Sunday 15 March 2009

UMNO - Adrift and Leaderless

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"Umno rarely listens or consults beyond the privileged circle of party activists.

Carpet-baggers, thugs and jokers now throng the party's ranks. They (and their families) are deliberately excluding many thousands of professional and educated Malays who want to get involved in public life.

Over the past twelve months Umno has not shown itself either ready or willing to face up to its myriad challenges."
-Karim Raslan

Change is Inevitable


Karim Raslan


March 8 marks the first anniversary of Malaysia's epoch-making polls.

The level of political risk in Malaysia has for the first time in recent history exceeded that of Indonesia.

Malaysia is still locked in the past. Power remains centralized: the winners are lauded and can do no wrong while the losers’ are vilified.

Moreover such is the disregard for democracy and the 'spirit' of the nation’s respective Constitutions, that even genuine electoral results are suborned and reversed - the ouster of the pro-Thaksin administration in Thailand last year and the depressing sequence of events in Perak.

With the economic downturn adding a layer of complexity, the legitimacy and survivability of current systems of governance is questionable.

As I said, there's no guarantee that the present political systems in the region or, perhaps more importantly, the elites they've engendered will survive history's depredations.

In Malaysia, it's clear that the dominant political party, Umno cannot remain idle.

Its competitors for the Malay vote, the Islamist PAS and the more moderate, racially-inclusive PKR are gaining ground.

Umno is fast discovering that the politics of development is no longer sufficient. Voter expectations have risen. People want improved public services, cheaper utilities and a more caring leadership, all of which are an anathema to a political and administrative machine that's unused to dialogue and focused almost entirely on the provision of infrastructural hardware.

In short, Umno tells the people what they need. It rarely listens or consults beyond the privileged circle of party activists.

Umno must come to terms with reality - popular sentiment is dynamic and unforgiving. Moreover political parties are neither destined nor fated to lead. Past achievements and former glories amount to very little in the face of mounting expectations from increasingly well-educated and demanding voters - especially during periods of economic uncertainty.

Sadly, over the past twelve months Umno has not shown itself either ready or willing to face up to its myriad challenges. Indeed the party's substandard performance in the two by-elections - Permatang Pauh and Kuala Terengganu - reinforces a growing sense that Umno is leaderless and adrift.

The party appears to have failed to grasp the basic fact of contemporary political life that the voter is king. Perhaps what Umno’s leadership needs is not so much new thinking but rather some simple common sense.

The grand old party of Merdeka with its noble traditions and genuine service culture has simply lost steam. Carpet-baggers, thugs and jokers now throng the party's ranks.

Moreover, they (and their families) are deliberately excluding many thousands of professional and educated Malays who want to get involved in public life, forcing the latter to turn to the welcoming embrace of Pas and PKR.

As one former Umno leader explained, "Karim, they've lost faith in themselves."

The impending departure of Abdullah Badawi has become a convenient fig leaf for the party's leadership who now blame the outgoing premier for all failings. Whilst there is some truth in their arguments - Abdullah's 'laissez faire' leadership did indeed expose Umno's weaknesses- the continuing refusal of the party's leadership to acknowledge their own complicity is worrying.

At the same time, there has also been a sense that the nation's character has altered.

Voting patterns have changed. Neat racial stereotypes have been rejected - witness the way non-Malays swung behind PAS and countless urban Malays deserted Umno by voting for PKR and even the predominantly ethnic Chinese DAP - perhaps forever.

In the final analysis Umno has two options. Firstly, it can endeavour to turn the clock back on events and deny the growing demands for greater social and political freedoms as well as the attendant push for greater transparency and accountability.

This strategy could well succeed for a certain period of time - however it will definitely lead to a tremendous backlash that will in turn destroy the very fabric of our fragile multi-racial society.

Let us not forget that 2009 also represents the 30th anniversary of the downfall of the Shah of Iran and the ascension of the Ayatollah Khomeni.

Instead of an atavistic return to the Mahathir-era, Umno must reform both itself and the government before it is too late. The party is worth saving and must be saved. Cool heads must prevail in this unavoidable process.

Change is inevitable and as I've said, we are not alone in facing these challenges. After decades of real peace and prosperity the current Malaysian elite must face up to these demands unless they wish to be swept away by the inexorable tide of history.
-Karim Raslan


Anonymous said...

No more comments in your blog until you can give the assurance that our names will not be made known to others.Ramalx

K P VARAN said...

There is no way that anyone can change UMNO and its cronies as the 'culture' has already soaked itself not only into the Elite of UMNO but also into the pawn brokers and warlords wo live on handouts, cheating and lobbying for a living.

Any other Party taking over the Government would have a heck of a time cleaning up the mess and the culture already well embedded into the soul of a larger part of the Nation.

This culture has more than ever slipped down into PDRM, MACC; RELA etc such that enen Hercules who cleaned the Aegean stables would not be able to clean the rot which these organisations have got into along with a bloated Civil Service draining the country's resources.

For doing no work of any sensible nature many of them are asking for still higher pay and bonus and allowances whilst the ordinary citizen languishes in poverty.

PDRM, RELA, Immigration, Enforcement units of Local Authorities welcome both legal and illegal immigrants in ever increasing numbers because they (the immigrants) have become an additional source of illicit grabbing of money from these souls under various guises.

Illegal immigrants could not hve come into the country in such large numbers if all these agencies are not hand in glove with the smuggling racket.

They catch a few illegal immigrants once in a way to show the docile and imbecile public that they are doing a great job and expect all of us to believe them and their crony Newspapers and TV Channels.

On the final day of Judgment, how will these Souls (evil) answer to the charges against them.

They just cannot say that the prayed regularly and followed all religious rules {writen by MAN} and hence are clean and innocent.

It is doubtful that God would have sent down his angels and prophets to teach the right path to these specimens.