Tuesday 31 March 2009

Haris Ibrahim of People's Parliament to Rocky's Bru aka Ahirudin Atan: Don't Mislead Malaysians on Bukit Gantang By-Election

Ahirudin Atan headlined his article on his Rocky's Bru blog, "Bukit Gantang by-election: Anwar vs the Sultan"


From People's Parliament Blog:

".. The Bukit Gantang by-election is NOT a contest between Anwar and the Sultan.

Simply, its about PEOPLE POWER.

....the Constitution bestows on the people to determine who shall govern, the majority of the people of Perak decided that they had had enough of BN and voted for change.And so, the Pakatan Rakyat state government of Perak was born by the will of the majority of the people of Perak.

Not by the prerogative of the Sultan, but the WILL of the people.Yes, the majority of the people of Perak rejected BN and its arrogant disregard of the wishes and needs of the people.

The people of Bukit Gantang, for and on behalf of every decent Perakian, on the other hand, would now have the opportunity to make known to their constitutional monarch that, either by reason of being ill-informed or ill-advised, His Majesty had erred.

Whether His Majesty responds appropriately thereafter remains to be seen.

And a vote in favour of Nizar over the BN candidate would send home the strongest of signals to every institution established under the federal and every state constitution : that the WILL of the PEOPLE may be delayed, but can NEVER be forever denied.

That, in my view, is the significance of the Bukit Gantang by-election. ..."
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-Haris Ibrahim

Ahirudin Attan wrote in his Rocky's Bru blog:

"Bukit Gantang by-election: Anwar vs the Sultan
A Pakatan Rakyat victory at Bukit Gantang can and will be used as proof, beyond any doubt, that Sultan Azlan Shah should not have given back the state of Perak to Barisan Nasional. That the HRH's decision was against the wishes of his people, who want PR and not BN to represent them.

Fielding Nizar in Bukit Gantang is a political statement. If he wins, the former Perak MB, hailed by some as the modern Hang Jebat for his "mohon derhaka" antic, would be seen as having won not just against the BN but, more importantly, against the Sultan.It will prove that this Jebat Moden was right and that the Sultan had wronged him.Defeat is unthinkable.

PR has won all by-elections since March 2008 and is the incumbent for constituency.Also, BN victory in Bukit Gantang will be seen as the people's support not just for the Sultan but also for Najib Razak, who's expected to be sworn in as our 6th Prime Minister on April 3, just four days before the three by-elections. Read here for more

From Haris Ibrahim of People's Parliament blog

Excerpts from People's Parliament blog:

A certain blogger (read: Rocky's Bru) has it that the Bukit Gantang by-election is really a contest between Anwar and the Sultan.

Clearly, this blogger, whilst steeped in experience in the media industry, having served UMNO-owned and controlled newspapers for a long, long time, does not quite appreciate the divisions of power within our constitutional set up.

Or maybe this blogger suffered a lapse of memory, thinking he was still writing for the UMNO-owned newspapers.

No, the Bukit Gantang by-election is not a contest between Anwar and the Sultan.

Simply, its about people power.

You see, a little over a year ago, Malaysians went to the polls and inflicted a painful lesson on BN such as it had never suffered before.

The people of Perak, too, wanted change.

And through that power that the constitution bestows on the people to determine who shall govern, the majority of the people of Perak decided that they had had enough of BN and voted for change.

And so, the Pakatan Rakyat state government of Perak was born by the will of the majority of the people of Perak.

Not by the prerogative of the Sultan, but the will of the people.

Yes, the majority of the people of Perak rejected BN and its arrogant disregard of the wishes and needs of the people.

We all know now what followed.

Nizar asked for a dissolution of the assembly and for fresh state elections.

Najib asked that BN be allowed to form the new state government.

And in the crisis that ensued, so many Perakians beseeched His Majesty not to do that which would deny them their government of choice.

Sadly, their pleas went unheard.

And so, with the installation of BN as the new state government, the voice and the will of the people of Perak that had spoken on 8th March, 2008, was silenced.

And then, almost as if some divine force had heard the cries of the people, Bukit Gantang fell vacant.

A seat won by BN Pakatan at the last elections was to be contested.


Readers' Response on Rocky's Bru Blog

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  1. Rocky, your timing is dammed good time to join the MSM.If not mistaken NSTP ,the juicy post is waiting for you.So "bodek" as much as you can now ,the chances for the post is bright.

  2. Dah mula la si Rocky ni nak menipu dan menghasut orang Melayu dan rakyat jelata...Dah habis saja Najib kena lantik jadik Presiden UMNO, maka dengan beriya iya lah si Rocky ni menipu secara terbuka demi mendapat naungan dari Najib.Hotak kau la Rocky. Bila pulak kemenangan Pakatan tu maksudnya kekalahan Sultan?Yang penting sekali ialah sama ada rakyat menang atau rakyat kalah. Bukan soal Sultan kalah atau Sultan menang. Lagi lagi pilihanraya ni takde kaitan pun dengan Sultan Perak.Rocky, Rocky, bila la ko nak insaf... bila la ko nak jadi Muslim yg baik...

  3. Rocky's writings resembles the Utusan writers in the 60s that spark race riots in malaysia & singapore.In fact, Rocky should be put under ISA or at least sedition act for inciting hatred.

  4. Dear Rocky, kalau nak cari makanpun jangan ini macam. Engkau dah kebulur ke atau susah sangat nak hidup sampai sanggup jadi "pelacur".

  5. Why Anwar vs Sultan? are you suggesting something? So sinister le...it should be PR vs BN(brg naik)

  6. You got it wrong again, Rocky. There was a daulat Tuanku banner from the Opposition. See the link below at timecode 1.29.32. http://www.malaysiakini.tv/video/16872.html

  7. Mahathirism come back very quickly eh Rocky? maybe NST should give you the editor post so you could give good spin for Najib.

  8. How would you justify calling Nizar "former MB"? The way I see it, we have 2 MBs in Perak now. Who is the legal one will be decided in court. Calling Nizar as "former MB" is premature...

  9. I am lost for words, you have truly sold out. Haven't you learned anything after Mukhriz lost? Now you are trying to pit PR against the Sultan. I am truly disgusted by your attitude. In my heart I know that people are not stupid enough to fall for your propaganda. Anyhow I will stop visiting your blog from today onwards. You are no different then NST, (which you seem to hate) Utusan, The Star and other main stream media.

  10. It's the rakyat vs UMNO.It's not about the sultan, but the will of the people, and it's UMNO arrongance that has caused it's rise.It is obviously UMNO's battle to win. Let's not get entangled into UMO type Anwar bashing.UMNO, if it truly represents the will of the people, will have asked for the people's mandate but has stubbornly refused. Why? Is UMNO afraid?

  11. Anwar vs the Sultan? I like that. As much as the headline was simply the creation of a hateful mind, the fact remains Perakians are offended by what has happened. Don't show early signs of buffoonery like the one you displayed during the fight between Khairy and Mukhriz, only to be defeated badly and a total one for that by a man you reviled and threw even the sink at him. I'm sorry Mukhriz lost bcoz that may have gotten you a secretarial job or something of the sort. The voters irrespective of race can through the charade of Sultan this Sultan that. They will once again prove that they are too intelligent for spin and dirty work by dirty minds. Wa inna ghadan li-nadhirihi qarib (The one who is waiting for 2moro, 2moro is nigh).

  12. Your spinning is unthinkable!!! What was the word used by MB Nizar when he had an audience with Tuanku Sultan? Don't mislead people!!! though you enjoy with your drink but be responsible and remember brother "jangan mereka cerita kerana itu fitnah" .Write something positive la and I thought you are better than what you are doing now. What's up?

  13. Rocky, you have deliberately misled the rakyat with your heading words in this post. Maybe you see it fit for whatever purpose but it's clear you are no longer maintaining the neutral stand which you had earlier set out in your mission. Why should it be an 'Anwar v the Sultan'? There is credible public perception UMNO and Najib had exerted some pressure on the Sultan's decision. Yet you had made this out on PKR and Anwar to be the fall guys. In many ways, this is highly misleading. Is it not shameful on you to distort and misrepresent the situation? I had stated my case. It's your turn to refute.

  14. Roc, you slimy worm, you are trying to whirl and twirl on the sentiments
    of the malays, using the sultan's name. This by election is about fairness and justice...no need to embarrass the sultan any further.Trying to build your bridge with Mongolian C4? Good try!

  15. What is also important is that Bukit Gantang is a malay majority area. Like Kuala Trengganu, A loss by BN will be an indication that the malay has rejected UMNO.

  16. Vs The Sultan? Why make it such that the innocent people of Perak may have to carry this extra burden having to worry if they might be betraying their Sultan or might be treasonous if they were to vote for Pakatan? This is also cruel against the Sultan if he feels that his fate has been put into the hands of the people. Is this his or is it a BN effort? Whether they win or lose, the BN wins then is it? And yet, all of a sudden this is now an Anwar Vs the Sultan battle!! What perverted and convoluted mind makes this to be so is indeed a wonder. If it is this kind of mindset that is to lead Malaysia in under a week, then certainly my concerns are for the country and its people.

  17. Now you truly show your racism and gutter political schism.is that how UMNO gonna win by fanning hatred thru your blog-Anwar against the Sultan? Thanks Rocky. now at least I know your character.and this is the last time I will visit your blog.
    Special bunch, this is your buddy.

  18. Is this what we call dragging Sultan into politics? God bless Rocky.

  19. This ROCKY has already turned villian! He is no difference with the umno goons, and most of all a hypocritic lallang. He is not an intelletual with principles like RPK and can be easily bought off. As a matter of fact, he has been bought off in view of what he has been writing lately. He has lost the respect of most bloggers, belive me. Now, he is writing to "ampu" the real enemies of rakyat and to "racun" the mind of his readers.

  20. Come on Rocky, i was an ardent fan of your blog once, well, not anymore, you are no better than those fanning racial and unethical blogging. Why Anwar VS Sultan, thats hitting below the belt, low and insulting. Whats in for you, money, position, wealth or just bud. I believe a whole bunch of us here. Well the good thing is, its better now than later that you showed your true colours.

  21. I don't quite understand why they all very angry at Rocky Bru's article. Isn't this the truth? Didn't the Phakatan Rakyat leaders said at the time that they wanted to put Nizar to contest Bukit Gantang to show that the rakyat is behind Nizar and not HRH Sultan Azlan? I remember someone wrote that Bukit Gantang MP died beause it was divine intervention, GOD wanted to let Nizar fight for his good name, or something like that.

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