception, that the Rulers do have the rights to “tell off” the executive when the later goes astray.

And to act in any way which is repugnant to the Rulers’ wishes may be regarded as rude or even treasonous. However,this has NO legal basis whatsoever and is NOT reflective of legal REALITY.

The REAL power in our country and under our constitution (states and federal) rest with the PEOPLE. We elect our representatives and consequently, our executives and legislatives.
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- Art Harun (Lawyer)

There is a Malay adage which says: Raja adil raja disembah, raja zalim raja disanggah (Roughly it means: To obey the law is right, against injustice we should fight).

Hence the hollowness of the charge of treason (derhaka). As the ruler is the head of Islam and the epitome of Malay civilisation and culture, perhaps it is worthwhile to mention that in Islam, telling the truth before an UNJUST ruler is considered the HIGHEST form of piety.
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Prof. Abdul Aziz Bari

Umno Youth wants DAP national chairman Karpal Singh to drop any lawsuit against the Sultan of Perak or it will demonstrate outside his office in Jalan Pudu every day.

Karpal Singh said he would take legal action against the police for failing to stop an illegal demonstration.

Some 50 Umno Youth members from Selangor and Federal Territory marched to Karpal Singh’s office yesterday. The demonstration stopped rush hour traffic around the busy Puduraya area.

They also called for the arrest of PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and former Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin for not heeding the Sul­tan’s directive that the latter resign.

Federal Reserve Unit personnel stopped the demonstrators when they were near Karpal Singh’s office.

Dang Wangi OCPD Asst Comm Zulkarnain Abdul Rahman said the group did not have a permit and police used their discretion and warned them to disperse within 15 minutes which they did.

Serdang Umno Youth chief Ungku Mat Salleh said,
We want any action to bring the Sultan to court to cease immediately because it can jeopardise public security and Karpal Singh must ask for forgiveness from the Sultan.”
(Binatang is a Malay word for "Animal")


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UMNO Deputy Chief Khairy Jamaludin incites Violence Against Nizar for treason against the Sultan

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About 1,000 mainly Umno Youth members attended the rally here under the watchful eyes of the police. Nizar has refused to resign and maintains he is still the legitimate MB. Instead, the speeches portrayed Pakatan Rakyat as anti-Sultan.

UMNO Youth Deputy Chief Khairy Jamaludin who is also MP Rembau asked the crowd at the Jalan Sultan Abdul Jalil field here.“In the old days, what did we do to those who committed treason?”

The crowd replied “kill him!” as they waved banners with the words “Nizar Penderhaka Melayu Moden (Nizar is the modern day Malay traitor)”. The crowd started tearing up posters with pictures of Nizar, as Khairy also called for Nizar and Perak DAP chief Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham’s titles to be retracted.


Isu Menteri Besar Perak : Adakah derhaka kerana mengikut Sunnah Nabi?

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Heboh tentang DS Nizar menderhaka. Itulah istilah yang pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO gunakan bagi mensifatkan DS Nizar.

Tapi betulkah DS Nizar derhaka?

Aku rasa sebenarnya DS Nizar mengikut sunnah Rasulullah SAW.

Dan sunnah Nabi SAW adalah lebih berharga dari titah mana-mana raja dalam dunia.Kerana sunnah Nabi SAW berlandaskan firman ALLAH Azza WA Jalla. Sedangkan titah raja mungkin terdorong oleh hanya akal atau perasaan atau nafsu.

Mengikuti sunnah Nabi SAW ,InsyaALLAh akan mendapat syafaat baginda di akhirat nanti. Ikut titah raja belum tentu lagi..... Keenganan DS Nizar meletak jawatan bila di titahkan oleh raja adalah seperti sabda Nabi SAW kepada sahabat besar Uthman bin Affan r.a. iaitu:-

Wahai Uthman, seandainya suatu hari nanti kamu dilantik oleh Allah mengendalikan urusan kepimpinan ini, dan kaum munafiq mahu menanggalkan pakaian engkau yang Allah pakaikan kepadamu, maka JANGANlah engkau menanggalkannya!” [riwayat Ibn Majah]
Jadi, adakah derhaka jika seorang pemimpin Muslim mengikut sunnah Nabi SAW?

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