Tuesday 16 June 2009

A Blogger's Extreme Prejudice and Anger on the Issue of Teaching in English in Schools: "Teach Syains & Madds In Engris, You Im-be-ci-les"


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Teach Syains & Madds In Engris, You Im-be-ci-les


Blogger "Salvatore Dali"
"This posting is filled with profanities because it reflects my anger, and profanities are used as a means for clarity and emphasis, not justifying my usage, just explaining.

Why I chose to use "imbeciles"?

If YOUR English is SO poor, you don't even (know) what demeaning things the rest of the world is saying to you (and) about you.

Why some parents and so-called special interest groups are so intent on pushing for Science & Maths to be NOT taught in English is beyond me.

Its as if, our children's command of English is SO F******G GOOD now that we can afford to "gostan" !

  1. Just 3 f******g subjects in English, is that too f******g much ? English, Science & Maths ... you have the other 6,7 or 8 f******g subjects in Malay, Chinese or even Tamil already.

    If 6,7 or 8 subjects are not enough to "maintain" the culture, knowledge, usage and competency of the said languages, I don't know what will.

  2. How many published scientific papers in Malay and Chinese... hah??!!

    We study these subjects in English because we can access the latest scientific paper, progress, medical developments, ideas, technologies...... because they are mainly in English.

    We study English not to kowtow to the Brits or Americans but because its the most widely adopted language (for) business, finance, science and technology.

  3. We are only 26 million. As a small population, we cannot exert the usage of our language to other countries.

    If you are big enough, have sustainable domestic demand, then can say "f**k care" to the rest of the world's investments . Then by all means do everything in your own language - just like the Thais or Japanese or even the Chinese.

    Still, I see most Chinese students from China struggling like mad when they try to complete their Masters or Phds in English language. Maybe they could have been so much better and productive if they had mastered English when they were younger.

    4) Its all about options.

    If all you know is Malay, the choice of employment for your children (would be in) : Malaysia and maybe Indonesia.

    If its Malay & English ... its probably three quarters of the entire f****** globe.How many jobs available in Malaysia & Indonesia?

    Now compare that to how many jobs in 75% of the world.

    If your kid can only master Chinese & Malay, his/her options are Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Taiwan . If my kid has only English - its again 75% of the f******g world baby.


    When your kids have these options and opportunities, it will naturally mean better things for Malaysia and Malaysians - the ability to be integrated to the global economy is paramount in securing the future of Malaysia.

  4. Do you fear that your children will end up leaving the country and working, living, contributing somewhere else? How attractive a country is dependent on how "valuable and knowledgeable" your people are?

    Do not be blinded to think that brain drain will be greater if they study more English, that is so narrow minded. In order to ensure that our country move up the value chain, our infra(structures) and knowledge workers need to be continually improved.

  5. Some are saying we should not do Science & Maths in English because our teachers are incompetent in that language.

    That is like saying we will stop fighting dengue mozzies because our equipment are not good enough.

    Do not be so silly ! Address the issue. If there are obstacles, deal with the obstacles ... ( and don't) forget the issue.

    If the teachers need training, supply the training. Get in some part-time instructors to fill the gaps. There are plenty of graduates who have completed TEFL or other similar papers, go check with British Council.
I cannot tell you how many graduates I have interviewed who have basically taken themselves out of the short list within 30 seconds because they cannot speak coherent English.

This experience is not unique. My many friends in various industries can testify to that.

So how? They will have to go back to apply to government departments and Chinaman companies ONLY - not that that's bad in itself, but its such a waste to limit your potential and marketability."


Anonymous said...

When SM Lee Kuan Yew was in Malaysia recently, our former PM Tun Mahathir mokes him on his blog. And go look at the ststus of National University of Singapore compared with Malaysia's best Universities. My dear Tun, is it not like comparing Heaven and Hell? By all means, go sit and wait under the cococnut tree waiting for your harvest. And pray tell the rakyat how many UMNO top politicians send their children overseas for their further education? The Nation you have been boasting does not have it for their children? Hypocritical, to say the least.

Anonymous said...

so biased la your writing.. LOL

WE ARE UNDER BRITISH COMMONWEALTH EMPIRE.. whoaaa so happy to be the british dog =)