Thursday 26 March 2009

R.A.H.M.A.N Prophesy: Najib may NOT be the 6th Prime Minister

The RAHMAN prophesy had held true for 39 years since the elevation of Tun Abdul Razak as the second Prime Minister in September 1970.

It has accurately predicted four prime ministers after the first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman.

The RAHMAN prophesy is reaching its last leg of its prediction with the letter "N" .

There is no reason why the RAHMAN prophesy would not hold true for its last prediction (the last letter “N” of RAHMAN) for the 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia.
If the RAHMAN prophesy is to hold true for the last letter "N" for RAHMAN, then Najib may NOT be the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

According to RAHMAN prophetic tradition, all future prime ministers of Malaysia AFTER the first prime minister will have the FIRST letter in their names following the name of the first Prime Minister, ie RAHMAN. What that means is that the RAHMAN prophesy will start with the SECOND Prime Minister until the 6th Prime Minister.

By convention, not by constitution, the UMNO President becomes the Prime Minister and the UMNO Deputy President becomes the Deputy Prime Minister. Prior to 1981, deputy president of UMNO is nominated by the sitting President from amongst the Vice Presidents of UMNO.

The following historical facts were evidenced that the RAHMAN prophesy played a hand in the choice of the last four prime ministers.

  1. Tunku Abdul Rahman was the first Prime Minister from 1957 to 1970. Abdul Razak was his deputy. Tunku Abdul Rahman was forced out of UMNO and had to resign from office as a result of a concerted push by the UMNO “young turks” led by his deputy, Abdul Razak after the May 13 1969 riot. There was bad blood and much acrimony in the departure of Tunku Abdul Rahman

  2. The FIRST fulfillment of RAHMAN prophesy “A” , was achieved in September 1970 with the appointment of Abdul Razak as the second Prime Minister.

  3. As President of UMNO, Abdul Razak appointed Ismail Abdul Rahman as deputy Prime Minister. If Ismail were to succeed Tun Razak as prime minister, the RAHMAN prophesy would have collapsed after the second prime minister. As fate would have it, (Tun) Ismail Abdul Rahman died in office prematurely in 1973 .

  4. . Abdul Razak had then to choose from amongst the UMNO Vice Presidents to be his deputy. By 1973, Abdul Gaffar Baba had been a Vice President of UMNO for almost 11 years. Hussein Onn was elected as UMNO Vice President only a year earlier in 1972 after he won a parliamentary seat in Johore in 1970.

  5. Instead of picking a more senior vice president, Abdul Razak picked the recently elected Vice President as his deputy. Hussein Onn became Deputy Prime Minister in August 1973.

  6. In the 1974 general election, both Abdul Razak and Hussein Onn were returned as Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.

  7. At the 1975 UMNO General Assembly: Mahathir and Tengku Razaleigh were elected for the first time as UMNO Vice Presidents. Incumbent Abdul Ghaffar Baba was re-elected. Of the three Vice Presidents , Mahathir Mohamad won with the LEAST number of votes compared to the other two.

  8. Then fate struck again when (Tun) Abdul Razak died in office in January 1976.

  9. The SECOND fulfillment of the RAHMAN prophesy ( “H”) was achieved when Hussein Onn assumed the Prime Ministership on 14 January 1976.

  10. Hussein Onn had to pick a Deputy Prime Minister. He had wanted to appoint the then powerful Home Minister and Razak-confidante Tan Sri Ghazalie Shafie as Deputy Prime Minister, but he was not an UMNO Vice President.

  11. The three incumbent UMNO Vice Presidents, Abdul Ghafar Baba, Tengku Razaleigh and Mahathir demanded that the Deputy Prime Minister be picked from one of the three UMNO Vice Presidents : Abdul Ghaffar Baba Tengku Razaleigh, and Mahathir Mohammad.

  12. With pressure from the three Vice Presidents, Hussein Onn decided to pick the vice-president who won with the LEAST number of votes at the UMNO General Assembly, i.e. Mahathir Mohamad. According to Anthony S.K. Shome in his book Malay Political Leadership, Hussein Onn chose Mahathir “because, it is said, he wanted someone with education and maturity. Hussein’s choice of Mahathir sparked off a crisis within UMNO that was to have wide repercussions for a long time in the party. Both Razaleigh and Ghaffar Baba were deeply disappointed and the latter subsequently refused to serve in the Cabinet under any capacity.”

  13. At the 1978 general election, both Hussein Onn and Mahathir Mohamad were returned as Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister

  14. Fate decided again that Hussein Onn had to leave office prematurely for ill-health in 1981.

  15. The THIRD fulfillment of the RAHMAN prophesy (“M” ) was achieved in July 1981 when Mahathir Mohamad became Prime Minister.

  16. Mahathir Mohamad served as Prime Minister from 1981 until 2003, over 5 general elections. When he took office, he declared the UMNO Deputy President open for election ie he was not supporting any candidate. Tengku Razaleigh and Musa Hitam fought it out. Musa Hitam won and eventually became the Deputy Prime Minister.

  17. In 1986, there was a fall-out between Mahathir and Musa Hitam resulting in Musa Hitam leaving the cabinet . Abdul Ghaffar Baba was appointed and became the Deputy Prime Minister.

  18. In 1987, Tengku Razeleigh challenged Mahathir for the UMNO Presidency. If Tengku Razaleigh had won, he would have been the successor to Mahathir. The RAHMAN prophesy would have collapsed by then. It was not to be.

  19. Mahathir won the election instead but the court ruled that UMNO was illegal. Mahathir re-registered UMNO as UMNO Baru and continued to be the President of UMNO Baru and thus as Prime Minister. Abdul Ghaffar Baba continued to be the Deputy Prime Minister until 1993.

  20. In 1993 UMNO election, Anwar Ibrahim challenged Ghaffar Baba for the Deputy Presidency. Anwar Ibrahim won the UMNO Deputy Presidency and beacme the new Deputy Prime Minister.

  21. In 1998, Mahathir sacked Anwar Ibrahim as Deputy Prime Minister and expelled him from UMNO. He was subsequently charged in court under controversial circumstances for sodomy and then jailed. The position of the Deputy Prime Minister was left vacant for about 6 months.

  22. In 1999, Ahmad Abdullah Badawi was named the Deputy Prime Minister.

  23. The FOURTH fulfillment of the RAHMAN prophesy (“A”) was achieved in October 2003 when Ahmad Abdullah Badawi assumed the Prime Ministership.

  24. The Deputy Prime Minister under Ahmad Abdullah Badawi is Mohd Najib Abdul Razak, commonly called in the media as “ Najib”.

Fulfillment of the last letter “N under the RAHMAN Prophesy

For the RAHMAN prophesy to be fulfilled completely, the successor to Ahmad Abdullah Badawi has to have “N” ad his first letter in his name.

The current Deputy Prime Minister’s name is Mohd Najib Abdul Razak ie his first letter is “M”. By extension of that fact, and for the RAHMAN prophesy to hold true as it did for the last 39 years, Najib will NOT be the next Prime Minister, even if he had been elected as the President of UMNO.

The fact that Mohd Najib had been commonly called as simply Najib , thus assuming “N” as his first letter in his name does not count in the RAHMAN prophesy. For instance, Najib’s father was commonly referred to as Tun Razak. If the RAHMAN prophesy had allowed “R” to be the first letter of the name to be considered, then the RAHMAN predicted would have collapsed in 1970 when Tun Razak assumed office of the Prime Minister.

All other Deputy Prime Ministers ( with the exception of Abdul Ghaffar Baba and Anwar Ibrahim), who did not meet the conditions of the RAHMAN prophesy, FAILED to become the next Prime Minister.

Mohd Najib Abdul Razak

The current Prime Minister, Ahmad Abdullah Badawi was expected to step down as President of UMNO following the completion of the 2009 UMNO General Assembly on 27th March 2009.

Malaysians are expecting Mohd Najib to be the next President of UMNO and by convention, he will be installed as the 6th Prime Minister.

If Mohd Najib does succeed Ahmad Abdullah Badawi as the 6th Prime Minister, then it will be the FIRST time in 39 years that the RAHMAN prophesy has failed to predict the last (6th) Prime Minister with the name starting with the letter “N” in RAHMAN.

However, as noted by Tengku Razaleigh, Dr Mahathir and other political pundits, Mohd Najib’s ascension as President of UMNO does not constitutionally require that he will be installed as the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

The following events may still cause the RAHMAN prophesy to hold true after the 2009 UMNO General Assembly:
a) Although Mohd Najib becomes the President of UMNO, Ahmad Abdullah Badawi may wish to continue to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia as provided for in the constitution until he is given a vote of no confidence in Parliament. The RAHMAN prophesy remains intact. If this is the case, this will be the first time that a President of UMNO is not automatically made the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

b) The Yang DiPertuan Agung has the absolute discretion not to appoint Mohd Najib as the Prime Minister and he would either request Ahmad Abdullah Badawi to continue as Prime Minister until the next general election or the Agong may recall Parliament to decide on whether Mohd Najib or somebody else will be the Prime Minister.
As it stands, the RAHMAN prophesy says Mohd Najib Abdul Razak will not be the 6th Prime Minister, given it had stood the test of time of 39 years over 4 Prime Ministers and 9 Deputy Prime Ministers.

Malaysians will know in the days and weeks to come whether the RAHMAN prophesy will collapse without fulfilling the last letter “N”.


How a new government is formed


Tengku Razaleigh

Read here for more


Let us understand very clearly the transitional situation we are in.

  1. The incumbent Prime Minister is about to resign as he has solemnly promised to by the end of this month.

  2. On the appointed day (which like so many things in this administration remains a mystery) the Prime Minister will tender his resignation and that of his cabinet to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong. With this the government of the day comes to an end.

  3. The Yang di-Pertuan Agong will appoint the next Prime Minister at his sole discretion from among the members of the elected lower house of Parliament, the Dewan Rakyat. His Majesty’s choice is guided by his own judgment of who among the members “commands the confidence” of a majority the members of parliament.

  4. The new Prime Minister will name his cabinet and form the next government.

  5. The Agong’s choice may at any time be tested by a vote of confidence in the Dewan Rakyat. If the Prime Minister is rejected by the Dewan, the King will have to re-appoint another person.
As there has been much confusion on this point let me re-state it:

The Yang Dipertuan Agong has sole and absolute discretion in how he forms his judgment as to who in the Dewan Rakyat commands the confidence of the majority.

The choice is his alone.

The choice is absolute but not arbitrary, since it is guided by the Constitution. The right is the Agong’s alone, but it can any time afterwards be tested by the Dewan Rakyat.

This system is democratic in that it provides for the Dewan Rakyat and the Ruler to check and balance each other’s powers in an orderly manner. The participants in this process are the Ruler and the individual members of parliament.

Within the Dewan Rakyat, each member is accountable to his constituents as an individual. Political parties do not enter this description.

The Agong’s concern is solely for the rakyat. In his formal capacity, His Majesty sees each member of the House only as representing his subjects in a particular constituency.

This is why MP’s are referred to only by the constituencies they represent. Their party affiliation is no consideration at all.

Let me draw on some implications of this understanding of how our governments are formed.

Whatever undertakings the present prime minister has made with his deputy or with his party about his successor are external to the constitutional process.

To think otherwise is to imagine that the prime ministership is a private property to be passed on from one potentate to another at whim. The behaviour of some leaders might have conveyed this unfortunate impression, and caused the public to find the party arrogant and out of touch.

The fact that the President of UMNO has also been appointed as Prime Minister is only a convention, as Tun Dr Mahathir, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz have asserted recently.

This convention was based on the assumption of Umno’s absolute dominance of Parliament. That conditionNO longer holds.

Statements in the media that it is the right of Umno and BN to dictate to the Yang Dipertuan Agong who should be Prime Minister deny the constitutional right of the Yang Dipertuan Agong, and deprive him of perhaps the most important of his few discretionary powers.

Such statements turn the Agong’s role into a rubber stamp for the decisions of a political party. I am waiting for Umno to strongly denounce such statements, especially as we have recently rediscovered our concern for the rights of the Rulers.

Over the last quarter century, the rulers, like the legislature, the judiciary, the police, the universities and all our major public institutions, have had their powers systematically curtailed and their immunities removed to make way for unruly executive power.

In the process, fundamental principles such as the separation of powers have been ignored. Umno itself has not been spared this process as it has become autocratic and top-down to the dismay of millions of ordinary members.

Over time the rakyat have been so conditioned to the abuse of executive power that many have forgotten that the government is more than the prime minister and his cabinet. Many have forgotten how a properly functioning government works and what the rule of law looks like.

Perhaps this is why it is news to some that the Yang di-Pertuan Agong has an independent role to play, just as the judiciary and the legislature do.

Malaysia has fallen into a spiral of institutional and economic decline. If we are to save this country from long term and increasingly tragic deterioration, the next government appointed by the Yang di-pertuan Agong must not only be fully committed to restoring the Legislature, the Judiciary and the Rulers to their proper dignity and independence, it must be seen by the Malaysian public to be capable of doing so.


Anonymous said...

N = Nizar

Malaysian Unplug said...

In response to Amir
26 March 2009 16:12

Nizar's full name is

Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin

Anonymous said...

N = Nik Aziz !

Yap Chong Yee said...

I agree with the uncanny turn of events that have proven to come true, but I disagree with the literal interpretation of the events that make the prediction come true. All prophesies are puzzle that we must interpret and the best known of them all are the prophesy of Nostrademus and they have puzzle man ever since for more than a 1,000 years.

I too see the Rahman prophesy as intreguing and very interesting. However the literal interptetation claims that if Najib does not inherit the PMship of Malaysia then the whole of the Rahman has come true; but I disagree. I pose this eventuality. I say the Rahman prophesy was a spell cast by Tengku Abdul Rahman and that said , what if the last PM is the PM that will see UMNO fall ? Is this not a more credible way of looking at a curse ? I say that the Rahman was a curse cast on the life of UMNO for betraying the tenure of Tengku Abdul Rahman and that it foretells of the last years of the life of UMNO and that with the elevation of Najib to the PMship the days of UMNO are numbered. Najib will see the FALL OF UMNO !

Keylee Daud said...

N untuk Nik Aziz